Month: February 2017

Smart Grid

This report represents the first Russian-speaking market research Smart Grid (SMART Grid). Today in Russia there is a big investment interest in the concept of smart Grid, but there is no clear understanding of what it consists of elements which affect the levels of energy, what is characterized by investments and what are the indicators of their effectiveness. For this reason, the present study were as follows Objectives: – classification and market segmentation smart Grid; – the study of foreign experience in implementation of Smart Grid – the current status of the Russian energy levels, which include elements of the smart Grid. In study under the smart Grid understood as a set of technologies that have the following features: – refers to the level of transmission and distribution networks, or the level of consumer (private, commercial, industrial consumers) – is a software-hardware solution, which is machine via communication information is transmitted to a control system that implements one or more functions (monitoring, management, billing, etc.) Thus, the intellectual power system or any of its finished element comprises two subsystems: subsystem of electricity transmission, which is traditional for any power system, and subsystem information exchange. That exchange of information in real time allows you to quickly and flexibly manage supply and demand in the grid, to avoid serious fluctuations characteristics of the network to integrate network of generation facilities from renewable energy sources and produce into account energy consumption. smart Grid technologies ensure compliance with electricity production and energy consumption by optimizing the management grid, including in cases of emergency shutdowns ('blackout', blackout).

Choosing Gifts

As a child, it was easy: everything was done with his hands under the strict guidance of a teacher in a kindergarten. On March 8 drew mom, February 23 – Pope. In the new year – dad, mom and Santa Claus. Hand-made is still in vogue, but if Mom and Dad really be touched in such crafts and even found similarities, it is now, if you are not a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, or at least group "Funny Brush", then your creativity may not appreciate. Yes, and those who need to give gifts, was substantially greater: all colors are not enough. Go to classmates and childhood friends added their young men and husbands. A gift to man – is generally a problem. The more so because their own favorite, too, waiting for something unusual, practical and romantic at the same time.

Then added to the list: it is necessary to make gifts to children of friends, colleagues souvenirs, nice we launched our business partners. And this year threatens me more choice and New Year's gift-in-law. And how, one wonders, to experience all this pre-holiday rush? Especially if a kid could spend hours drawing, sculpting and gluing, it is now to buy expensive gifts to all the people remain, As a rule, only one weekend. And spend the whole day, being pushed in the souvenir shops, where the eyes get when looking at the shelves with scented candles and red and white mice, but could not choose – it is very very cheerless prospect. And want something original, beautiful and stylish creative. And to not have to run around town looking for ideas! Desperate, I decided to do was to escape on New Year's somewhere in the wilderness – a holiday completely come out without me. But then a friend of mine advised me to see sites online gift shops.

Choice, in general, remained. Turn on the computer, typed in the search engines' factory gifts "that really if you find something that any large-scale, all at once there was. Introduced and found! On an excellent site I saw a list of articles and columns for all occasions: gift lover gift mom gift dad gift to an employee gift for the boss, and – oh joy – a gift-in-law! Having read smart tips start to survey directory. It was very convenient to view products by price groups – helped not to lose your head from an excess of the range and more or less correctly assess their financial capabilities. Gifts were found for all. When registered to place an order, a little worried on account of payment and delivery: in electronic payments, I do not very friendly, and I would like to first see the "chairs", and then give away "money." It turns out this is possible. The next day a courier came to me with a sack full of fun gift items – just the real Santa Claus. And at this point I like in my childhood believed in the New Year's fairy tale. And ran rustle of wrapping paper. After all, holiday is so soon!

Latin American Value

In the case of shareholders, the company is one of the largest national and international corporations in the promotion, development and management of renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, logistics and transport, and urban and environmental services. The company is present in 20 countries on five continents and employs more than 30,000 professionals. The company has five major divisions that focus on the features discussed. The global diversification of its operations and activities is undoubtedly an element of courage to think that the company can balance their risks, and since it operates in areas of great development, although they have been affected by the crisis, without a doubt are activities that can provide an interesting return to the company. Repsol, whose book value of each share is at 16.42 euros, not until yesterday did its market value to exceed the book value to reach 16.57 euros, although the ratio between market value and book value of course is almost 1 (the ratio as of yesterday was 1.00914). Do not have Repsol, a company which last month announced two major discoveries in Latin America a Otra good for Repsol , sufficient for benefit to the value of their shares is located at least above a few euros? I understand it, especially since the future trend in the price of a barrel of oil in the medium term.

Are they reflecting the market value of the shares of these companies really worth or what we are dealing with offers of opportunity? Personally I favor the second alternative. Probably has to do a detailed analysis of the companies but the immediate impression is that their market values should be well above their current contributions. In fact, this stock is now listed between 35% and 65% below the values observed by 2007. is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.

Compare Prices With Price Comparisons

An art in the Internet shopping has already. What I mean by that is that you buy the products you buy online usually too expensive … you thought eBay’s cheap? Because you’re wrong but powerful, most online merchants are cheaper and cheaper than eBay or similar platforms. With a price comparison, you are somewhat better off. More and more price comparisons cavort around in the Internet search and wait for you the best / cheapest prices on certain items.

Why would such a service which also is not free if you take advantage of buying out even without the Internet. Compare Prices listen products from many online and give you a concise table of all prices declined for a product, even a direct link to the product at the dealer can be found mostly on the results page. You can as quickly and safely as the price for a digital camera out and buy these simple and with one click from the dealer. Compare Prices And, many, many useful functions such as customer opinions which you can be very helpful or filters so you can find their desired product as fast as possible. This and more will offer price comparison websites.

Why should you use, then? Above all, you are there for you for free. Some also have the opportunity to earn money by the way you write reviews on products / distributors. Please keep in mind on these portals you can buy anything, you have to ask for items to contact the dealer of this product sells. I also wish you much fun with online shopping.

Consequences of the Growth of Internet

Consequentially with the growth of the Internet has begun to grow all types of businesses that can be done in this way, as is the purchase of consumer goods, the purchase of computers, televisions, dvd, fast food acquisition, purchase of music. Also doing business online, such as having to do with selling of currencies and offering online services for people. The online loans are one of those many things that has brought this exponential growth of business and everyday transactions become more and more online. People often apply for credit online for many purposes, that is why firms interested in pursuing this business offer online credit facilities for all types of loans. So these companies offer online loans for purposes such as: online credits can be awarded for the purchase of truck or car. Because the business of the cars from his invention has not ceased to be a profitable business since the days of today have a car is almost a staple commodity transported to big cities, people need to buy cars and so have come to apply for credit online for this purpose. There is also a form of online loans to finance college. It is very likely to find all types of online credit offers on the Internet that offer financing of the studies where all procedures are done through Internet.

This alternative of online loans is especially important for those who think carrying out their university studies in the exteriror. Credits are also available online for commercial purposes, such as riding a shop, ordering goods for after earning a profit selling, buying patents and franchises, to mount a new business and, finally, for all purposes online credit may be required to have to do with the money that normally lead the business. These loans are especially useful for businesses that are held by internet. This form of online credit facing challenges such as security for the account debtor and by the companies providing the service, the challenge of knowing if your loan is actually paid by the person who did not even see in person. However, online loans are an alternative that daily grows into something that is quite common and practical for people who so need.

Creative Assessment

In this work deals with the idea that if we comply fully with the functions delegated to the educational agencies in the training of students, and of which we are largely responsible, it is necessary among other things, amend the traditional assessment practices, establishing in its place, most effective ways that transcend the old idea of accreditation. To achieve this, first we must be aware of the difference between accreditation and assessment, according to Diaz Barriga (1998:74), the first of these has to do with a verification process on the degree to which it met the criteria stipulated in the curriculum, from which it believes reflect the level of information acquired by the students, and which we would add, are translated into quantitative terms by a grade. While the assessment in its broadest sense is defined as an activity that allows value judgments about the teaching process and results in quantitative and qualitative (Bellido and Gonzalez, 2009).

Currently, there are several functions that have been granted to the assessment of learning, Gimeno (1992) states the following: 1) Definition of educational and social meanings as educational achievement, school success and failure, good and bad student, teaching quality, school progress, good and bad teacher, good and bad school. 2) Social: accreditation and certification of students 3) School organization: determines access to different grade levels 4) Control: a means to exercise authority 5) psychological projection: the concept car models and influences areas such as attitude towards study, generalized anxiety, aggravation of the conflicts, pathological features, management of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation 6) Support research on the quality of teaching, kindness in educational methods, analysis of success and failure school curriculum validity of 7) Educational: Creator of the school environment, diagnosis, identification, reinforcement learning, guidance, weighting of curriculum and professional socialization.

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