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American Data

It is unfortunately so that the data of our customers on our servers only safely store. No data center is and may claim otherwise. As soon as these data into motion, as soon as they enter the fiber-optic cable of international communications networks, goes out this protection alone due to technical reasons. Light quantum in the lines radiate outward always – and can thus also ” be picked. A solution would be to use an encryption technology, such as, for example, ‘pretty good privacy’, which requires still more work because you must commute to use ‘Key’ again to decipher the messages and mails for mail traffic.

Also, just encrypted messages trigger a higher interest when the investigators of all data. Also operating systems such as Linux are less susceptible to the spying because the producers of free open-source software first not American law, because they so need to keep any ‘backdoors’. But especially,. because most by default (openSSH) Linux distributions through the implementation of secure shell, which encrypts traffic between like-minded computers consistently – to the annoyance of any ‘Schnuffels’ each origin. With additional tools (E.g. dmcrypt) you can transform even the hard drives in a seemingly unreadable garbage. Bad times for hackers… It is an open secret that alternative providers are slowly but surely on the rise, such as e.g.

Duckduckgo search engine. Such search engines allow – other than Google – an anonymous search in the net: the traffic is ‘routed’ by a variety of anonymous relay. So more the interests of searchers go to no conclusions, particularly, because this search engine stores IP addresses and uses hardly any ‘cookies’ – so ‘ Tracker’ – let the requests: surf without identity card so to speak. However many users – even when alternatives such as ixQuick – often complain that then the quality of the results, what may be but also to the necessarily missing ‘personalization’ of the search. A – but worse – alternative in terms of data security would finally be several times a day to clean the browser cache and all cookies as consistently as mercilessly from the hard drive. Also apps and Add-Ons such as ‘ghostery’ and ‘noscript’ can be helpful, because that causes that all Tracker and all advertising first have to ask permission, before they gain access to a computer. A pleasant side effect – also in terms of energy efficiency and Green IT: These pages develop faster without Java-script, because they cause less traffic. It is totally problematic then ‘Social networks’, so where the user himself put their data online, after they previously voluntarily gave up their name and their email address. To ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Xing’, etc. the alternative would be a waiver simply… but who wants that already?

VMware Partner

AddOn WINS VMware partner in the category on the global VMware partner Exchange 2013 in Las Vegas the AddOn Systemhaus GmbH by VMware as a partner of the year in the category of “Virtualization of Business Critical Applications” for the EMEA region award. Services of high competence and outstanding quality are trademarks, who appreciate both customers and partners to AddOn. The high appreciation of the achievements of AddOn pressed on VMware this year’s worldwide Partner Conference with the award of the title partner of the year from. In the ceremony Colleen Kapase, Senior Director, gave VMware partner readiness, on 26 February the award to Sven Gmelin, AddOn Systemhaus GmbH, head of virtualization/storage. AddOn was awarded for his extraordinary performance in the category of virtualization of business critical applications in the EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa). “We are happy to reward us the extraordinary achievements, reached VMware partner over the last year.

We congratulate the AddOn Systemhaus GmbH for the “Awarded the” VMware partner network Award “and look forward to our joint success in 2013” Colleen Kapase said. “We are proud of this award. It is also for our close and good partnership with VMware. As a living expression of the cooperation, I see our jointly-operated virtualization competence center for SAP. Here and in projects of our common customers we committed with all my heart, that optimum solutions for our customers are products from VMware.

By linking our VMware expertise with the knowledge and experience in the technological basis of mission-critical applications of different manufacturers, we achieve the maximum benefit for our customers. The partnership with VMware is a central, strategic element in the business of AddOn be for us in the future”says Thomas Grimm, Managing Director of the AddOn Systemhaus GmbH. About AddOn the AddOn Systemhaus GmbH headquartered in Boblingen, one of the leading consulting and training houses of in Germany is for the Integration of complex software infrastructure solutions. It focuses on a comprehensive range of services in the whole environment of Microsoft, UNIX / LINUX, SAP NetWeaver, and virtualization technology. AddOn offers also services in support and operations in addition to design, installation, and training. Innovative products such as consulting-in-a-box”, high quality standards and a consistent technology-orientation characterise the guiding principles of the medium-sized company. AddOn is VMware enterprise solution provider and training center, Microsoft Gold and Silver partner in numerous skills and as well as certified service partner of SAP AG.

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