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Web Hosting Linux

What safe are Linux Web hosting services? In general, Unix and Linux web hosting services are known to be more stable, reliable and secure web accommodation platforms. However, everything depends on your provider. If a supplier provides a service of economic web hosting on Linux and hosted an excessive number of web pages on the same server on which your site is also hosted, then always there may be possibility of problems. On the other hand, if your web hosting provider ensures that only genuine and informative web sites are hosted on the web server, there are very low chances that there are security problems that arise even every few years. Selection of best hosting Linux nobody plans can decide what is good and what is evil, but an individual or a company can definitely decide what is best for them. This applies also to the selection of Linux hosting plans. Depending on the features you require, you must choose a hosting plan Appropriate and affordable Linux that has everything that you are interested in.

When you choose a Web Hosting Linux plan, you must not have features that will really not be used, on the contrary should concentrate only on those things, which will be used frequently in mind. Of course, e-commerce, e-commerce capabilities has emerged as one of the main aspects of web hosting. Not all web hosting providers support the necessary features for e-commerce with the same quality, and also varies according to the hosting environment. However, when comparing options of web hosting on Windows and Linux, Linux hosting environment offers full support for all kinds of e-commerce functions. Therefore, even if you are planning to launch an online store or e-commerce site, you can make use of the platform of Linux hosting. As a fact, the Linux web hosting is ideal for e-commerce and related sites, web pages that require higher levels of security, reliability and stability, which is offered by the Linux hosting environments.

Linux Neutrino On The Dbox2

The best alternative is for your operating system of the dbox 2 neutrino the open source application by Linux with the user interface. Linux neutrino is the well-known alternative operating system for the dbox 2. It brings many advantages offered not one on the original operating system, beta Nova users. First is the significantly reduced boot time to name a few. The open source OS Linux neutrino takes 40 seconds to boot successfully. The original beta Nova system here already once loosely takes three minutes. Nothing more despite offers neutrino a user friendly and clear interface. EPG information will be loaded without delay and appear clean.

So you need almost a training for the original or it always holds the instructions, otherwise it can happen easily confuse the menu maze of beta Nova. Linux, however, offers ease of use even every computer and technology muffle should cope with. Also the timer to record a show is easy to adjust, in the original OS, you need some here after all Keystrokes and precious time. With only two keystrokes you is with Linux already in the menu to set the timer and to lose no time. Also switching between TV and radio is easy and comfortable with Linux. Within one second, you can switch easily to radio mode and additional nice features are available, such as for example different backgrounds so that listening to music is really comfy. On the whole, one can say the Linux neutrino a really good alternative to the dreary and particularly slow original operating system beta Nova is. Who wants to wait for the favorite series not three minutes, no time for timer set waste will or would like to have just a nice, beautiful and above all fast operating system on its dbox 2 neutrino will be sure satisfied with Linux. Torsten Paul

Office Organization

CRM for acquisition and customer support not only for start-ups FABI’s, software developer from Bamberg, offers Office application under Linux with seamlessly integrated OpenOffice and links and email. The FABI’s CRM seamlessly invokes the OpenOffice applications. Special: Correspondence is stored in the contact and edited. Database variables are populated automatically. With the integrated system of individual folders, documents are easy to find. Text templates are stored centrally and uniformly to change. The user submitted a document, word processing with the existing text blocks automatically. The document is saved with the person, FABI’s takes over the file organization.

The user correspondence templates, uses the system automatically replaces the database variables. The user submitted a document, word processing with the existing text blocks automatically. The document is saved with the person, FABI’s takes over the file organization. The system uses the user correspondence templates, automatically replaced Database variables. Incoming correspondence as scan is filed, the central customer file results in the complete overview of the correspondence. The document management organizes interdepartmental cooperation. The contact history shows all incoming and outgoing contacts with a person: written contacts, appointments and meetings are automatically registered. The address function manages a wide variety of types of addresses in a contact from the address to the billing address.

All contact with all different communication paths are per address, telephone numbers and email addresses. This includes relationships as links are stored. The network of recommendations and connections of contacts is therefore representable. Identification and grouping help to qualify the addresses and sort. Distribution can be comfortably Teja. Companies adapt user language, menu navigation, caption without external service providers. FABI’s saves time in the Office Organization. FABI’s uses virtuosity all channels of contact and takes abteilungsubergfreifende information on.

KDE Linux

The ideal companion for the Linux year 2011 it is the ideal companion for the Linux 2011 with many new features. The author Michael Kofler takes the Linux users at the hands at the 10th Edition and leads him through the new features of the operating system. Whole chapters are devoted to 1280 pages the new btrfs file systems, the mail server Postfix of the virtualization solution KVM and numerous multimedia topics. In addition to the newly revised and updated print edition the reader get eBook two DVDs plus the full. So the book can be used as mobile and handy reference book, for example, on a mobile phone or notebook, well. In addition there is still the large folding poster with the 27 most important Linux commands and valid until end of 2011 update service for the Linux distributions Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu free. Topics focus on the new issue: Fedora 14, openSUSE 11.3, Ubuntu 10.10 GNOME 2.32 (with preview of GNOME 3.0), KDE 4.5 Firefox 4, Google chrome as well as social networking multimedia / photo: openShot, Miro, PiTiVi, ShotWell backups to NAS devices btrfs filesystem Postfix (chapter, describes also Dovecot, SpamAssassin, etc.) KVM (chapter focusing on server virtualization) the most important tools in Overview: free eBook at the purchase of the book 2 software DVDs update service to the distributions of Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu until end of 2011! Including large folding poster of the 27 most important Linux commands

Linux Windows

And for want to learn Linux, there is specialized colleges, and self-study has not been canceled (as a hobby). Precisely because the right choice task (specifically – the user) audience of Windows has become a mass product, and remains in this status. And in school, please remember, we have to prepare a PC user. About the use of Windows in the formation of many written in the spirit of "spreading the Windows at school, at public expense, we prepare the user for the merchant monopoly, but also pay for the monopolist to license the school running. " I draw the attention of the reader that this is not a problem school, this is a problem of the state – for a single information-sharing needs a single system, and if necessary, then replace system should be conducted throughout the state, not just in education.

Under the "single system" here refers not only compatible file types (in the end, the files are opened and the ODF in MS Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer 3.0, and PDF format immediately designed as a cross-platform), but the system of training of technicians and users. Please do not assume the reader that these two paragraphs, tried to prove the superiority of Windows (after all, the taste and color of all markers are different, and if someone more like Linux, we can honor him and praise). The main idea of this text – the actual dominance of Windows and other operating systems need to be based in the learning process for today's realities, not to happened in Brazil – have entered into schools to teach Linux, and yesterday's graduates greatly puzzled to see the workplace ubiquitous Windows. .


With two PrintoLUX 6000 signs settled basic systems on the day of manufacture. After eight days, the work was done. Due to the shorter working hours, the company saved 13 000 euros on a single project. The investment in the PrintoLUX systems was therefore already amortised. The new option for pipe labels refers to demonstrable superiority of the labelling process not only the production of signs, but also various forms of procurement. So the catalog order was so far almost no alternative in the procurement of pipe performance markings.

This has PrintoLUX fundamentally changed: the easy-to-implement procedures makes it possible to produce required labels itself. Plant and machine construction, raw material industry and in other industries, where many piping on the Premises are available, also a consistent, legible and inexpensive tube performance labelling is required. If flammable gases or liquids, acids or alkalis, – all flow substances with hazardous properties must be marked with the appropriate symbols and designations. And that’s not all. Anyone who with this topic is busy and the bigeye order catalogs from vendors such as Kroschke, Hein, Seton, labelident, mercateo or hermes Printec has in mind knows the diversity of labels are used (sizes, colors, icons, etc.).

With PrintoLUX, that goes well with a few clicks of the mouse on the screen, just at the time of the requirements exactly in the required design and exactly in the required quantities. No rolling of catalogs, no minimum sales, no delivery and no administrative overhead, but select and print (for more information see the probably the smallest Gallery of the world for the complete range of pipeline and hazardous material indicators:)). success factors: high resistance to pressure and simple implementation of the procedure for the reasons that have led to that industrial companies such as Audi, BASF, Daimler, and Freudenberg in the labeling of cable signs, pipes, equipment, cabinets, front panels and enclosures using the PrintoLUX process, include at the top the high resistance to pressure, which blends with this procedure, and the simple implementation of the procedure in all production processes.

The Amplon

The module is prepared for a load distribution with a maximum. 16 poles for the thermal-magnetic circuit breaker (MCB); the battery has six poles for hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers (MHCB). The DPR2900 and DPR4000 rectifier modules are compatible with CellD shelving system. They offer (DPR4000 kW on output of up to 11.6 (DPR2900) and 24). Their small size is ideal for embedded power in mobile communication base stations or in broadband access points. The DPR 2900 series energy efficiency is greater than 96%.

Uninterrupted and switching power supplies Delta’s NH plus is the next generation of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system that offers excellent protection for server, computer centres, networks, VOIP, and telecommunication systems. The system feature market-leading 94% energy efficiency even at common loads and up to six modules can operate in parallel in one cabinet. Other important features include input power distortion factor of less than 3%, which is based on patented technology, as well as battery independence, fan speed control and a high resolution LCD. The NH plus is compatible with generator installation, and its modular design offers easy maintenance and scalability. With four parallel cabinets the power ranges from 20 to 480kVA.

The Amplon RT 5-10kVA series UPS systems provide “1 + 1 redundancy” in parallel configurations for increased system reliability and are designed for rack installation or as a tower with LCD. Delta’s DPS series switching power supplies deliver power ranging up to 7,200W + via power modules, with efficiency of over 90% and power density of up to 25W/inch3. These products are modular, redundant, hot swappable, and provide universal input power system for high reliability. Delta offers custom design and high volume manufacturing capability of power supplies for PCs, servers, workstations, networking, peripherals and office equipment. Delta’s switching power supplies use state-of-the-art circuits and advanced packaging technologies such as ASIC, hybrid circuits and thin film to achieve high efficiencies and power densities.

Nikon New

A look at the new Nikon D7000 DSLR Nikon D7000: The D7000 is the new Nikon. Potential customers are priced under 1,200 euro beginners more than DSLR. The D7000 is with a 16.2 megapixel sensor in the Nikon DX format. The new EXPEED C2 processor enables higher speeds image handling and better image quality at high ISO settings (which in the D7000 by 100 until 25,600 range). Specifically, the low noise at high ISO numbers is remarkable. The image quality of the D7000 performs much better compared with the better and more expensive D300. Also has bought point auto focus Nikon D7000 a new 39 (9 of which are cross-type).

Thus, it is ensured that the images are sharp, no matter where the object is located in the viewfinder. With less than 6 frames per second is the D7000 anyway for the sports and action photographers. The D7000 is equipped with a button for film recording. This full HD can be recorded at your fingertips (1080). Is also worth mentioning that the camera in the AF-F mode during the entire recording the subject focus automatically provides.

Also basic functions have been integrated for film editing. You should decide how far these are really useful. The Nikon D7000 sits comfortably in the hand and is perfect balanziert. The robust housing is made from a lightweight but stable Mangesiumlegierung. Very good sealing against dust and water was also provided. Together with a 100% image coverage of the viewfinder the photo enthusiast with this camera certainly has his joy. FaxIt: Nikon has built a great camera for the interested enthusiast with the D7000. The video features are unique. Combined with autofocus in movie mode, a very good 16 Megapixel sensor and 39 focus points a definitely recommended DSLR camera.

digital Vault DriveCrypt

Powerful Festplattenverschlusselungs software to numerous higher security features extended Munich, October 16, 2008 SecurStar GmbH, manufacturer of computer security solutions, released the latest version of its Festplattenverschlusselungs software DriveCrypt. The solution by 1344 bit real-time strong encryption prevents all access of unauthorized persons. Version 5.0 offers numerous innovations and improvements in the fields of data security and user friendliness, which even users without any special knowledge to ensure maximum protection of your data. SecurStar presents its new products from 21 to 24 October on the IT trade fair systems in Munich (Hall 3, Booth 414). With DriveCrypt, PC and notebook users get a secure and convenient tool to protect your data from theft and abuse. Complete or divided after partitions hard disk encryption is done with completely transparent: the encryption and decryption process runs automatically in the background, while the user the file opens and closes. The encryption is done on-the-fly\”in real time, so that at no time unencrypted data in the computer’s memory. The user between different types of \”securing chooses: he has, for example, you can create invisible container files that cannot be found even by experienced hackers, or hiding its information using steganography, disguised as wave files.

The new version 5.0 also allows encrypting unpartitioned hard disk areas. The protected data can be retrieved either, by a user password through additional hardware such as fingerprint readers and USB tokens or by a master password. Password sniffer, Trojan and spyware programs have no opportunity to read the password due to special security features. Highest level of security with ease of use to facilitate the configuration of DriveCrypt, was the GUI (Graphical user interface) substantially revised and optimized. The operation can be selected between simple and advanced mode, so even users with no knowledge of IT administrators can effectively secure their information. DriveCrypt allows for each storage medium such as, for example, CDs, DVDs, floppy and ZIP drives, USB sticks etc.

HomePlug AV Powerline

Intelligent multimedia entertainment solution with Powerline connection of ZyXEL DMA-1100 p is the intelligent multimedia entertainment solution with HDMI and a comfortable 200Mbit / s HomePlug AV Powerline connection. It is compatible with HomePlug AV and brings video (HD) streaming, standard definition high definition (SD) video and audio HDMI port on your TV system. You can play both MP3 and the digital music collection on your home stereo. Browse through digital pictures, create a slideshow on your TV and add background music. Are the highlights of the DMA-1100 p: transfer rates up to 200 MBit / s entertainment with living room flair stunning output quality by digital remote stress-free setting up the digital application for the home support for various digital content up-to-date is the ZyXEL DMA-1100 p HomePlug AV digital media adapters individually or bundled with the ZyXEL Powerline adaptor PLA-401, the fast (200Mbit / s connection via the electricity network), an attractive and space-saving Plug adapter, or the ZyXEL PLA-470 powerline Ethernet switch with 4 Ethernet ports 10/100 available. Learn more about the ZyXEL DMA-1100 p, as well as the Powerline bundles find interested:

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