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Safe Mobile Device Management

More and more banks provide their employees with mobile devices, which can also be used for the synchronization of email, contacts, and appointments. Munster, July 26, 2013. Especially for banks and insurance companies, the Ratiodata offers IT solutions & Services GmbH, a company of the GAD group, with smart & safe a solution for managing mobile devices (mobile device management MDM). Thus, secured corporate resources, guarantees of data protection and complied with legal requirements. Also advise the specialists at Ratiodata to all critical points which are to be observed with the introduction of a MDM solution. More and more banks provide their employees with mobile devices, which can also be used for the synchronization of email, contacts, and appointments. However considerable security risks facing this productivity gain.

One danger is the penetration of malicious software through unsecured systems. At the same time IT managers need to prevent that data the Leave the corporate network against the will of the company. It is corporate data to use, store, and share with other users, but to protect them from unwanted disclosure and loss. The devices must be safe from attacks, even if they are outside of the company. Also the security should be centrally managed and controlled.

With smart & safe provides a tamper-proof solution for managing mobile devices Ratiodata, based on AirWatch, a leading software solution in this segment. The product is deployed and centrally in the data center of the Ratiodata hosted as software a service (SaS). This is for the use of smart & safe no own infrastructure necessary. Both smartphones than tablets also can be controlled in real-time and protected against manipulation without limiting users in their productivity. The configuration and application of appropriate technical guidelines increases security when using mobile devices. So are remote device loss or security breaches and automated responses possible. Integrated asset management capabilities help manage the hardware. About the automated deployment and distribution of mobile applications (apps) also simplifies the software management. An additional module that informs about potential hazards and vulnerabilities of many apps, is being planned. Also advise the specialists at Ratiodata to all critical points which are to be observed with the introduction of a MDM solution. Smart & safe focuses primarily on devices of and operating systems iOS (Apple) Android, with support for additional security functionality of the manufacturer Samsung (Samsung for enterprise”). Detailed information about the new mobile device management solution under the E-mail address. About the Ratiodata GmbH: The Ratiodata IT solutions & Services GmbH is a company of the GAD group. It counts with over 400 Employees and a turnover of EUR 102 million to the major system vendors and IT service providers in Germany.


“Mariani chooses MPDS4, 3D 2D software for planning of packaging lines of Moers, Germany 18th October 2013: we are very pleased to welcome Mariani, as a new customer” so Marco Destefani CAD schroer. Mariani is a supplier of packaging equipment and chooses MPDS4 due to the flexibility of the software and the technical expertise of CAD Schroer. Mariani delivers packaging machinery and turnkey plants in 45 countries worldwide. In addition, the company offers customized solutions for many of the world’s largest brands. Recently, the company opted for MPDS4 CAD schroer. Managing project data with PDC and the 3D component designers were also added. Mariani graduated from a long-term maintenance contract with CAD Schroer by the the company up-to-date available gets all of the software updates, access on the telephone or online support and can draw on the technical advice of CAD Schroer. Video factory planning with MPDS4 factory layout: “ factory video project data management with PDC: produkte/mpds4/datenverwaltung.html flexibility and customer focus are essential for continuous growth,” as Marcello Zanella, layout manager at Mariani.

There are just three reasons why we have chosen for MPDS4: firstly, it is the only software that offers the entire range of tools, we need to create even parametric catalogue components such as E.g. integrated layout in 2D/3D and the possibility. Secondly, the software is easy to administer and runs on standard hardware without high memory requirements. Thirdly, CAD Schroer, sets just like us, much emphasis on long-term partnerships. We have the tools and the expertise with which we can insert so the software as it is true for each of our clients. Input for future developments will be accepted gladly.” 2D or 3D it fits! Mariani imported about 50,000 existing CAD drawings with the highly accurate DXF/DWG interface mpds4. The data management software from CAD schroer Group managed in all relevant technical data.


Com easy SUA licenca atualizacao gives basic platform sem necessidade of additional hardware, or Geminus G10 Mid uma form effective Custo that allows that ye provedores incluam coverage of monitoramento of rede imediatamente expandam to length of band to meet demand OJ assinante por mais Servicos permanently competitive mais. Com or on-demand video sob, high n. canais outros Servicos Avancados aumentam or flow do trafego exigem maior band length, industry is moving increasingly mais for networks of 10 Gb. Family Geminus o primeiro mais joint Avancado de ferramentas monitoramento, Analise teste of digital video from 1 Gb to 10 Gb do setor.

Com or Cabinet style mounted em um ou dois systems, Geminus family rack guaranteeing easy installation uma is em conformidade com os demanding requirements do NEBS, sendo ideal for permanent facilities with laboratories, systems acquired pre/pos ou em acionamento not headend, core ou hub. Ha muito tempo to IneoQuest vem oferecendo as Geminus G10 Base platforms and Geminus G10 Max com Capacite de monitoramento Analise de trafego of 3 Gb and 10 Gb em uma conexao de rede 10 GB. To IneoQuest he developed Geminus G10 Mid to attend necessidade do client de um produto scope means that possa Geminus staggered de acordo com o crescimento. Alem do suporte de trafego de 5 Gb, or Mid G10 Geminus provides monitoramento Analise simultaneous and continuous IP video fluxos ao vivo, ate 1,500 em tempo real ate 96,000 flow of transport elements (PIDs) MPEG, deep com Analise package MPEG of remote monitoramento, resolucao de teste problems..

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