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Call Center

Surely often you get this question and do not find viable options in your answers. Because many people do not know with certainty what is a Call Center. Here we tell you what it is still reading! Usually when you talk about an asterisk callcenter, refer to care centres calls, companies that have a number of people who are dedicated to answer calls or make calls or even both tasks. For what? The purpose of these flames can be different: as for example, departments of customer service, customer claims, assistance and technical support, departments that make surveys, telemarketing, etc. Caregivers make or handle these calls are known as the Call Center agents.

But what is the purpose of a Call Center? For Call Center companies is very important to know details of the quality and the quantity of calls made or served, since its main business is the making and receiving of calls with which the control of information that makes reference to the calls is of vital importance to assess the business and profit of these companies. In this information calls and data agents, number of calls, number of calls, duration of calls, are valued media times, times of response, agents, etc. With all these data, we can know if you are performing well or not work and what are the critical points in the event any. Each contact with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen or devalue the image of your company and the relationship with the client. The process of assigning the right to the particular client person at the appropriate time is of vital importance to have a successful relationship with your customers. If managed correctly, customers are more satisfied, cross-selling are older, and certain high-value customer segments can be treated individually for your convenience.

Installing Linux

How to install windows and linux in a same hard disk, geared for those who use windows and want to migrate to linux or provar feels use something totally different. First let’s assume that we have a X PC with a rigid of 60 GB unpartitioned, 256 MB of RAM and windows xp installed. Bearing that in mind, we are going to start. To make things more easy to windows users bend the Partition Magic, that is available in the downloads section. Partition Magic is a very effective software to partition the disk. Once downloaded and installed, we are going to close all the little programs that you have open and run the Particion Magic. Now if we are going to create the following partitions extras: * 1 partition of swat for Exchange type. You must have double your RAM memory size * 1 partition of type ext3 to install linux distribution, with the size you desire but larger than 2 GB.

(If they don’t know how to use Partition Magic can find that info in Google) Once chosen as we want to partition apply the changes, take a coffee with croissants and hope after return. Before or afterthe partition should get a Live-CD Linux cd, which can download you from, only have to click on download and ready. Download a file with .iso extension, that file is an image which must burn it to a CD. Once done this will have the Live-CD from Linux(la version elegida es Ubuntu). Now if we go to the interesting, have the disk with the partitions, the NTFS partition with windows xp, the EXT3 partition empty and arrows SWAT partition empty. Now we are going to put the linux cd and restart the computer. Attention: The pc must be configured so that the first boot the CD before the hard disk. If all goes well the computer boots from the Live-CD and displays the splash screen.

Games For Linux

Desura offers the possibility to buy or download quite a few games of different categories assuring that they will operate on both Windows and Linux. Although the catalog is still available is not very big (and less if compared with Steam) this number will increase with time. In the case of games for Linux are available only for 32 bit architecture versions. If you want to try, let’s see how to install it on Ubuntu and Archlinux. In Archlinux in Terminal: Yaourt – S desura is you installed the program with all its dependencies. Once installed, it appears you in the menu.

On Ubuntu, we are going to the next page and click on the large button that puts Download Desura:. To give, will leave us a small window with two options: choose the option that’s right, what will download us Desura (tar.gz format) package. Let’s go to where you have downloaded the package and unzip it. Desura folder offers the following aspect: the icon that appears above in the image with red is what we have that Press to execute the program. It will start to download the necessary updates to run the program.

Message where tell us that they have added Desura start icon to Unity. Appears the login of the program: we will give you a New Account to create our own. You will be asked to accept the license. Once completed the registration process, we asked for that we confirm an email sent to our email. To confirm it, won’t lack exit and re-enter the session since the program only catches it. This is the aspect of Desura for Linux: I hope you find it useful and that little by little, you keep adding games more interesting and better quality had earlier talked of Wine, which allowed us to install programs made for Windows on Linux. But not only programs living male man, but also of women or mine games. However, you were a series of problems with those games that are made for Microsoft (and that are a lot). And is not that Linux does not have good games, because already the We have demonstrated many timesresolver not is so (number of followed links XD). But I, as a user, have my sacred right to play what is me gift pleases, because I paid for my game, or simply I’m a fan of X game that does not have native Linux version. And that happened to me with my old but beloved Age Of Empires II. Those games for Windows that I spent again and again in the secondary education, and which I were again willing to spend now in hard mode (which attack you up if anything great). But I had problems when only using Wine. So I turned to my weapon more lethal and powerful: PlayOnLinux is based on Wine, and facilitates the installation of games (eye: only eases, it is not that you can download free game and play it) within Linux, by downloading libraries necessary to run the game. Its use is simple, and requires no more knowledge than you are going to need at this moment: his installation.

Ubuntu Linux

The Ubuntu community is based on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu manifesto: software must always be available free of charge this software may be used in the native language of the user, and despite any disabilities users will always have the freedom to adapt and modify the software according to your particular needs. This freedom is what makes Ubuntu Linux radically different from traditional proprietary software: not only is it available for free, if not that also has the right to modify it to make it work in the way that you want. Ubuntu offers a full Linux operating system, which includes more than 1,000 packages (programs) which include Gnome (window manager). Applications that expect on any desktop, such as word processor, spreadsheet and Web browser are also included. All of this is included in the installation CD. In addition, through the Internet, we have access to over 1,300 packages fully supported by Ubuntu Linux. With Ubuntu Linux We have a full computer desktop, suitable for home, professional or educational use. Ubuntu Linux ensures a new distribution every 6 months, with the latest versions of the kernel (the core of the operating system), the graphical environment (Gnome) and key applications. Ubuntu Linux is a good choice if you are looking a full, solid and stable operating system.

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