Month: February 2017

Microsoft Windows

The components of my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T60 received such estimates: Processor: 4.7 Memory: 4.5 Graphics: 4.6 Gaming Graphics: 4.0 HDD: 4.4 Since the lowest score – for the game graphics – is 4.0, the total rating system or the Windows Experience Index is 4.0 points, too. Apparently, the score is placed on the principle of "a chain is out there and tear." By the way, laptop is a very good result. On the model, of which I speak, is set Dual-Core Intel Core Duo T2500 with a frequency of the current 2 GHz, 1 gb of ram and a graphics card ati Mobility Radeon X1400 with 128 mb of ram. While the technology assessment performance of Windows is not much value, unless you're the lucky owner first-class computer system – then you will be able to boast of its assessment in front of friends, just rotated on the technologies, as you are. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. But if the assessment system will fulfill its promise of Microsoft and will be truly successful, developers of applications and games will indicate on their products the minimum value of the index performance of Windows, so buyers will be easier to understand what software is compatible with their system, and what is not. To understand how this will work, you can already look at the Games Explorer, which specifies the minimum and recommended setting the Windows Experience Index for the games installed with Windows Vista. To see performance index after installing Windows Vista, open the System Properties (right click on line "computer" in the Start menu and select "Properties"). .

Block Banner

If it so happened that you have caught an ad banner, here's a brief guide. The first thing you should do is check your computer for viruses, the utility Cureit from Dr.Web. If not help, you can try the following methods struggle with advertising banners. Others including Professor of Internet Governance, offer their opinions as well. The first method, you can download HiJeckBrowse, it will help Island only if you use IExplorerom. After installing the program, you need to start it and log into bho, then you put a tick on those applications that you are not familiar and presses a button delete, and then restart the computer. If you have a web browser Opera, then everything is easier, special programs do not, go to Tools-Settings-Advanced-content, and there disable Java. For holders of Fire fox, too, no pyrograms not required, just go to add and remove pslednie, as it most likely is a banner ad, after we restart the program.

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is one of the most effective from my point of view of the elements of the management system. So what is it? At the core of any company's goals are to which it aspires. This may be the operational management that is focussed on achieving results in the current environment. Strategic planning can be aimed at the company's survival in the long term, given the dynamic changing external environment. But in one form or another plan and purpose is in any company. The Balanced Scorecard is designed to deploy these strategic objectives top management at all levels of activities. Balanced system can be represented as a pyramid of indicators. Others including Mitchel Resnick, offer their opinions as well. If so, and do it on top of it will be financial figures or other indicators, depending on the current strategy.

Assume strategy – to earn more money, while the highest goal – profit. Strategy may be to increase market share, then the purpose is not profit but to increase market share. It is not something LEGO Papert Professor would like to discuss. The aim may be to reduce costs, loss defined number of new brands, etc. As a rule, supreme goal is determined based on the current development strategy by top management. Reaching Higher goals are always carried out after a certain influence on the market / customers, because the increase in profit can be achieved, for example, through increased customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, opening more outlets, etc. Therefore, indicators of market / customer stand for the second stage on top of the hierarchy of indicators.

In order to achieve certain indicators of satisfaction, market indicators to be achieved in certain indicators of current business processes of the Company (Production, purchasing, sales, etc.). For example, to improve customer satisfaction, we can evaluate the quality of service, provide additional services to improve the quality of services provided. The choice of performance depends on the current development strategy and the availability of various processes in the company. And, of course, lies at the heart of all staff. After all, in order to ensure that business processes planned, staff should be adequately prepared and trained. Therefore, based on a hierarchy of indicators are indicators of learning and development, such as: qualifications, number of errors committed and others. The introduction of performance takes place at all levels and in all areas of the company, so that each employee at his place knew what contribution it makes to the development of the Company. The greatest effect reached after a review of employee motivation. On personal experience I can say that after the introduction of a single company balanced scorecard and review of motivation management staff in accordance with target values of indicators, indicators for 2 months, were improved by more than 2 times. Thus, introducing a balanced system of indicators that can target the entire company and all its employees to achieve strategic objectives.

Computer Hardware Failure Manifestation

When trouble in the 'iron', diagnose and repair your computer should start by identifying a faulty component. The easiest and most reliable way to identify the faulty unit – replacement of "suspect" at work analogue. If the problem persists – it is so defective that component. Below are listed as major faults occur devices in the computer. CPU. As is known, the processor starts work from the very start of the boot BIOS. For this reason, when leaving him out of action, the computer will most likely not be able to load the operating system.

Manifestation of the failure can be very different – even to complete inoperable computers. Motherboard. Fails quite often. Normal functioning of the board can prevent rupture or defective tracks kondeksator (apparently it can manifest itself in swelling Corps kondeksatora). Memory. Serious faults manifest themselves already at boot time (BIOS can often indicate that the cause of the fault is in memory).

Less serious may occur at any time – all programs use RAM, and either party may apply to the failed plot. Problems with the chipset are determined at boot BIOS. Specific types of signal can determine which which device caused the problem. Read more here: Petra Diamonds. At fault input-output controllers refused to work peripherals. For example, PS / 2 or COM can be damaged by 'hot' connecting / disconnecting the device. Faulty video card comes with video output. Picture a heavily distorted or completely absent. As one of the options – no video, bios beeps with reports of malfunction card. When errors in the BIOS, problems arise at the initial boot phase. If a failure occurs after a phase of self – a message appears on the possible cause. A hard disk malfunction may occur differently. Hardware problems are the inability to correctly identify the device. If the damage the magnetic layer, a so called "bad sectors". Up to a certain number of these sectors easily identified and replaced with 'spare'. When replacement is no longer possible – the problem starts. Since failure occurs when the circulation to the faulty sector – it can happen at any time and for any program. Power supply too often fails. Petra Diamonds has plenty of information regarding this issue. Can contribute to power surges, the addition of new equipment (power consumption can reach the level at which it is not designed). One version of manifestation – computer does not respond to pressing the power button. It should be noted another type of failure – overheating of any component. Physically, all the electronics and software in the norm. When you reach a certain temperature – the component is no longer function properly. The problem with overheating can occur in a processor or video card, and most often occurs during system startup.

Quality Management

Preparation procedures for the certification, consulting, certification itself directly rather laborious and complex and take more than one day. Some important points on which would like to discuss and recommend to take into account the organizations who decide to get certificate of quality management system. Others including Mitchel Resnick, offer their opinions as well. First of all, be sure to pay attention to what the certification system you will be asked to carry out certification and issuance of certificate – the most respected and recognition of outstanding Certificates – are certificates issued by a national certification system Russia gost R Certificate How to get – domestic or international? gost R iso 9001-2001 is identical international ISO: 9001, and if you are not required your clients a certificate of international standard – safely, please contact the domestic certification bodies – is, first of all, cheaper, and secondly the requirements for participation in tenders, etc. in rf usually provide just such a certificate. Develop a quality management system itself or to resort to using external consultants? Believe in the word – to do absolutely all the requirements of iso 9001 should be considerable experience in this area, and only people involved in it all the time and professionally, can create in your company is really running the quality system. The cost of certification. Compared with cost of certification of certification more expensive at times. The fact that the procedure of certification involves a laborious three-dimensional work that lasts more than a day or two and touches the very foundations of enterprise – which is why the cost of certification bodies are so high.

Returning to the coming accession of the Russian Federation to the wto, it is necessary to reiterate that the value certificate of conformity to iso 9000 standards in Russia in connection with this event increases many times because the presence of iso 9000 certificate in the whole world is considered a standard business practice. smc – that person organization, this image of its manager. Voluntary certification according to iso, the need for some financial costs of bringing the existing qms in the organization into line with international standards, definitions of quality as One of the main indicators of business success – all this testifies to the desire of the company and its leadership be at the forefront of current policy and meet the modern requirements for companies to international level. Quality management system now – not a craze, and recognized need, a new tool of management of the organization in the hands of modern literate head and the tool objectively necessary.

Smart Grid

This report represents the first Russian-speaking market research Smart Grid (SMART Grid). Today in Russia there is a big investment interest in the concept of smart Grid, but there is no clear understanding of what it consists of elements which affect the levels of energy, what is characterized by investments and what are the indicators of their effectiveness. For this reason, the present study were as follows Objectives: – classification and market segmentation smart Grid; – the study of foreign experience in implementation of Smart Grid – the current status of the Russian energy levels, which include elements of the smart Grid. In study under the smart Grid understood as a set of technologies that have the following features: – refers to the level of transmission and distribution networks, or the level of consumer (private, commercial, industrial consumers) – is a software-hardware solution, which is machine via communication information is transmitted to a control system that implements one or more functions (monitoring, management, billing, etc.) Thus, the intellectual power system or any of its finished element comprises two subsystems: subsystem of electricity transmission, which is traditional for any power system, and subsystem information exchange. That exchange of information in real time allows you to quickly and flexibly manage supply and demand in the grid, to avoid serious fluctuations characteristics of the network to integrate network of generation facilities from renewable energy sources and produce into account energy consumption. smart Grid technologies ensure compliance with electricity production and energy consumption by optimizing the management grid, including in cases of emergency shutdowns ('blackout', blackout).

Choosing Gifts

As a child, it was easy: everything was done with his hands under the strict guidance of a teacher in a kindergarten. On March 8 drew mom, February 23 – Pope. In the new year – dad, mom and Santa Claus. Hand-made is still in vogue, but if Mom and Dad really be touched in such crafts and even found similarities, it is now, if you are not a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, or at least group "Funny Brush", then your creativity may not appreciate. Yes, and those who need to give gifts, was substantially greater: all colors are not enough. Go to classmates and childhood friends added their young men and husbands. A gift to man – is generally a problem. The more so because their own favorite, too, waiting for something unusual, practical and romantic at the same time.

Then added to the list: it is necessary to make gifts to children of friends, colleagues souvenirs, nice we launched our business partners. And this year threatens me more choice and New Year's gift-in-law. And how, one wonders, to experience all this pre-holiday rush? Especially if a kid could spend hours drawing, sculpting and gluing, it is now to buy expensive gifts to all the people remain, As a rule, only one weekend. And spend the whole day, being pushed in the souvenir shops, where the eyes get when looking at the shelves with scented candles and red and white mice, but could not choose – it is very very cheerless prospect. And want something original, beautiful and stylish creative. And to not have to run around town looking for ideas! Desperate, I decided to do was to escape on New Year's somewhere in the wilderness – a holiday completely come out without me. But then a friend of mine advised me to see sites online gift shops.

Choice, in general, remained. Turn on the computer, typed in the search engines' factory gifts "that really if you find something that any large-scale, all at once there was. Introduced and found! On an excellent site I saw a list of articles and columns for all occasions: gift lover gift mom gift dad gift to an employee gift for the boss, and – oh joy – a gift-in-law! Having read smart tips start to survey directory. It was very convenient to view products by price groups – helped not to lose your head from an excess of the range and more or less correctly assess their financial capabilities. Gifts were found for all. When registered to place an order, a little worried on account of payment and delivery: in electronic payments, I do not very friendly, and I would like to first see the "chairs", and then give away "money." It turns out this is possible. The next day a courier came to me with a sack full of fun gift items – just the real Santa Claus. And at this point I like in my childhood believed in the New Year's fairy tale. And ran rustle of wrapping paper. After all, holiday is so soon!

Corian Kitchen

A few words about the prestige of the artificial (acrylic) stone compared to the natural. There is a preconceived opinion, reinforced by prejudice to the word "artificial" that the stone refers to materials and more prestigious group than Corian (Corian), Montelli (Montelli), Staron (Staron) and other brands. In part, this view is reinforced by the fact that if the previously artificial stone was unavailable for middle-income consumers, but now many companies – manufacturers of kitchen worktops and interiors, ready to provide its customers with products from Corian at a reasonable price and excellent quality. Nevertheless, it is necessary to shed light on a number of irrefutable facts to be sure – Corian (Acrylic stone) is really not only not lost prestige, but more than that – got it. The value of natural stone for the most part gives only the fact of its natural origin. In some cases, natural Stone is a bit more expensive than artificial.

Now for the artificial (acrylic) stone The cost of corian, on average an order of magnitude higher than that of the same granite or marble, because for natural stone not needed to make the purchase all variety of chemical constituents. Others including Mitchel Resnick, offer their opinions as well. To get a natural stone, it is enough to get and sawing, while the technology of Corian – a complicated and expensive process. Also do not forget that getting out of Corian countertop, you get the same physical characteristics as in the case of natural stone, and in addition: high hygienic surface aesthetics of the kitchen (otstutstvie seams on a countertop), environmental (in corian no radioactivity), the ability to embed the sink into the surface. Another key point is extremely important in everyday life – artificial stone is easily repaired and restored to initial state, which is not the kind. The last thing that should be mentioned separately, it features Corian in terms of design.

If before you there was a question of prestige, it is only from Corian can be done really amazing solutions in the interior, which one of its kind will emphasize your superior taste and style. Needless to say, it makes no sense to speak about the prestige, if the kitchen design project in advance not accounted for all Key benefits of Corian (Corian), or any other artificial stone. That is, if it is a rectangular table top without integrated sink – is another question. Here the advantages of Corian only in hygiene, the absence of seams, easy repair and the absence of radiation. And another question, if you're willing to consider any non-standard solutions, for example smooth, futuristic shapes, radii, integrated sink, rounded elements, etc. Only from Corian countertop can be made or any other element of design that is ideal for you. Of course proverb says "every man to his own taste, but the fact remains, if the question is" what prestigious? "the answer suggests itself – an artificial stone.

Advertising Information

Why is Russia in the field of outdoor advertising are hardly used new information technologies? "On the one hand, my question seems to be incorrect. Professional outdoor advertising market could lead to dozens of examples of implementation of automated lines, large format printing, pixel-typesetting machines and t.d.A sometimes even being introduced indoor advertising system based on consumer lcd televisions that are not intended and do not provide constant round the clock work. But even so! Streets and highways of Russian cities are made to blunt banner konstruktsiyami. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. couple of years in the advertising world does not cease talking about the application of digital signage network in the advertising industry, but further talks it never comes You can refer to a crisis and no real working technology and hardware About a year one of the companies in our group cooperates with Korean manufacturer Vitze (Models Display Vitze) all the required elements digital signage network. Experience of cooperation is not for sale information displays, servers and software, and comprehensive integration of the components of digital advertising network, depending on the size of the project. Summarized the essence of the system, just for the sake of understanding. Without hesitation Futurist explained all about the problem. At various points in the city on streets or in places (though in different parts of the world) are established professional information display with built-in computer on which the network (WAN / WI-MAX/GPRS/CDMA/3G) loaded advertisement content and playlists. For the separation of advertising resource network among advertising agencies, monitoring and control of the operator receives crm server. .

Latin American Value

In the case of shareholders, the company is one of the largest national and international corporations in the promotion, development and management of renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, logistics and transport, and urban and environmental services. The company is present in 20 countries on five continents and employs more than 30,000 professionals. The company has five major divisions that focus on the features discussed. The global diversification of its operations and activities is undoubtedly an element of courage to think that the company can balance their risks, and since it operates in areas of great development, although they have been affected by the crisis, without a doubt are activities that can provide an interesting return to the company. Repsol, whose book value of each share is at 16.42 euros, not until yesterday did its market value to exceed the book value to reach 16.57 euros, although the ratio between market value and book value of course is almost 1 (the ratio as of yesterday was 1.00914). Do not have Repsol, a company which last month announced two major discoveries in Latin America a Otra good for Repsol , sufficient for benefit to the value of their shares is located at least above a few euros? I understand it, especially since the future trend in the price of a barrel of oil in the medium term.

Are they reflecting the market value of the shares of these companies really worth or what we are dealing with offers of opportunity? Personally I favor the second alternative. Probably has to do a detailed analysis of the companies but the immediate impression is that their market values should be well above their current contributions. In fact, this stock is now listed between 35% and 65% below the values observed by 2007. is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.

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