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Types Of Training

Business training – this is the most popular in our country, the direction of training, which, in my opinion, is too often used inappropriately. What am I doing? Let me explain. Business training – it's such a training, where people are taught the business. What does it mean to teach business? If the word "business" includes activities that day by businessmen for profit, then every business is different, but it is still craft. A craft apprenticeship requires training.

That is, training in which students must learn how to correctly perform a particular action, procedure or process. Here, learning the proper construction business process is a necessary and indispensable. But we should not forget that we are talking about processes and procedures. If you want to train employees in how to manage business processes, the business training – this is what you need. However, Do not forget that, for example, sales, negotiation, management, etc. business training and if can teach, it is only in the narrative – the theoretical value. Teach the same staff to effectively sell, negotiate or manage people business training can not, because there are needed skills to communicate effectively.

A communication is not a business area. Naturally, we all all day communicate with each other in the office, transport, etc. But the business – is, first of all, system processes and procedures that allow to earn money. A communication – tool used by businessmen and their representatives to implement the mechanism by which the processes of other members of society.

Personal Development and More

Over the years, when I teach graduate students, workshops, seminars in various parts of the world touches me the fact that I was financially very successful men talk about their physical illness, his family failures, especially with their children express my problems are related their emotional state by situations that have faced for driving the wrong time. Any man or woman who wants to conquer the steps of real leadership, has to face sooner or later, with oneself and develop the ability to properly coordinate their time in the four areas that make up the life. The essence of good living is to reach self-realization, and as a result get the power to do, taking this simple equation to the ability to have. Many want, without having done so, and many want to do, without having been. Sadly the universal laws of matter, time, energy, and space do not operate in a different guideline, one must first be, to do, and then have. many human beings who exercise executive wonderful profession do not realize that his life was not aligned in the right place, no matter how many professional accomplishments conquer, if not learn to master the art of managing time properly at the end of his life experience pain and regret not having done the right thing. I want you to think about the following: What are the actions that determine a higher priority in your life? Personal development, family, your company, your executive position, physical health, money, etc.

Volunteer Ministers Open Their Interactive Center

"Volunteer Minister does not turn a blind eye to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. On the contrary, he is trained specifically to address these phenomena and to help others get rid of them. " L. Ron Hubbard. Completely An interactive website provides all information about the campaign, the Volunteer Ministers, and a new trial movies to theme: understanding the components, Communication, How to resolve conflicts, how to confront a dangerous environment, Marriage, Children, etc.

These films illustrate the foundations of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard, as described in 19 chapters of the handbook "Scientology: A Handbook." As soon as the audience watch the film, he goes into exile Center Volunteer Ministers on the Internet for free studying the chapter handbook. Visitor online center also has the ability to view each section of the handbook of interest to him and After get. In addition, the Internet, on various sites will be posted advertisements on the site with a similar theme, which will enable interested visitors to move to a new center of the Volunteer Ministers.


In spite of the obtained advances, by each thousand inhabitants of 25 to 64 years in Brazil there are 1.4 doctors, compared with 23 in Switzerland, 15.4 in Germany and 8.4 in the United States. Where Brazil emphasizes is in the sort equality: in 2004, 50.6 percent of the doctors titled in the country were women, against 47.7 percent in The United States, 39 percent in Germany and 24.9 percent in Japan. Also, eight of each ten doctors titled in the period work in educational establishments, although that also is changing. ” Two years ago only the 0.95 percent of the doctors graduated in 1996 worked in transformation industries. The number raised almost two percent between the titleholders 2006″ , it said to SciDev.Net Sofia Daher, technical adviser of the study. Also, it indicates the source of intelligence, the rate of growth of the number of doctors graduated in traditional areas, like exact sciences, of the Earth and biological lowered, whereas it grew the one of applied social sciences, human sciences, linguistic, letters and art. Plan 2011-2020 will stimulate the formation of doctors in certain disciplines, especially engineerings and with a strong component of innovation tecnolgica” , it revealed to SciDev.Net, Libyan Amaral, director of evaluation of the Division of Coordination of Improvement of Personnel of Level Superior, the Ministry of Education.

On the matter of this, Minister of Science and Technology, Sergio Rezende, mentioned the necessity to train doctors in nuclear and space engineering, sciences of the sea and Amazonia. The quality of the doctorate programs has been improving, indicates Amaral. Appointment the fact that professors and students of postgraduate are publishing more articles and books, doing investigations of greater impact and participating more in international congresses, publishing advice of magazines of high level and in programs of international cooperation.

Brazilian Literature

This virtual space will be had access by all of the room. to each new heading read for a pupil will be made the same process. This is a proposal of pedagogical action destined to the pupils of 1 Year of Average Ensino involving disciplines them Portuguese Language and Brazilian Literature and the following activities: reading, written literal production, postagem of the texts in virtual environment access the same. The technologies and medias to be used are: books, computers, Internet, ORKUT. The chronological time considered two weeks or 10 hours/lessons.

CRITERIA OF EVALUATION OF the ACTIVITY the process of reading, reflection, construction of some types of texts, as well as the socialization of the productions, postadas in orkut of the room will be evaluated observing the following criteria: interest, participation, persistence, nimbleness, writing, capacity of literal organization and argument. CONCLUSION This is a work elaborated with sights to favor the use of the computer, the Internet, the net of relationships ORKUT, that is, of the technologies and medias with practical the pedagogical one in regards to the development of the pleasure to read, considering the young, the pupil, as subject of rights in development process. Through this one expects to not only initiate a process of formation of readers stimulated for the professor, but mainly and significantly for the proper colleagues of room. One also expects that each one is felt responsible in sailing in the virtual space, and expressing its opinion on the read text and to awake in the other the pleasure to read. One becomes necessary to point out that this is not a proposal pedagogical ready and finished, is simply a suggestion or strategy to stimulate the pupils to acquire the habit of the reading. It must be emphasized that this, by itself, is not enough to become a reading pupil, but gives credit that it is a start to involve or to unite the use of the technologies and medias in pedagogical making and to transform the process education – learning.

Community Manager

The Community Manager is the Manager of communication par excellence and that is what should be; It is a central enterprise figure because your Chair is precisely located in the middle of the interests of the same and users; and that these interests are not contradictory is also a task of the C.M. could say that the Community Manager is the link between company or brand and its users and clients on the internet. The Community Manager thrives on the action of other departments in a company to be able to fulfil their role effectively; You must be responsible for fluidize all communication that enters or leaves the company, and at this point, it is a mistake to confuse him with the SMO action (SMO is a set of strategies in networks social generally on – site and, while it is true that the C.M. should handle them like a fish in water, must not be reduced only to actions on social networks the development of their activity.) The Community Manager in an enterprise must: be, before all, attentive to the interests of the firm, not be you must escape anything that is useful to the company. You must establish which channels of communication to be used (choose those most effective to reach effectively to the community). You must maintain a smooth communication with other areas of the company (information technology, production, Marketing, commercial, development, etc.). You must be aware of everything that is said about the company and brand on the internet and its significance to the traditional media. You must also be aware of everything that is said of the competition and what the competition does. You must use tracking and monitoring tools, analyze the information obtained and propose new actions and strategies. You must have discretion to, among all published comments, highlight those positives, negatives or notable that for some reason that merit any special strategy (strategy which will be suggested and probably designed by another Department: for example, if it suggests a failure of the product, will be production department indicated of a contingency plan; and indicated marketing department to develop lines of communication to be used).

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