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Digital Album

What is a digital album? Many people still do not know the digital album product. A digital photo album is an album that you can set from our computer and through which we will be able to organize all our images in the way that we want because there are plenty of possibilities, as for example, different templates, different number of images per pages, textures, qualities, etc. A time that we have given shape to calendar to our liking, we ordered its creation from our House (it is a great advantage to not having to go to any store) and receive it in our home so we will have an album with our memories as if it were a book. It is a simple and functional way to store our memories to segurarnos that whatever happens, we will always have them safe thanks to a customized album that will be harder to lose that if our images were in the computer, a pen drive or any hard disk. With our not only images we can customize an album, there is a wide variety of products on which we can translate our ideas to achieve a unique product made by and for us. From this variety of products, one of which I like most are cups personalizadasaunque can do everything, keychains, canvases, paintings, posters…

Floors Swing Dancing

Restoration Ellington Hotel in Berlin. Lenigen, October 2007 Golden Twenties in Berlin revived Hotel Ellington. The capital, located on the banks of the Spree has recently boasts a new attraction hospitality industry. Ellington Hotel opened in the 80-year-old administration building, performed in the architectural style of the 20s. The hotel is named after the American icon Duke Ellington's swing, enjoyed great success in Building construction times. In the restoration of this building – an architectural monument of the program used product Remmers – PUR Indu Color.

This is easy to recycle a product has been processed a total of 1,100 m2. Two component solvents, liquid coating perfectly placed on such grounds as concrete, mastic asphalt and cement screed. Zoom Duke Ellington facade was very famous during the construction of the building. Today, the newly opened hotel bears his name. White dominates at Ellington on the floor as well as on the walls.

As floor coverings applied coating company Remmers Baushtoftehnik. The furniture in the style of the twenties was an interesting contrast to the white color. The product is ideal for use in medium-sized mechanical and chemical loads, such as trading floors and in public buildings. As a finishing layer was applied to resistant UV and solvent free colored sealing PUR Indu Color Top M white (RAL 9002). White shade ensure a smooth transition of color from the floor to the walls, also aged in white. Stylish ambience complemented by furniture in the style of the twenties. Along with the area occupied by the hotel, plans to use the product PUR Indu Color and surrounding areas 20 000 m of the complex. For example, the use of the adjacent shops in a covered to create a single picture of an entire complex of buildings. Floors, swing dancing

Digital Capacity

Western Digital has announced its new hard disk of 2.5 inches and 1 TB of capacity that comes to double the capacity of previous models of 500 GB, until today the broader market. The Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB has the huge disadvantage of having a height of 12.5 mm, so we can not use it in numerous notebooks are only compatible with discs of 9.5 mm. Next to him has been also presented another disc of the same characteristics but with a capacity of 750 GB. With these presentations, Western Digital is positioned with a clear advantage over its most direct competitor, Seagate, to reaching the goal of the tera in disks of notebooks. It remains to be seen how long it takes the own Seagate in follow the trail of WD and reach this astronomical capacity, unthinkable by many a handful of years ago. As expected, these hard drives from WD 2.5 inch 750 GB and 1TB SATA2 interface feature. In terms of prices and dates of availability, the largest 1 TB, WD10TEVT, model It will begin to sell for $250, too high a price for the current market, even more so if we take into account that I myself bought a 500 GB WD a few months ago for about 100 euros. As for the 750 GB model, WD7500KEVT, will cost $190. Both models are now available in United States and come to Spain and the rest of the world in the coming days.


Using this exactly meant that it has for the Philosophy, the true love for the human beings also is a feeling of search for what in it lacks, being that this gap can be filled by diverse types of object. Emotionally, to love is to search the other, one somebody that supplies our affective lacks and spirituals. In the point of view of the philosophers, the love I legitimize search for its complementation. Express for Plato, and a feeling of the soul when it feels that she lost its divine condition. However, if the love in itself is a feeling many times understood in errnea way for the society, still more badly interpreted is the point of view of Plato to this respect.

For many, platonic love is that one not reached, that is only in the will far from the objective. But in the vision of Plato, the true love is the love of the soul for the knowledge and the side spiritual of the life, related to a souvenir. According to thought and philosopher, the true love is an impulse of life for the wisdom and not necessarily for a person. Plato said that we can find in the nature perfect models that do not exist physically, but are in a called plan ' ' Plan of Idias' '. Of the point of view of the Philosophy, then, the love is a force, an energy, that if manifest in the soul as a feeling of souvenirs of that the soul already had, but lost, being the love a species of lack in this point of view. Lack that is not represented by somebody crying, but yes for the impulse of that it searchs. Of this form, the platonic love is that one that is not fixed in the transitory one, in the body, in the substance. But yes what it surpasses everything this.

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