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Holiday In Florence – Italy

Why Flroenz definitely a trip is worth a trip to Florence is always worth and is of Germany from Yes quite quickly and easily, because there is a low-cost airlines offering bargain flights to Florence and the Suddeutsche also can go easily by car or train and within a couple of hours in Florence can come from. Florence is such a popular and worthwhile goal, because it a is located in the beautiful region of Tuscany and on the other hand offers a huge range of art treasures. Thus Florence is like a pilgrimage for art lovers and art enthusiasts and everyone should go once. The following paragraphs will closer introduce Florence and especially on the art treasures from the time of Medicci, which had a huge impact on Florence, by supporting the artists and all great talents came to Florence to try out here and learn more. The most famous Museum in Florence is the Uffizi Gallery, the so-called Uffiziengallerie.

Uffici means Office and so the building was formerly the administrative center of Medicci, that wanted to set up a place for all bureaucratic offices in Tuscany. The special feature of this gallery is that it means that even kunstbanausen their money come and quite enjoy this Museum, art connoisseurs are therefore excited when they hear the name of the master alone, are represented here. There are to consider a total of over 1,000 works of art, but also sculptures, tapestries, and historical maps are presented. You can visit the Museum between 8:15 and 19:00 every day except Mondays. The price of admission is 6.50 euros at the moment, reduced to 3.25 euros. The David of Michelangelo, the most famous statue in the world is of course the most famous. David is created from a single huge block of marble, an incredible feat and one can visit today him Accademia in the Galleria dell.

Once he stood on the Palazzio Vecchio for many hundreds of years, but in the 19th century decided rather to him inside to pick up, because he had suffered greatly under the environmental influences. So it has built him an own dome construction and thus he is today very well. In the early 1990s a vandal had tried to damage the toes of the left foot of the David, what was unfortunately also succeeded, otherwise are known but no further incidents of deliberate actions. Who is really interested in a holiday in Florence and seeks more lodging, which once should spend apartments Florence book and an individual holiday in Italy.

PlanB And The Pension Provision

You want after a long working life not almost empty-handed there is known you the difference between plan A and plan B? Probably not, because otherwise you would use have plan B. Plan A is the kind and way in which most people work and you make money. Most people invest in their 40-year working life 80,000 hours of their personal time of life to a salary to get. And entering the legal retirement age there is on top for this paid 80,000 hours still average about 1,200, 00 pension a month: from today’s perspective, this is something more than a Hartz 4-receiver receives monthly. Plan B is another way. He gives the Termini with a to be determined by you even weekly working hours, but at least 8 hours per week, an annual income of 70,000, achieving 00 and more. At the same time you provide for a pension at least as high. That sounds for you to “too good to be true”? Yes! I was thinking the same thing! Until I the Courage had to start…

My wife has also started yet for three months intensive the hook at the thing wanted… She is …dann. “It is just too awesome to not start it” was your result. You’re brave! Go new ways! Know that you want to stand there after a long working life with almost empty-handed! You begin to think as most people already now differently with a pension of 1,200, 00 per month deal must, because you read this information on the website plan B. planb/index.htm Corsicareiki seminars & coaching Andreas may residence Clos des Orangers F-20138 Porticcio

Private Early Retirement For All – Know How

45 in pension, with 50 in pension, with 55 in pension early retirement – early retirement of 45 in pension with 50 in pension with 55 in pension you want to not work 66, 67 (maybe even 70) years up to the age of 65, as it stipulates the statutory pension scheme? How you can nevertheless already with 55 in pension”go? The solution is the financial bridging of the period up to the actual start of the pension. Capital is saved for this purpose and then again disbursed in monthly amounts. During the Ansparungs – and paid the capital will be paid interest. In practice, the capital in a Fondgebundenen to life insurance save and then paid out in monthly instalments. Example: Mr. Muller (35 years old) would occur in early retirement at the age of 55. Mr. Miller has another 20 years time (up to 55) a capital cushion to build up financially to bridge the 10 years leading up to the statutory pension entitlement (from 55 to 65).

Mr. Muller must consider the following: how much money would I have paid out monthly as a bridge (10 years)? Concrete numbers: Mr. Muller saves life insurance until the age of 55 years 385,-EUR per month in a linked (assumption: 20 years, 5% interest). Over the next 10 years Mr. Muller gets paid off monthly 1.500,-EUR (adoption: 10 years, 3% interest). Result: 385,-EUR per month Mr. Muller can go for 10 years earlier in pension. To take into account is that the State pension is lower falls, absence with early retirement insurance years. Here the State-sponsored retirement provision as a supplement would offer himself. More info can be found here: early retirement Jakob Walter

The Decision

Help may be granted for the relatively short time of arranging back in any necessary form of mother. As far as this money required would have made the adoptive parents should be sure like this cost, it would be free for the society so even all, who rather chose the merciless killings. As mental performance, it would be necessary that you not wanting to, generally can accept the decision of a mother, her child and objectionable classifies this not wanting in the smallest way. It said that a mother would mental strain this giveaway. Why load a happy, just somewhere else growing child? And: must be killed to prevent a corresponding grief because necessarily? Don’t you think that just this killing could trigger a much worse sorrow? If a man mentally cannot keep out the progress of his lover, then he may not kill Yes also them. The argument was largely correct that an unwanted child possibly without love in a bad life would go, but there would be yes the solution an easy giveaway. Murder a very peculiar service, as you do, to protect a child from a sad life remains regardless.

You may not know whether there was not yet the force to get happy in this child, there are also countless unhappy adults and teenagers who were once completely wanted. “You shall not kill” the argument of benevolent murder belongs in the lying sack of the morally taped justifications in their production, this failed humanity has become a true master. In this case is the argument that as a result it Yes would be better to put a kid in this kinderfeindliche world. But instead of reducing the actual hostility to children this bad condition is made then the hostility to children even become an argument for the absolute peak, probably must be identified in the killing of children.

Free SMS Without Registration On The Internet

The times of the free SMS sending are still there. Send free SMS and to do so without registration, it is still possible! Looking shipping with registration, or without the Internet for a free SMS you will usually quickly find it. But not everything is free, what is advertised as free of charge. The huge demand in the industry free SMS attracts also the black sheep. We encounter a provider where one is not sure whether it is really free helps usually have a look at the bottom of the Web page or if you look at the privacy policy. There are no costs or obligations listed pleasure free SMS nothing stands in the way. Nevertheless, there are differences between the various services. Providers that require a registration are not always to be sniffed at.

They often offer a daily quota of free SMS which stand ready to 100% for each. The SMS are often consumed by providers without registration. Another important point is the advertising in the SMS messages themselves. This recognizes that you have often been because no 160 Characters for an SMS available characters. Send free SMS via the Internet is not difficult, but you should not fall for scammers and cheaters. To get this out of the way to search which one or other trusted page out to send his text repeatedly about this. Definitely not his own mobile phone number and contact information to disclose. It can be send by SMS about the Internet definitely save money or it is the one or the other euros of less on the next Bill. A provider for free SMS without registration author, Andreas Bock

Modernization Goals Obstacles

EasiRun and IVORY – innovations for mainframe environments – part 2 EasiRun Europe arises the task to bring their customer’s IT strategically and economically optimal position. Thus, they are modern set, independent and prepared for the challenges of the future on the basis of the existing. IVORY represents a significant expansion and rounding off in addition to the traditional migration routes and back targets on host environments – customers, who want to stay on the mainframe or must or need capacities of the host for long periods or with applications on the mainframe want. IVORY here finds a way. IVORY proprietary host, as well as “Hosted” is suitable for the operation of the data center servers and upstream of host servers which then to communicate with the host.

Wintell, LINUX, and UNIX is supported. IVORY allows virtualization of applications and the creation of new applications from existing applications without the need to modify existing programs. With IVORY created services can be as Basis used for BPM, integration of applications and cross platform applications. I.e., that even companies that already use other products, are not automatically excluded. IVORY means supplement and extension of IVORY can take advantage of the latest special-purpose processes by IBM’s ZIIP/ZAAP – and z/LINUX-certified. This affects the operation of lowering costs.

For the implementation that is based on 3270-based or COMMAREA (as SAP), no changes in the “virtual” applications are absolutely essential changes in the programs. A particular value lies in the combination of transactions that can be merged into a portal with external Web services to a new, extensive application. Our message: Good advise is, who chooses a path which remains open in all directions. Invest your IT expenditure in the future of your company and unite the treasures of the past with the exciting options of the future! Implement your strategies and visions, but stay flexible and independent! This completes our series of articles. Did you miss a post? Here you can read about: Usingen, the 18.02.

Web Mobile

Final quality assurance In the development process of the DAISHO 4.1 sync releases were now completed all phases of the beta testing. Moreover, the DAISHO SyncML was successfully on server. Once finished the final internal quality assurance and the advanced productivity tool found for stable and reliable, this is on the website for download. About Daisho blacksmith: The Daisho blacksmith GmbH, Munich, has a DAISHO mobile and platform-independent software designed for personal information management (PIM) with project management capabilities. The software is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. The DAISHO productivity software includes a professional time management and contact management (CRM), organises the daily communication via a built-in email client with skypeTM connection and provides helpful tools such as Quick notes and the management of different work environments. Functions for the structuring of tasks and projects, as well as the tracking of targets are the basis for an efficient personal project management.

The DAISHO of PIM software can be installed on a USB stick and can be used on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC without further installation from there. The software is based on Java and therefore easily runs on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines. Contact: Daisho blacksmith GmbH Daniela Schneider Landsberger Street 293 D-80687 Munich, Germany Tel 58 90 98 98 0 email: info @ Internet: de support community: about Simchronise Simchronise was founded in 2005 by a team of enthusiastic technology entrepreneur, to offer a range of products and services mobile operators, operators of virtual networks, Internet providers, VAS distributors, software providers, and mobile phone retailers, which are specialized to the needs of mobile users. Simchronise, based in Dublin, is also represented with development and sales units in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. Simchronise offers powerful customized solutions for data synchronization of mobile phones in addition to standard solutions, where data of your smartphone (E.g. contacts, appointments) are captured and stored online at secure user accounts. All solutions are Web-based and require GPRS data transmission as well as the download of applications on the mobile phone.

The services are characterised by a simple user guidance as well as an attractive graphical interface. The core competencies of Simchronise are in addition to the mobile safety in the application of comprehensive expertise in the mobile phone market and the associated technologies. So ideas are implemented quickly in innovative products and services, to create specific applications, for example, for mobile data backups, data recovery or data synchronization.

RAID Solution

Network storage made easy. In many places, you will know the problem. The Festplattensteckeplatze in the computer have been exhausted and the storage space is due to ever-growing games and applications already again to scarce. External USB hard drives are a way to circumvent this problem. They have mostly the advantage that they require no own power supply. This solution is though generally good, but the space and the speed of this external USB hard disk drive solutions is designed mostly with nearly 320 500 GB. But there are also more elegant solutions.

A solution that runs very reliable on time is the use of a NAS server such as the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4 TB. With such a NAS-system, it is located on the safe side in the truest sense of the word. Iomega to functional diversity has kept this NAS system. In this case, 2 2 TB at 7200 RPM SATA hard drives work You must the case not even right next to the computer, or connected to USB, since it also can be operated easily via network. It doesn’t even matter whether connected clients Windows, Linux or OSX installed as the operating system. To provide some security for the data you can access the RAID 1, which itself although reduces the effective usable memory to 2 GB, the data is mirrored on the second hard drive in real time but. If a disk has a defect, the data are still completely on the second disk.

Especially interesting for smaller companies is the ability to release up to 2 USB printers via the StorCenter and the space should be tight but once, Iomega’s storage solution supports up to 2 additional USB mass storage drives. Who has so slightly higher memory requirement or want to know its data in security is very well advised with a NAS server, like the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4 TB. This is a profitable investment may be especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Many electronics of online stores like redcoon offer this network storage solution already from 269 euro. written by Daniel Friedrich

PIM Software

Developers of the personal information management (PIM) software DAISHO bundles customer communication in support community platform for dialogue is also used for the development of productivity software Munich, December 06, 2010. The solution provider Daisho Blacksmith has his customers for all questions about the versatile personal information management software (PIM) DAISHO set up an English-language support community and there bundled its international customer service. Get on the platform for dialogue the user from immediately competent and rapid support, also they can tell there directly their wishes and requirements on the professional self management software DAISHO. This Daisho blacksmith can better align the development of PIM tools to the needs of the user. The support community is currently divided into three categories. With regard to ask a question”the questions are answered, that often arise in dealing with the self -, time -, contact – and project management tool. Common problems in dealing with DAISHO can in the “Category report a problem” will be reported.

Daisho blacksmith’s team then promptly offered solutions for the posted problems. All ideas and suggestions to the PIM software are collected with project management functions under share of idea”. The customer community to be a communicative platform to the exchanges of between the user and with the team of Daisho blacksmith. A foundation stone for the innovative development of our PIM software Daisho blacksmith places great emphasis on customer proximity which is active dialog with our customers. So it is possible to take into account the ideas and wishes of our users in the further development of DAISHO us”, says Klaus Wiedemann, founder and CEO of Daisho blacksmith. Currently our customers can participate in the beta test to the latest release by DAISHO: the beta version is available from the download area. Users who participate in the beta test and back to log their experiences or completing a relevant questionnaire, receive a 30% discount on the full version. ” so Klaus Wiedemann.

About Daisho blacksmith: The Daisho blacksmith GmbH, Munich, has a DAISHO mobile and platform-independent software designed for personal information management (PIM) with project management capabilities. The software is aimed at all those who project-oriented, flexible and mobile working – especially on Freelancer. The DAISHO productivity software includes a professional time management and contact management (CRM), organized the daily communication via an integrated E-Mail client with Skype connection and provides helpful tools such as quick notes and the management of different work environments. Functions for the structuring of tasks and projects, as well as the tracking of targets form the basis for an efficient personal project management. The DAISHO of PIM software can be installed on a USB stick and can be used on any laptop, NetBook or desktop PC without further installation from there. The software is based on Java and therefore easily runs on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux machines.


First we see the scene on which post was based this: In the previous servant, 2 vestibules with several subdominions were handled, which receive several tens of thousands of daily visits. As much the present servant as the previous one, uses Linux, with Web server basic Apache and of MySQL data? The update of content in average is every 15 minutes, except from the 8:30 that is practically null. The sites require a high availability, that is to say the migration practically must be transparent for the visitors. Now we see that we would have to do before the migration: First it is to know that it handled to the servant anteiro for it we must: To list dominions and subdominions that work in the servant. To register active directions DNS. List of crones with its frequency and path of scripts that is executed. Listing of additional bookstores of PHP.

Registry of accounts of electronic mail in addition its mailbox to mail, adjustments, email forwards, car replies etc? Registry of accounts FTP? Endorsement of configuration files of the servant mainly php.ini and httpd.conf? To register path of each site. With this information we will have a clear idea than we must migrate for being able: To install the new serividor? To form the servant based on listing of bookstores additions, the configuration files php.ini and httpd.conf? To create the virtual servants for each site registered in step 1? To create the accounts of electronic mail and to form them. To create accounts FTP and to form them. And what it goes to us to save several headaches in creating the connections, of path previous towards the new ones. We say in the previous servant the physical route of site this in /var/www/xxx in the new servant will be in /home/xxx/www for it from console with access root digitamos: ln – s /home/xxx/www/ /var/www/xxx This for all the sites that will be migrated? To notify to all the possible ones affected that the migration this by realizarce. Now already we have ready the new servant with an atmosphere similar to the previous one.

During the migration: If it is possible to deshabilitar the sites, case in opposition to less deshabilitar registry of users, commentaries, generally the creation, modification or elimination of content. To compress the archives of the sites. To pass the archives to the new servant to its corresponding path, we can use wget. To migrate the data bases? To update registries DNS so that they aim at the new servant After the migration? To qualify the sites? To review log of errors? To be patient before any Ready eventuality we have migrated successful of servant.

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