Month: December 2013

Easy Gates

FLUVIAL PORT OF PORTO ALEGRE. A true incognito. If it cannot glimpse great advances, but he is deserving of attention. IMBITUVA PORT. ' ' The private initiative invested to R$ 283 million, that resulted in the construction of a wharf of 660m of length for 50m of width, beyond the purchase of two portineres Super Post Panamax' '.

But if it makes necessary the dragagem of deepening for 15 meters, contrary case the investment will result in an enormous damage. ITAJAI PORT. It is consolidated as one of most equipped ports to operate contineres. This if adjusting to install the system Easy Gates that will be in operation in seven gates, as much of entrance as of exit. This system operates with the technology ORC-Recognition tico de Caracteres? that it will allow to the identification of the plates of vehicles and the number of contineres in the bonded enclosure.

This represents a profit of enormous time and economy. At the current moment the movement of 200 the 300 contineres daily, demand on average 6 minutes for unit. A demand of 24 the 30 hours, a time that does not operate with the OCR. With the adoption of the OCR it will have a daily reduction of 4 hours, on average. PORT OF PARANAGU. The information that if has of moment, that 1 billion will be invested to R$, with the construction of 12 new cradles of mooring, that will result in an increase of 60% of the area. Bold projects as the terminal of the Flat Island of the Cotinga and the construction of a new port terminal: Port of Imbucu is part of the governmental proposals. PORT OF SAINTS. Considered as the biggest national port and of the south hemisphere. Million of tons exported in the year of 2009 83.1 and in the year of 2010 96 million ton.

Kitchen Hoods

Choosing and buying a kitchen hood, you have acquired an indispensable aide in the clean air of odors and kitchen furniture of fat droplets. Now the process of cooking becomes more enjoyable and comfortable, with no will have to carefully lock the door to the kitchen for fear of penetration of flavors prepared meals in the room. New exhaust from a serious manufacturer will allow you to feel comfortable at any time while you're in the kitchen. But do not forget that in this kind of technology, as well as for any other required maintenance. In this case, cleaning the surface and replacement of filters, absorbing dirt and odors. As a rule, care for foreign surface of the hood does not cause problems, especially if you choose a built model. Open items are treated with a sponge zhirorastvoryayuschim dish detergent, then wipe dry.

If you do this regularly, but not from case to case, taking care of hood not give you any problems. But apart from the outer surface of the hood needs to care for the internal elements, namely, for the filters. If they do not change for a long time or do not flush, the effective clean air have to forget. All types of filters, hoods, working in two modes – removal and recycling – have filters of two types: the fat to protect against fumes, grease and miscellaneous debris, and carbon, absorbing odors. Grease filters are made, usually of metal or acrylic.

Much more practical synthetic metal, and the replacement is not needed. They must be removed and cleaned – once a month manually or every two months in dishwasher. Of course, if you use the latter to choose the correct mode. And it concerns, first of all, the water temperature. If a filter made of stainless steel, this parameter is not important, then the aluminum at high temperatures darken.

PCB and Microchips

Consider some possibilities of how to transform cheap phones from China. Mobile phone soap water in the bathroom is definitely not recommended if you are, of course, not the owner of the phone nokia e73 tv or Ericsson 250 and 310 – liquid easily take place in a mobile unit that always let you down in a fundamental repair. certainly almost all depends on the group, and the specific modifications, and, most importantly, on the circumstances. Allowed to consume alcohol. But not correct to use it, because due to the rapid evaporation of the mobile device may be whitish plaque and stains – what clearly does not gloss over the mobile phone. We should also consider such substance as a fuel or diesel fuel. Under no circumstances should eat them! Once on the cell phone casing, these drugs are eating away at the time of delicate plastic.

On a variety of solvents as a means of laundering for the mobile device can forget for ever. Trifling brining. In most cases, sends a little grease and dirt, dust in the crevices. If you have a model with removable panels, the right to remove them, soap and clean thoroughly under running water. General – after they have thoroughly dried, so that excess fluid is absorbed by the PCB and microchips means of communication. If the casing is removed is unrealistic, then take a small piece wool and a bit wet it with soapy water. First, turn off the recommended means of communication and pull the drive power.

Industrialized World

Although the alive humanity in a industrialized world and with the continuous use of advanced technologies, still thus significant indices of reduction of the pollution are not veem. The problem is in the mentality of the people and the form where the resources are used to fight the degradation, or not. According to recent research, the motorized cars and other vehicles, are responsible for 18% of the emissions of gases to the atmosphere. Two of the main gases emitted to the atmosphere are: Co2 (carbon dioxide) and the methane. A concern with them must be had more, therefore they poluem and not only they cause the heating, but also the acid rain that are a threat agriculture, plants, forests and most worse, the contamination of the ground, consequentemente harming freticos sheets, diminishing the fertility of the alone etc. Little if speak of acid rains, but they are so degradantes how much the other degradantes factors. The biggest question in game is the cultural factor. The education, culture and the form as the knowledge and the information is passed the population influences in the mentality of a people, therefore the human being is product of the way where it lives. if the people do not know the problem, consequentemente it does not take measured by containment and solution for the problem. It is acquired knowledge!

Intel Core Processor

In this paper, we consider all possible options for processors. The first in uslyshennom 'new processor' in my head have thoughts of costs, buying better quality, etc. The number that came to mind is $ 1000. Thousand dollars for the processor, it is looking for a computer. Game. Parents of children heard from their children of such a number would say a bit too much money for toys. Well, what do I do? Worthy alternative doroguschy cpu Intel, namely Intel and nothing else, is a quad-core Intel Core i7 Socket 1156 860 8Mb oem.

I myself have been using this processor and I can say that udoletvoren work. Uninterrupted operation of the gameplay, HD-video processing. And the price justified – within 10,000 rubles, 3 times cheaper 'frightening amount. " cpu clock speed of 2.93 GHz, almost three, and the 3 GHz are 30,000 rubles, so if there is no difference, why pay more? I believe that the Intel Core i7 860 the right choice gamer. To work to work It depends for what. Working with multimedia content or programming, web-design and copywriting? To work with the media powerful enough in this area of the processor Intel Core i5 655K (3,2 GHz, Socket 1156, 4Mb, SVGA) box.

Very multimedia, the same four cores, but not for games. Multiple streams, excellent multitasking performance. For graphics, sound, video, this processor is more than enough. The price is acceptable – 8000 rubles, was instance and for 6000 rubles, I saw myself, but this updated. Now we understand with IT-development and freelancing. Programming requires a better performance, greater speed of processing processes. Multi-tasking should be more advanced, so, Intel Core i7 Socket 1156 860 8Mb oem. It's like a game, and great for programming and other developments. That is, modestly, but in detail, everything that I wanted to review, I analyzed. Now your turn – do not make mistakes. See you!

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