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Social Networks Have Opened The Doors To Better Education

I would point out to what extent the rise of social networking has led or assisted in our Mexico to encourage the education of our students, it is interesting to know other teachers in educational experiences that have already started, for that social networks have opened the exchange of didactic classroom activities and school. Considering the current situation of Mexico in the first decade of the twenty-first century information technology and communication have an important role in basic education in primary and secondary levels, these elements have become relevant and necessary for progress in education. These are particular tools that help students and people engaged in education to develop competencies and skills. Social networks have enormous potential that can be deployed to the extent that access to intimate knowledge of their structure and function. (A valuable related resource: LEGO Papert Professor). It gives you the resources needed to learn in a practical and educational use the same tools used by school pupils primary and secondary. We offer the opportunity to learn to use technological resources to support your learners to communicate in various ways and learn visually and hearing. In 2009 I saw as a coordinator of the courses used to promote exchanges between students, ideas, concepts, reviews, images, audio and video, as well as interact directly with only give your page, views arguing in forums creating groups for dosing information for the contents of the course, with very good results.

I think in Mexico are doing different things with the management of technology worth it, move it to our classrooms and students is committed to us, on a par with that education authorities turn toward this type of tool and stop brood the issue of equipping classrooms in primary and secondary schools, join or login to share experiences with your fellow teachers, a social network encourages the exchange of planning with creative activities. Until this moment, educational social networks has given a lot to the professional level, which seems a long way since the exchange through networks encourages the constant improvement of teaching in terms of information technology and communication is concerned. We must also note that many of the teachers hardly use email to exchange information with students, think of a social network for the exchange, the teacher will also need to undertake to promote alternative ways of experience education. Actually, my experience in social networks is very satisfying when done as a novelty, but if there is commitment and full attention is a resounding failure and that failure to answer a question from a member becomes the complete abandonment of the exchange activities. It is vital that teachers are the main drivers of these tools as educational support, otherwise what would be the educational momentum? We are in times where learning is free, we all share opinions, interests, problems, solutions, and I think we all have something to tell about our teaching experiences, if all the teachers knew for a fact that with the use of social networks and their wealth would be more appropriate dissemination of learning, teaching and content, but few people engaged in education that offer educational content through social networks. We are living with these technologies advances in education and therefore especially in Mexico and Latin America. Indeed social networks as sources of information are available to all, but despite being held a bicentennial of our independence, and progress in education, we have not achieved a culture on their use and educational benefit.

Gran Caracas

While both, the country suffers to the sacrifice of blackouts of uncertain duration (except the Gran Caracas for now), makeshift schedules for suspension, irreparable damage to electrical appliances, stoppage of other services (health, education, telecommunications, etc.) and human losses generated by the negligence of the State. Faced with this reality, noted as the Government revolutionary, fully identified with the socialism of the 21st century, has neglected services public, and this evidence in very serious for the country and even for the same Government, leaving much saying improvisation, absence of programs, well integrated plans that involve that it never be of. There is no doubt, that only this service which is determinant in the living economy of the country of passage to protests, discontent that the Government should face and may even lead to serious problems, so this involves. Dr.Aturo Navarro e.g. Futurist may not feel the same. to this evidence manifesta in your digital magazine of than not It is believable that being told to the population by means of mass communication, the only reason why there is need to ration electricity is by the severity of the summer that has taken the country. Already told someone, that there has been no better excuse for politicians, and especially for Latin Americans, blaming the nino on disasters and environmental situations that have been occurring on different continents.It has been argued that part of the problem was caused by large companies and shopping malls that despilfarraban energy, but has also been said that the situation is due in part to the excessive consumption of the rich who have swimming pools, wash their cars compulsively and have a TV in every room. However, is not accepted the responsibility of drivers the public thing by responsibility offer little or no quality to citizenship.One wonders, but how it is possible that with more than 10 years ruling and having the amount of resources that have been handled? do the relevant estimates taken?. .

Carrying Out Facade Work

To date have a lot of material for the cladding of the facade of the building. However, before the facade work is necessary to make a number of meroyapriyaty aimed at preparing the face of the facade, front facings. For example, if the work must be carried out on facing the winter, then it will not prevent the roof from snow clearing and snow removal from brick fasada.Oblitsovochny brick facade is widely used in the works, but for the cladding use a special brick, which is usually within a cavity that needed to increase insulation. In addition, the face brick is different beautiful appearance and high heat resistance. This kind of building material has a great diversity of colors and textures.

Processing methods and different chemical components can make a brick of useful properties, such as water resistance, strength and resistance to temperature extremes. In general, a brick – one of the most versatile materials in the panel . Combined material that combines the strength of concrete and functionality. In as a fibrous base can be used asbestos, and various synthetic fibers. The most widely used such panels in the installation of ventilated facades type. For cement-fiber panels because of their strength does not require application of additional coatings, but usually they are painted on the basis of aesthetic appearance. Apply this type of material can be for facade work on the newly constructed building and restavriruemom.Kassety metal material is a relatively small size of the panel, made of sheet metal. Front cartridges are easy to use when installing a ventilated facade, easy to install and require little maintenance. In the event of damage to a single element of design it is very easy to replace without affecting the others. Abroad facade systems using tapes distributed very widely, especially in construction and restoration of the administrative zdaniy.Fasadnaya paint is the most economical solution in the front works as a facade to give the aesthetic enough to prepare the surface and produce staining.

Javier Flores

There is little interrelationship between the same universities, University networks that favor defining professional profiles that will benefit the country according to the specialty, career that is offered, not each universities who have profiles that leave a lot to say and show their great weaknesses giving passage to a misperception in the participants themselves, who do not know really what is the profile that most suits you. Should be left to emerge the new knowledge that will ensure progress the University authorities must fight because obscurantism is not revealed, consider for example what was expressed by Javier Flores, that knowledge is irrelevant to modern obscurantism what really matters is the form in which it is expressed. It’s a monstrous confusion. Follow others, such as Mitchel Resnick, and add to your knowledge base. Obscurantism argues that knowledge, or dressed a certain clothing or it is not knowledge, it aims to standardize. To create specific rules according to which knowledge must be created there is no room for anything else. Sets a power that dictates the rules that must be followed by all, establishing a police force that monitors that rules are met and punishes those who refuse to obey them. In a quiet but efficient way, this black spot is intended to override one of the greatest achievements: having a University in which the freedom of intellectual creation is the norm, to convert it into a closed and stifling medieval coto. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The rules for the creation of new knowledge are, in part, imported from outside. University autonomy has lost ground against the impositions of political power. But Sin neoliberal for example could not have been consummated had not existed a fertile ground that welcome it. For external power, it is important that an economic policy is fulfilled promptly and that the University not from problems. For obscurantism, that power only started, it meant the great opportunity to consummate the homogenization of the talents, to impose its laws and its discipline. To seize the University.

Today said Flores, referring to the Autonomous University of Mexico an obscurantist theology has taken over national University, but not for long. A University that is faithful to its principles, to knowledge, to freedom of creation, will have to be imposed. Shall pass over more backward in science, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge. That depends on your future and part of our country.

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