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Assessorship Politics

The result dapesquisa can determine the proper content of the message of the candidate. 2. The concept ea strategy of the candidate What it ties umeleitor with a candidate is the image of this last one. This image, mesmoquando already existing, can be planned and be worked. On the other hand, it is to precisoficar intent as the voter is perceiving this message. This needs sersistematicamente conferred. The image planejadade a candidate must appraise adequately its way of if dressing, suasmaneiras, its declaration and the set of its actions. The objective is that ocandidato has a eaos appearance and behavior that correspond to the perception desires of the voter.

To appraise ocandidato and to define its strategy: to define, on the basis of marketing research, a subject for the candidate, around which the interest of voter will be construido.? to identify to the main problems and the way as they are faced and felt for the voters;? to exclude the concepts not desired in reason of the personality and the antecedents of the candidate;? to test the concept chosen through periodic research;? to more than decide on the adoption of a concept, being main and an other, or others, secondary, since that fully compatible. 3.Estratgia deComunicao the concept docandidato is the base for the plan of communication of the campaign. For one it programs depropaganda paid or gratuitous, the following steps must be taken: to define the basic message of the campaign? to define the best way to present visually candidate;? to define the research that will be propagated;? to define the vehicles adjusted for the propagation;? to elaborate the budgetary programs of production and propagation of the campaign, that must be detailed all week until the date of accomplishment of the elections. Parallel, to deveser developed one program of personal appearances of the candidate. This program must be controlled for the Assessorship Politics. It is necessary ficaratento, in this program, for the limitations of time of the candidate.

Lembrarque is good the candidate has, still, the responsibility to motivate the party, its caboseleitorais and the voters compromised to the campaign. 4. Program deTrabalho Voluntary Innumerable pessoasdevem to be trained to compose voluntary work groups in the campaign. Between the tasks dotrabalho voluntary is of preparation of voters and the assistant, aparticipao as orators for specific auditoriums, the sending of luggage-direct, the survey and registers of votes, the transport and feeding of the voters nodia of the elections, between many other functions. So that Assessoria Politics obtains to manage the work well voluntary, it must: to value the party as center of decisions? to be always motivating the collaborators;? to establish objectives and goals for the voluntary team;? to establish a system of control of accomplishments;? to train the staff and to follow of close its work

Ignored Track

The nature is mother and its proper children simultaneously, therefore absolutely everything depends on it. In an analogy well contemporary, the nature is computer, program, data (entered), processing and product (exit) simultaneously. Sciences if dedicate to the study of the natural processing, that is, they study the functioning of the natural mechanics. The religions demand for God the authorship and the intention of the nature. However, both are incapable to propitiate a holistic vision of the nature. This occurs because sciences if limit to the study of isolated facts and the religions do not submit its teses to the natural rules.

The first sight can seem impossible to explain the nature holistic, but not to be broken of the premise that its manifest power if through the natural processes. The main difficulty is to identify which is and as the entity acts that supports the power of the nature. It has still two restrictions to be observed. First, this entity has that to obtain to come incorporeal and the material one simultaneously. Second, the explanation does not have to appeal the supernatural one nor to conflict with sciences. It seems difficult very, but everything that is already was not made by ' ' Theory of the Big Brain' '. To know more it visits:

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