Month: February 2014

Part-time Jobs

Half time work. How to make your work a part-time job. Many people run in the morning to arrive early to reach, seek how to go to eat fast because they have to go back, arrive home late and would like to have more time. The answer is because not having a part-time job, to spend time with the children, with the bride, with the lover, not be to practice this hobby that you like so much, or simply to get to know beautiful girls any square of the city. The major problem with these part-time jobs is: payment. Most of the part-time jobs do not pay enough, the solution I propose is to do your job, a part-time job. As do this, being productive, to start talking about this need to consider that your work must be a work by goals by project by task to accomplish this is completely invalid for floor workers for workers who really should be why his work lies in Spacetime as cashiers, vendors, customer service.

Assuming that you are in the first case, here are some suggestions that you will serve to make more fast your work, if you follow them to the foot of the letter, I can assure that at least, at least half an hour before you finish your tasks. 80% of the causes of stem from 20% of the shares. 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of the values and customers. -That 20% of causes are responsible for 80% of my problems… -That causes 20 produce 80% of my happiness analyzes customers you have, analyzes vendors there are many customers and suppliers that you just removed the time when true customers and valued suppliers must only represent around 20% the illusion of the working day. If you have 10 things to do this day, say from your computer, anything has to do with time.

C Sharp

C (pronounced “ci sharp”) language is an object-oriented programming developed and standardized by Microsoft as part of their platform. NET, which was later adopted as a standard by ECMA and ISO.
Its basic syntax is derived from C / C and uses the object model of plataforma.NET which is similar to Java but includes improvements derived from other languages (including Delphi).
In the case of the C language, the original intention of the creators of the language was called “C in D flat,” to denote beauty and intelligence in the design of such language. Because it was found similar symbol “sharp” or “number” in Spanish, corresponding to C sharp major, became the name of the language such as C .
C , as part of the plataforma.NET this standardized by ECMA in December since 2001 (ECMA-334 “C Language Specification“). On November 7, 2005 came version 2.0 of the language that included improvements such as generic types, anonymous methods, iterators, partial types and types avoidable. On November 19, 2007 came version 3.0 of C with emphasis on improvement rates implicit, anonymous types, and LINQ (Language Integrated Query).
Although C is part of the plataforma.NET, this is an application programming interface, while C is a programming language designed to generate independent programs on that platform. There is already implemented a compiler that provides the framework for DotGNU – Mono generating programs for different platforms such as Win32, UNIX and Linux.

Pro Java Programming, Second Edition by Brett Spell (Paperback – Jun 13, 2005)



Software engineering changes world culture due to widespread computer use. Electronic mail (E-mail), the World Wide Web and instant messaging allow people to interact in new ways. The software lowers the cost and improves the quality of health services, fire departments, government agencies and other social services. Successful projects which have used software engineering methods include Linux, the space shuttle software, ATMs and more. The SI can be considered as applied to software engineering, ie by means systematic and tool presets, applying them in the most efficient way to obtain optimal results, always looking for targets engineering. It is not just solving problems, but rather taking into account the different solutions, choose the most appropriate.

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