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Avatar Runes

Runic is a game entirely in Spanish and free. It’s game system is a mix of role-playing and multiplayer strategy game. It is based on the fantastic medieval and contains also many elements extracted from the literature of Tolkien. Emphasize that it is compatible for both Windows and Linux. The game currently is in beta, but is more active that never, evolving week by week, perfecting and causing thousands of people to enjoy without limit of this Spanish quality mmorpg. Registration, as we have said before, is free, and will allow you to have an account with which you can create the character (you can create up to 6).

In the game your character will face others using runes. The gameplay is turn-based, and each turn consists of several phases. To win the opponent, just need a good strategy and a good runes in agreement with it. You’ll face on individual challenges where each player will use your Avatar and your runes for defeating the opponent. Whenever your character faces and win others players will be gaining experience that will enhance their own skills and their runes in addition to gold to buy new runes.

The game consists of a market of runes, to sell independently and in way to short and long term, or barter, exchanges and sales can also be made to specific players. Hundreds of runes will be at your fingertips. Rune face with your level, its features, there are various types, creatures, magical objects, powers, creatures objects and special powers and I am short. There are muuuchisimas, each with different characteristics, creating an atmosphere varied when it comes to combat, with many possible combinations with a single goal: defeat your opponent. It also has a Chat room, where we fortified animatedly with the other players, you have private conversations, sending challenges, tournaments often character can choose a profession from 6, to customize your player and acquire special runes according to your profession, to which You can improve and customize them with skills for the runes. All so that you can define your own strategy that more than match with you, so victory will be closest. You participate in tournaments, you can join a clan, Ascend, decide on its operation or to form your own. You will have runes for buy, sell or trade with other players. In addition to level and experience than getting iras you will have a reputation you need to maintain. You can move around the different regions in search of new opponents, tournaments, clans or runes exclusive and inaccessible to become invincible. All this and much more is RUNICA. The game download, installation and discharge of a character is completely free. The game is really quite addictive. You only need Internet connection to begin play and discover everything it offers you RUNICA. It is worth. Official website of RUNICA: greetings to all, BlindUruk. Original author and source of the article.

Apache HTTP

I will show how you can create easily for a local Web server – localhost – Sudomains. I will show how you can create easily for a local Web server – localhost – Sudomains. Apache Web server (for example, XAMPP) text editor (Notepad, Notepad ++ or similar) administrator the Web server do not start! We open the file httpd.conf with the text editor. Right, you will find a list of the default path to this file are specified in the. This can vary depending on the configuration of the system if, for example, a system of XAMPP on Linux is used. The settings in the configuration file may also differ. # This is the main Apache HTTP server configuration file. It contains the # configuration directives that give the server its instructions.

# See for detailed information. # In particular, see # for a discussion of each configuration directive. # Do NOT simply read the instructions understanding in here without # what they do they’re here only as hints or reminders. If you are our # consult the online docs. You have been

Second Life

The site with the help of several residents of Second Life is made translation rules Second Life – Terms of Service (TOS). Translation is available in three pages, where a table is given an English version of TOS and the Russian translation. These rules are binding on all residents of Second Life, and without making them part of the game is not possible. Short excerpts from the translation are presented below. Welcome to Second Life! Following adoption of the 'agreement' or 'Terms', which describes the terms on which Linden Research, Inc ( 'Linden Lab') offers access to its services.

This offer is subject to your agreement to all terms and conditions contained in these Terms of Service, including your compliance with the policies and terms. Using Second Life, you agree to the Terms of Service. If you do not agree, you should abandon the agreement, in which case you are denied access or use of Second Life. Linden Lab may amend this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion, changes are effective upon posting the modified Agreement on the domain or subdomains of which were posted earlier versions of this Agreement, or the changes notified in writing contact method, which is set with you. 1.4 'Currency' Second Life limited license to purchase or free distribution at Linden Lab in its sole discretion, and not redeemed for cash value from Linden Lab. You acknowledge that the Service in now includes a component in the world in the form of a fictional currency ("Currency" or 'Linden Dollars' or 'L $'), which is a licensed feature of the right to use our product, as in the case of Linden Lab.


The service provider is then tasked to scan the different documents again and again at different intervals in the digital archive. You make exactly the digitisation work. The provider starts with the digitization of existing documents in the company. For the old files are passed and the correspondence is exchanged regularly with the service provider. Then, it creates a plan for the digital archive of documents. Rather than even scanning to deal, exchanged the analog documents on a regular basis with the service provider.

The exact sizes of archives at the digitisation lays down here already. So that the quality of the documents not harmed, the provider should of course set on a corresponding scale. He has powerful scanner for capturing data. After collected the appropriate data in the digital realm. If the customer now on the search for a specific document – such as a Bill, an offer or an outdated Act of the customer – is, can he make the search in the archive. Where is the classical document search on the computer available. Are the days where you had to root files to find an old but important document, thus passing.

The Scanservice creates but still quite new possibilities for the company. From the simple Scanservice digital company, the digitization of the documents in the own company is usually only the first step. Who has recognized the many benefits of modern archives for analog letters, invoices and quotes, can deal with the additions for these techniques. So that further increases the quality of the work in the Office, we should deal with, for example, the programmes related to the digital accounting. Also in modern times, many companies are still on the analog solution. The invoices are normally processed in the Inbox and then analysed in the accounting, and entered into the data. If now the IRS comes, the company must make available all of the documents and make sure that no error at the training of data into the digital form of accounts was made. With a Scanservice, also such things can change. There are many providers that offer a software, with which the content of for accounting for the tax inspector in simplified form are represented. The service provider for the scanning of documents is not only responsible to distribute the paper from his own Office, but also the basis for successful work in the digital world. At the present time, certain elements can be even compulsory. The tax offices of the companies require that complete data for the accounting in digital form will be made available. New principles for working with digital projects are created with only a change in strategy at your own company. The external service provider must be selected for this course well and should be based on the exchange of be the corresponding documents in the local vicinity. At the end, you get many interesting services that you can pay tribute to the digitisation and significantly increase the efficiency of the company. This worth the price – at the end she will loom won time in the profit.

Solar Thermal Systems

How come still on a promotion of solar thermal systems. The market incentive program for renewable energies was discontinued. What now? Without a doubt, the promotion of solar thermal systems was a good investment. But in times of scarce funds the Federal Government wanted to provide more no funds. And while the environmental conserving? but now without government support. This means that the BAFA processes any new applications since May 4 and grants no allowances for investment. Many homeowners are wondering whether a conversion to solar energy is still worthwhile.

The answer is clearly yes. Because there is still support for solar thermal systems. The chimney world company from Gelsenkirchen continues to be a promotion way homeowners. A strategy was developed in consultation with various manufacturers, this homeowners allows to compensate the State subsidies and still so much money. Interested homeowners can free of charge by phone at 0209 /. 95 68 0-840 or inform on site in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on the promotion. So a quick information can be obtained the following information should be kept ready. House size in QM number of persons in the household of ceiling height in the basement flat roof or gable roof on the basis of this information the necessary procurement, cost and promotions specialists are calculated.

Canon PowerShot

So that the ideal size of the display in 2009 will equal 2.7 '- 3.0'. Optical stabilization became mandatory function last year and this year will strengthen its position in all segments of the amateur cameras. Also, almost all cameras will be used dual stabilization – a combination of optical and digital. Optical magnification (zoom or zoom) lets you zoom in far away from you and make a better picture. To date, almost all cameras are equipped with optical zoom, the most inexpensive models, he is threefold increase in focal length, some amateur models he reaches 12. Many manufacturers also has a function of the digital zoom, ie increase due to the mathematical treatment (Approximation), but be aware that when you use it unambiguously deteriorates the image quality. In our opinion this year, most claimed to be the camera with a 10 – 12 times optical zoom camera with a zoom of 3 to 10-s also worthy of your attention, but to a lesser extent and caused it to be more cost-savings.

Please note that many manufacturers this year announce a camera for an active holiday or a camera strength. The active recreation can not only be on the hot beach, but in winter the ski resort. They are water resistant, Shock proof and dust-protected, they can withstand cold and heat and managed to by claps and taps on the body. And if the past for the camera with these characteristics come up with a special cover, now the design is absolutely not hurt and the camera looks as stylish as usual and without additional features. Of the novelties of this format, we note 12.1-megapixel Canon PowerShot D10 and the Olympus TOUGH-8000 and 10 megapixel Olympus TOUGH-6000. Technologies that are already entrenched in digital cameras, such as searching on the face or smile detection should be promoted. For example, a function of delayed image, when a person can set up the camera, press the button and go quietly into the shot, the camera can wait and when to detect the face in the frame will picture. There will be a function of the group photo, the camera will determine not only one person, it helps to make higher-quality picture with a large number of people in the frame. Most likely, the standard will be the mode of recognition scene, ie the camera itself will analyze the space frame, taking into account the brightness and contrast of the object, focusing distance and the background, and then will select the optimal settings the picture. Also, cameras will to support more formats, including support for recording high-definition video (720p) and the presence hdmi output for viewing on your tv directly from the camera.

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