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ReichStag Parliament

Finally on November 9 falls the wall Berlin allowing free movement of citizens throughout the city. 2. When go-the majority of people prefer and choose to go in the summer, taking advantage of the celebration of festivals that there are in this city, especially the LoveParade, with millions of people in the streets celebrating. But make sure that the year you are going festival is held that because there are years in which not have been held, but do not worry, that part of this, there are many more festivals and you’ll find activities of all styles. 3 Transport, situemonos a little in this great city.-in Berlin, you will find in many other European cities, a network of commuter trains, at the same time that a metro to get around the city.Here in Germany the commuter networks take the name of S-Bahn, and the meter has the name of U-Bahn. Here are both means of transport planes for if quieresmirarlo before that you go to your German course in Berlin.

S-Bahn U-Bahn 4.-If you’re going to Berlin, you can’t miss – Berlin wall still are conserved some stretches of the Berlin wall, there is one that has more than one kilometre long. Checkpint Charlie Yet it is in good condition, was one of the points through which the foreigner entering East Berlin and also point of clandestine getaway for any of its inhabitants. Today it survives as this construction donode Museum tells what happened surrounding him. -Brandenburg Gate – symbolises the reunification of the country after the time so hard that the people went. It still stands and is located a few meters from the wall in no man’s land.

-German ReichStag Parliament where there is a glass dome accessible to tourists from which you can see a panoramic view of the city of Berlin. Something very nice.


My best advice for someone who begins to work as a blogger or Web sites is to begin construction of quality content. In this way, attract really interested people, giving quality information, appropriate design and usability. If you have a blog or a web site that for several weeks, perhaps one or two months, you should start focusing you on the creation of fresh, interesting, relevant and unique content.Content relevant and unique. This is important. There are so many blogs that there are now that you must make sure that people can quickly distinguish the difference in quality of what you offer. Relevance is also a key factor. If you have a very personal blog, one day you write something totally out of topic about a new type of golf club that comes out, people will start to wonder what happened to your blog. Now, if you’re someone with a very mature blog, i.e.

several months or more of age, you can now focus on the technical aspect. Have your own domain, or accommodation is recommended, already allowing greater flexibility, design and SEO. Search engine optimisation? A Google site map can be ideal for Google-Bots are better the content of your site. In addition, I recommend you add meta tags, which allow you to predefine information automatically, as the author, description, keywords and titles or post a blog (entries), for example. Let’s see which are the three central aspects of the marketing of your blog to a public, both of a general or specific nature. 1 Community. It is essential to work with social networks. You currently have on hand platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing and others, it’s a guaranteed result and way of arriving visitors, to receive visits, impressions, and, often, the quality of the traffic, because you know that these people not only have clicked on a link or randomly from the list of search engine, but I have seen or seen your user profile, and followed him through his home page and page.

Leave Without Internet

The FBI is performing an operation of cleaning and elimination of the DNSChanger Trojan virus. This kind of malware infects computers, changing your DNS settings, and redirecting the user to malicious or fraudulent pages. DNS servers are used to translate the URL entered by the user in the corresponding public IP. If the query is made to a malicious DNS server, the URL will be translated with the public IP address of a website specially designed by the attacker malicious. On March 8, the FBI will proceed at the close of the malicious DNS server that configures the virus in infected computers, so that all those users with virus in execution will remain without access to the network (not have translation of URLs to public IPs).

To rectify the problem, it must be disinfected the machine, so that we ensure that the requests go to a trusted DNS server. For this purpose, an on-demand scan, can be done using an anti-malware protection with the updated signature file. Once is disinfect equipment, may set up a public DNS in the network parameters, or obtain one through DHCP. It is necessary to reapply the network configuration, either by restarting the network driver, or making any change in settings involving the re-aplicacion of it. Do not run virus, requests will be resolved now in a truthful manner, and the problem will be solved.

It is not necessary to wait for March 8 to check if your computer is infected (will be left without navigation). Any user can check if your computer is infected from the page:. Audea Seguridad de la Informacion. Jose Francisco Londinez Security Department TIC.

The Passage

FAILURE of the system in many areas of the world local or national facilities are connected forming a network. This network of connections allows you to share electricity in an area with other areas. Each company increases its reserve capacity and shares the risk of blackouts. These networks are huge and complex systems composed and operated by gruposdiversos. They represent an economic advantage but increase the risk of a blackout widespread, since if a small short circuit occurs in a zone, due to overload in nearby areas can transmit chain throughout the country. Many hospitals, public buildings, shopping centers and other facilities that depend on electric power have their own generators to eliminate the risk of blackouts.

THE long lines of driving voltage regulation present inductance, capacitance and resistance to the passage of electric current. The effect of inductance and capacitance of the line is the variation of tension if it varies the current, by what the supply voltage varies with the load attached. Many types of devices are used to regulate this unwanted variation. The voltage regulation is achieved with regulators of the induction and synchronous Motors three-phase, also called synchronous condensers. Both vary the effective values of inductance and capacitance in the transmission circuit. Since the inductance and the Capacitance tend to cancel each other, when the load of the circuit has higher reactance inductive that capacitive (which often happens in large installations) the power supplied to certain a voltage and current is less than if the two are equal. The relationship between these two amounts of power is called power factor. As lines of conduction losses are proportional to the intensity of current, capacitance increases so that the power factor has a value as close as possible to 1. For this reason are often install large capacitors in electricity transmission systems. LOST during transport energy is lost from the power plant to each household in the city by: RESISTIVITY: which causes the electrical current does not reach with the same intensity due to the opposition which presents the conductor to the passage of the current.

State Bus

We propose a model of the mind from the computer point of view, as well as the architecture of a possible computer for this purpose. Details: General operation: reasoning, feel and react to stimuli. States of wakefulness and dream how affects it the environment, as well as different mental phenomenon of consciousness in a neural network, each neuron responds with an own and specific output to a stimulus, and together, the overall response is the resultant vector of the responses of each neuron. The answers come together in a main bus, where passed to memory to short term (MCP) and then to memory to long term (MLP), as then it will be explained. The CCM is responsible for intelligence, reasoning and consciousness. It is an element with depth, being more variable (intimately connected with the main bus) surface MCP, and the deeper, more consistent; There probably resides also the identification of the self. The MLP is instead responsible for of the individual personality.

The MLP is divided into anterior and posterior, and is organized by environments or qualia. In a State of wakefulness, subsystems external sensors leave their information on the bus, and the operating system of the brain takes this information, passes to the MCP, the search in the MLP – by storing it in the previous MLP – and returns to put on the bus. In dream state, external sensors remain little active, and the copy process through the bus and MCP, prior to the subsequent MLP informations, is done organizing them already not sequentially, but according to their environments. In a model with this architecture, the phenomenon of consciousness occurs inevitably: to be the MCP intimately attached to that bus, and have a minimum persistence of several seconds, it is inevitable that its content, globally, be processed also in the same way as any other, looking in the MLP and replenishing at the bus itself. The appearance on the bus of this package of State representing the overall content of the MCP, and its Search in the MLP, produces consciousness, that is, the feeling of viewing and analyzing the present moment. According to the model, reactions may occur not only based on reasoning, but also emotional or intuitive, since the base of its operation are environments that relate the information stored in the MLP, and environments are created simply as the common factor to which neurons react, of any kind that the information contained in them. Examples of degradation of performance due to diseases associated to an element in the model: Hardware: coma, loss of knowledge, schizophrenia, amnesia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc Software: lack of sleep, neurosis, nerves, stress, etc other behaviors that the model predicts: explanation of dreams, inability to remember waking up, nightmares, dej?-vu s, possibility of making mistakes, evolution of the brain with age, perception of the passage of time finally, also include references to some teams of

Spanish Markets

Address the issue of bags and Spanish markets or also known BME, is a reference on a giant company, which are gathered all the stock exchanges, securities markets and financial systems present in Spain, ie in this group moves the whole stock market activity, values and actions, which similarly deals with the various investments and the movements that occur in the Spanish market. The existence of exchanges and Spanish markets, is due largely to the excellent growth of the stock market in Spain, which took place through a process of configuration and development that was accompanied by various technical systems, operational and organizational that even today the Spanish stock exchanges and markets are the lifeblood of the markets. All this growth process, supported by different systems, was driven by the new directions that were given in the European markets which gave guidance to those involved in the Spanish stock markets and this orientation is generated main result bags and Spanish markets or BME.

So the bags and Spanish markets with the support systems in which channel activity achieved a great deal of investment volumes and market endowed with greater liquidity, transparency and efficiency. Bags and Spanish markets, like the great partnership that is, groups within their business, working as a unit of action, decisions, coordination of markets for fixed income, equities, derivatives, clearing and settlement in Spain. Bags and Spanish markets as a group header to the bag of Barcelona, Bilbao Stock Exchange, the Madrid stock exchange, the stock valencia, MF financial markets, Iberclear and BME Consulting. In terms of form and action that takes place in the Spanish stock exchanges and markets, we can say that this is a company with high technological capability, which applies in very different fields, making it possible to have an international presence of great value, based on a significant financial solvency. The management of the bags and Spanish markets, seeks as its main objective to get the most out of all the assets with which account and allow the Spanish stock exchanges and markets is a group with significant growth potential. Thus Spanish stock exchanges and markets, is presented as a response to the Spanish market conditions in the international environment, which present greater demands from investors, intermediaries and companies in search of a higher number services and products, within a broad spectrum of protection, security, transparency, flexibility and competitiveness. With this in mind, such demands could be addressed through joint efforts, which allows both the bags and Spanish markets, as each market may reach a level that puts them among the most important internationally.

The Web

2 Get traffic for your web site, if it is free better: this is one of the most important and difficult things. Tu you can have the best place in the world in all aspects if you have no visitors, who in the future will converted in customers thanks to the what your earned money and crearas a residual income; all your efforts not worth you anything. First and foremost I want to clear one important thing. Free traffic cannot be neither easy nor fast. Takes hard work and dedication, to everything in this kind of work, but it brings good results in the long term. There are different ways to achieve this but according to my opinion must be seriously put them into practice each and every one of them. I refer to the participation in forums and social sites. And here I want to make a parenthesis.

When you register on sites such as yahoo answers, facebook, twitter, etc, since they are social networks, you should invest your time to socialize. You can’t get there and say. Hello, this is my product. In this type of sites should be calm, gain the trust of the people and go very slowly making virtual friendships than to the long bring traffic to your web site. Also like the articles are on the web forever. Also be You can make use of free articles directories.

It is a very good method of getting viral traffic, therefore these not only are on that site, but it can be copied by site owners who need content and respecting the rules of publication, your article is hara viral, generating publicity for your site. With respect to payment traffic, it is done with the PPC (Pay per Click), but well that we know all. This is a much more fast get traffic, but costs in economic terms and also the improvement of the position in the organic results of search engines is not automatic.

Emotional Intelligence

It has been invented in a small workshop in Madrid comprised of five people and with a modest budget. But the robots has charm. Diego Garcia, the father of ALSoy, referred to him in glowing terms in which the Popes tend to refer to their shoots: is very nice. It has emotional intelligence and why he can relate to people. It has consciousness of itself, because it keeps memory of the treatment as are you da. And it suits their reactions to the perceptions that stores.

The soul of this small automaton is Airos, a software application that allows AISoy1 to make decisions through the evaluation of the impacts it receives on its own principles. Concepts such as security, the need for love or freedom, with which it has been programmed. Answers that are not part of a decision engine unlike other robots, but respond a scale of values, it could be said that make it, cling well readers, become a perfectly UNPREDICTABLE; According to its creators. ALSoy, have up to 14 different emotional States. (The same as a server VDS to) length of a charged day in Office).

AISoy1 works with Linux, an operating system so alive as the robot, on which all programs are executed. It includes seventy LED mouth to express feelings, a camera of a megapixel in his left eye, a microphone and a speaker integrated into the area of the heart. And a five-hour battery, so no missing reel. Go on sale the first 1,000 copies, in mid-August. If I can poach me one of them, tell them what supposed to be a morning with ALSoy aside.