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An essential feature for people who use or need a video conferencing room lies in the ease of use of the software that allows videoconferencing. Possibly a person seeking a service of videoconference over the Internet need to meet any of the following needs:-present products or services to customers that are anywhere in the world and at any time. -Provide training. -run conferences live on various topics. And as well as these, there may be other reasons why a person needs a videoconference room. In the market are varied videoconferencing systems, many of which require complex and lengthy processes of installation that makes it difficult for many users by limitations of your antivirus, firewall or proxies. The best programs for video conferencing are those that allow a quick and easy access via the web, from any browser. These systems have a great bonus if they are also compatible with all types of operating system, both Windows, as Linux, Mac Os, etc..

Brute Force Attacks

The truth is that access to the passwords of users is not easy, since encrypted, and the only way to manually are stored in a way it is guessing it. A technique to obtain passwords is through the use of sniffers i.e. programs that intercept our communications and recorded passwords. There are ways of speeding up this process, through a keylogger. However, when these hacker tools fail, you can resort to brute force. WIKIPEDIA defines brute force such as: how to recover a key testing all possible combinations until you find one that allows access. Despite what may seem, is one of the methods most used by hackers, which exploits the most recurring vulnerability in the security of the information: the human factor. Users do not have sufficiently strong passwords, such as different types of characters and numbers that involve a certain complexity.

On the contrary, to prevent forgetting your password, they prefer passwords easy to remember, but at the same time to guess. To this end, the hacker, they use tools that have dictionaries of passwords, whose function is to keep trying passwords one by one. However, as users, we know that only with a password, you cannot access a post, since that requires a user code. To achieve both the user code and password, through this type of attack, exists different tools like BrutusAET 2 to brute force passwords of FTP, Net Tools Essential to brute force passwords from network (NetBIOS) service, or John the Ripper Windows, Linux to brute force passwords hashed from Windows. A simple way of protecting a system against attacks brute-force or dictionary attacks is to establish a maximum number of attempts.

In this way the system automatically locks after a number of failed attempts to default. However, even though there is a lockout policy of account, or complexity of passwords which obliges to change it from time to time they are also easily predictable because they often consist of adding short sequences of numbers to the same original root. Therefore, most advisable would set policies of sufficiently strong passwords, by a specialized company. From Audea want to remind you that the best way to prevent a penalty or damage to our information systems, is to comply with all technical and legal requirements of the security of the information. Audea security the information Eduardo de Miguel’s caves.

Open Office

Great amount of licenses exists of free software and its agreement can be very diverse. Despite of general way we can divide the licenses in two great blocks according to its more important characteristics. First they would be those that do not impose any condition in his second redistribution (permissive licenses) and second they would be those that do yes it (robust licenses or copyleft). Copyleft initially was developed for the distribution of the computer science programs. Software, nowadays so known, as Linux, Open Office or FireFox were created like free programs under copyleft.

With time, copyleft has extended to very diverse scopes, besides the computer science one, also to music, the edition, the right, the art or the media. One of first and more known projects than restored the bases of the conditions for the licenses of copyleft was the project of free software devised by company GNU. It was in 1983 when Richard Stallman created a productive process of cooperation for the elaboration of a free operative program of any restriction derived from copyright. The project mainly consisted of the elaboration of a set of licenses that guaranteed that the software created by the equipment of Stallman stayed completely frees in all later versions. The participants in this process could use, share, modify or improve anyone of the free versions of this software being forced to put it at the disposal of the rest of the society without no restriction regarding their operation. Of this form he was wanted to prevent that once put to the service of all the community of users without no restriction somebody he could change these conditions. Unlike a program under the public dominion in which also changes can be realised, copyleft prevents that it turns somebody it into a privative program. In a software under the public dominion any person who introduced modifications in the same could distribute, it as own product, that is to say, the intermediary could break the chain of free use initiated by the author original and to begin to distribute the versions modified under its own copyright. In case of copyleft, whatever it uses the free program it tries and it to redistribute, with or without changes, it will have to grant to the following receiver the freedom to copy it or to modify it, guaranteeing at any moment the maintenance of these initial conditions.

FreeBSD Mobile

Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. The application is free since version 8.50, having previously been shareware or adware, and before its version 5.0, only for payment.
Is recognized for its high speed, security, standards support (especially CSS), small size, internationality and innovation. Implemented since its early versions the tabbed browsing, Speed Dial on the movements of the mouse for navigation, personalization site, and the thumbnail tabbed
Available for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, OS / 2, FreeBSD and Solaris. In addition, two mobile version: Opera Mini (mobile singles) and Opera Mobile (and specific versions of payment for smartphones and handheld computers). Finally, is also present in the Nintendo DS and Wii game. It has also announced that the browser will be available for televisions and DVD players.
Currently has 23 million users citation needed and in February 2009 reached a rate of 0.71 used in the overall market for Web browsers.
According to statistics the market share of Opera is located, with a difference, behind Internet Explorer or Firefox. However it is important to mention that most of the users of its browser Opera mask and some other pages while still correctly identifying this browser.

Linux Meets 17 Years

Just one year short of Linux to become an adult. A majority of legal age, of course, because the maturity that has long reached. Sunday was yesterday when they met 17 years of Linux, from the day that its founder, Linus Torvalds, published the first public version of your video.

It’s funny to read the original message with the announcement, which noted that Linus This is a program for hackers by a hacker. His original intention was not to further tap into that a little bit and learn at the same time as it developed an operating system, while awaiting the appearance of Hurd, who had to be the GNU version ofUnix.

Per, for all of a sudden, Linux has achieved success while Hurd is still little more than vaporware. And what began as a project of a Finnish student has become a revolution.

Today there are few teams that do not have a version of Linux that can run on them, from computers to video and music players or mobile phones. His versatility and power made it happen.

And, although for the moment has failed to arrive in bulk to the desktop, where Windows is still the great exponent, important steps have been taken, especially with the launch of ultraportable, many of them equipped with a Linux distribution.

We have no other to congratulate the father of the child, Linus Torvalds, and thank him for everything that your operating system has done for us.

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Disk Drives

The first machines using the rare Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI) as their hard disk interface, the SUPER X68000 (CZ-604C) take the standard SCSI (small computer system interface). Due to the capabilities of hardware, hard drives SASI can have 10, 20 or 30 megabytes in size and logical partitions. Diskettes come in several formats, none of them natively readable by other platforms, so there are different utilities for reading MS-DOS, Windows 98 or Linux.<

Company Stamps

Production of stamps for the stamp – this is one of the most popular services on the market of printing services. For the design of seals used several different technologies: laser engraving of rubber, photopolymer technology, curing, flash technology. Under the production of stamps for the stamp means the recovery. Typographical firms produce a production of stamps for stamp replacement of lost or degraded. Confidential orders to restore the stamps are accepted at any reasonable time for the customer.

The appropriate stamp will be precisely designed the original print. Also, like any tool, Printing has developed its service life. As time passes, print wear out, damaged, deformed, or even lost. If your printing unexpectedly came to unsuitability or it was lost, not upset, and contact the appropriate typographical firm. Rounded print copy – this is called traditional rounded seal, which is predominantly made to organizations with the following essential elements of the Company, Ltd., llp, Inc., pi.

Print size is about 38 millimeters. They are conventional and well-equipped security features – raster lines. Round printing through a print with a protective grid to develop using the technique of laser engraving. Safety nets to make them stylish and original, providing the opportunity of laying almost any figure. Round printing with print logo – made rounded stamp design which would be unusual and original. In this case, it is possible to add a printing specialist protection. Next we will talk about the round stamp on the stamp with microlettering. Such a method is that if an attacker wants to develop using the technology of printing and plastic, shaded text will not play properly, and the light will be virtually invisible. On Currently available rapid production of stamps. Almost any variety of sizes of stamps of any shape: wax seals, round printing, print brass, rectangular stamps, metallic print plasticine. In the specialized companies you can order a quick production of rubber stamps for one hour! Terms formed specifically because the production method as established, functioning as a clock. Organization supervising the production process "from before", so that there is no any kind of downtime or failure.

Bio Fireplace

Such a candle (or a salt lamp) is not only beautiful and unusual, but evaporates when using the compounds useful, beneficial effect on the human breath. If the absence of light and heat – the same reason that winter does not like the head of your friendly team, give him a fireplace. Not traditional, built of stone in his city apartment or dacha, and an ultra modern Bio Fireplace. This is the triumph of high technology will bring warmth to any living accommodation, even where there are no chimneys. Marvel of glass and metal, not only warms the long evenings, but will also create a special mood, will drive away the fatigue and worries. Well, how Bio Fireplace refines the interior, and can not speak! To give warmth to your grandparents, you can use more traditional means. Just buy them warm and cozy blanket, the better to watch a movie on the couch or read while sipping a delicious hot tea.

Only here to do all of this was really comfortable, gave them a gift on New Year's blanket with sleeves. Yes, very real sleeves! There is no need each time to release your hands from the warm nest, where you have to click remote control or take from the table magazine. Each owner is familiar with the problem when the main dish of the festive table completely out of place cools down. Of course, this situation all have learned to deftly handle, warming up the meat in a microwave oven or cooking in the process of starting the reception guests.

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