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Equivalent Privacy

The security of the information is an element of vital importance for the accompaniment of the vertical growth of the transactions saw Internet and of the use of computer networks, therefore today, is almost impossible them great corporations to keep the efficient communication between branch offices, customers and suppliers, without the aid of the Internet or of its private nets. The computer networks, in the same way that it becomes possible all this communication, with the transit and the storage of information in on computers the nets leave these same vulnerable information, as much accidental errors 12 of neglected users, how much the attacks right-handers of people moved for me the faith, or simply interested in invading other people’s systems and bisbilhotar private archives. Thus, the security of the information consists of excused protection ace information filed in computers against relative not authorized actions its spreading, transference, modification or intentional or accidental destruction. The security of the Information is not only one service or one politics, is an imperative and indispensable resource, that must be tax, projected good and to all follow the education of the body of professionals that makes use of YOU (Technology of the Information). when we deal with security in nets without wire the attention must fold, therefore, the data are transmitted by air through radio waves being able to be intercepted by another person easily, for this we must consequentemente implant tools and procedures of security that can diminish existing vulnerabilities in the nets without wire, diminishing its risks. This work is divided in four chapters, the first chapter is introduced describing the computer networks in a general way, then, they enter in the context of nets without wire 802.11x detailing of one forms specific its standards, format of picture and methods of transmission. Still in the first chapter some concepts of mechanisms of security are presented applied the nets without wire as, protocols WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). .

Reality Increased

In the fight to remain themselves to the front of the competition and to surprise consuming we, some players of computers, cellular, smartphones, TVs of LCD, are placing in the market, products to become the experience of the customer each richer and dynamic time, in way that the interaction of the customer with the device in question, if becomes an experience of pleasant, effective use and at the same time extremely sufficiently simple. He sees for example, the case of the cellular Touch model of the HTC. I do not intend to speak here of the innumerable functions of this sophisticated device, but yes of one in special. In the truth, a new type of interface is treated, a well different type of what we were accustomed in the past. It enters in scene powerful resources for magnifying or increase of the reality (increased reality), resources as multi-touch and Surface that place design of interaction in a new platform, good more far from what if it could imagine. Everything substantially to improve the relation of the users, not only with the devices in itself, but basically with the marks, through these new and rich interfaces. The increased reality adds to virtual objects in our reality, enriching our world. We can understand it as an expression method that has inherited characteristics of the virtual reality, method that gave to origin to all the others and that it is capable to generate surrounding three-dimensional interactive in real time. The functioning of the three-dimensional cubical interface, TouchFlo technology of the HTC, is sufficiently interesting because you can have access the same resources of the device as agenda, its videos, its musics, its photos, email, SMS/MMS, IE, tasks, calendar, gerenciador of connections, etc, of one another form well more interesting, a more playful, fast and pleasant form, with a simple touch in the screen. He sees more on design of interface and reality increased in

The Standish Group

This study it will contribute for the dissemination of the knowledge related to the control of the inevitable changes that occur during the process of software development, causing alterations the budget and cronograma of the projects, with the use of the MRR. Beyond the basic concepts, some of the existing tools will be presented that automatize the creation of the matrices. Figure 1 below shows the result of a research carried through in 2009 for the Standish Group, called Soils Summary 2009 10 Laws of Soils, which show the results of projects that had had total success, partial or that they had failed. One understands for partial success projects that even so are functioning, had been you deliver without taking care of to the considered cost or the cronograma, or had had the target partially delivers, with little resources functions of what they had been required. It is pointed that the main causes of the problems are on to the requirements (THE STANDISH GROUP, 2009): 16 Figure 1: Projects that had had total success, partial and that they had failed Source: The Standish Group, 2009 Gives credit that the due given attention to the GR. and the correct application of the methods and tools of the MRR will make with that the companies obtain to diminish this number. Of this form, this work will substantially contribute so that the enterprise community has access to the excellent information for the production of software with quality, in what it refers to the rastreabilidade of requirements and the use of matrices, also adding knowledge to the academic community, supplying lines of direction disciplines to them related to the subject in question.

Chromium Form

To modify the mechanical properties; . To increase the usinabilidade; . To increase the temperabilidade; . To confer hardness the hot one; . To increase the cut capacity; . To confer resistance to the consuming; . To confer resistance the corrosion; . To confer resistance the oxidation. heat; . To modify the electric and magnetic characteristics. Heading of league elements and its functions Elements of league Influence in the structure Influence in the properties Applications Products Nickel Refine the grain. The traction diminishes the speed of transformation in the structure of the steel Increase of the resistance. High ductility. Steel for construction mechanics. Stainless steel. Resistant steel the high temperatures. You sin for automobiles. Domestic utensils. Boxes for thermal treatment. Manganese Stabilizes the carbonetos. It helps to create hard microstructure by means of tempers. It diminishes the cooling speed. Increase of the resistance mechanics and temperabilidade of sins. Resistance to the shock. Steel for construction mechanics You sin for automobiles and you sin for general use in engineering mechanics carbonetos Chromium Form. It speeds up the growth of grains. Increase of the resistance the corrosion and the oxidation and high temperatures Steel for construction mechanics. Steel tool. Stainless steel. Products for the chemical industry: places setting, valves and you sin for ovens. Molybdenum Influences in the stabilization of carboneto Increase of resistance the traction Steel tool. Steel chromium-nickel. Tools of cut Silicon Assist in the deoxidation and fluidity. Increase of the resistance the oxidation in high temperatures. Steel with high carbon text. You sin casting.

Andres Luis

This IP does not have as to be modified by the user that is for you and everything oque you not only makes in the identified Internet and for its ISP but for other people as the administrator of a social net, administrator of room of beats papo at last therefore if you to commit some crime you easily will be identified by means of this IP. But also to another question with regard to privacy and the question of the exposition of its image in the Internet and this is practically marked for the remaining portion of its same life that you the Internet does not have more access. Then at the same time that if she can say that any person can publish oque to desire in the Internet we have that the person starts to be displayed and everything oque it publishes league to this person. This creates a virtual show window that can in such a way be used positively as negative everything depends on what we publish. But and when other authorized people or for in do not publish something to them on in this and correct or and legal? The Internet this subjects the same norms and laws that any another media this independe of territory that is exactly that you enter in a social net that does not have headquarters in Brazil here this will have to follow the Brazilian laws and if you will be in foreign site you will accept to follow the laws of those parents.

How much the ethical question if and or not to make this depends on what each person thinks and also of the intention of this person if the intention it was good can be ethical or if negative intention cannot be ethical or everything does not depend on what was published and which the concept of who published and of who was involved in this publication. We go to speak now of the question of respect the life Respect the life in contrast of the privacy does not involve questions of Laws therefore does not have as to kill a person for the computer even so if the computer can motivate a murder using as already it happened in some cases. Then we can say that and a more ethical question of what properly said legal when we say of respect the life we are speaking to respect the point of view of a human being and important that if it says that one human being has as great differential of schemes the capacity to feel and to act of individual form and by means of commands does not think about this. When we speak to act of feelings to many concepts on owe perhaps and feeling and on the individuality of the human being never let us have a definition of human feelings But even so let us not can define human feelings we can yes feel as human and think about the limits of each human being and that in the same way that we do not want that somebody arrives and invades our limits cannot invade the limits of the other sen goes to be giving dire of the same making the same thing reflects on this..

AACD Company

Short promotions are more efficient In the question promotion on-line, Celso Amereno, On-line Manager of the Goal, compare the result between two recent promotions. The first one of them was carried through in partnership with the Association of Assistance Criana Deficiente (AACD), in September of 2007. The company had as challenge to create a sales promotion that generated a contribution for a social cause. The promotion ‘ ‘ Goal and You are 10’ ‘ it offered to tickets in return R$ 10, value that was total reverted to the AACD. The goal was to vender 100 a thousand stretches until the end of the promotion, in day 31 of October. Advertising in airports and email marketing divulged the action, beyond the work of assessorship of the press of both the institutions.

To the end, with the extension of one month, the company more than invoiced the sales of 205 a thousand stretches and a check of R$ 2,2 million donated in the Teleton program to the beneficient institution. To another promotion it had as objective to foment the sales of the period of low season. The action was mounted in only five days, having offered the ticket in return for R$ 7. The spreading was restricted to the assessorship of the press and the goal was to vender, in a period of 15 days, 200 a thousand stretches, value that to the end was surpassed in 38 a thousand, arriving the 238 a thousand vendidas tickets. ‘ ‘ This disclosed to the company who promotions carried through in a shorter period bring one better return of sales. If we had carried through a preparation in a bigger time, probably the result would be still more surpreendente’ ‘ , on-Line Manager of the Goal counts. Currently, the strategies of web are developed in partnership with the Lumina1 agency, that conquered account of the aerial company has three years.

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