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American Convention

Feminicidio in Jurez City is a problem that not solved by the authorities, in mass media is spoken very from time to time and therefore the population does not find out that every day they continue violating and assassinating women. The cause of which these murders in the state of Chihuahua occur, is because Jurez City is an border city with much population, great part of this population conforms the immigrants who are United deportees or that want to cross to State; some people who arrive at the city are delinquent and if they are not it, they look for the easy money entering the organized crime Everything arose from the first victim found, that it was the young Soul Chavira Farel, in January of 1993; since then the numbers of women and children victims of tortures, violations and murders have increased. The ages of the victims go from the 10 to the 35 years, the women who tend to be attacked are those that works in the assembly plants. These women have an enormous risk, since when changing of roll they are more exposed these attacks. The schedules of the maquilas are very heavy and finish until high times of the night, therefore, there is no transport service and must walk.

Several ONGs, as well as other countries have asked the Mexican government who finds the guilty of these crimes and are judged. The government of Jurez City has been incompetent, as well as the Mexican State when not putting a stop to the feminicidios and leaving these crimes unpunished, the Inter-American Court of Human rights made the decision to judge Mexico for the first time, after the denunciation that three women realised before the Inter-American Commission of Human rights (CIDH) to not to have obtained an answer of the government, before the death of his daughters in the 2001. In the 2007 CIDH acceptance that yes was violation to the life, personal integrity and the judicial guarantees; thus the government violates the American Convention on Human rights and the Belem Convention do For, in which the obligation of the State in the protection of the woman settles down. Therefore the government was judged the past days of April in Chile, the Court listened to the presumed victims and its defenders, as well as representatives of the State. In this hearing, the relatives of the victims said to feel fear to retaliation by their declarations. One of the women is put in a home in the United States from 2006 had the harassments. The general solicitor of Justice of the State of Chihuahua, Patricia Gonzlez, recognized the existence of irregularities in first stage of the investigation, between 2001 and 2004.

The solicitor enumerated a series of institutional, legislative and judicial advances registered so much in Chihuahua as in the rest of the country in the last years and assured that the case ” Algodonero” field; it will be solved soon. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say. In its resolution, the Court will have to be pronounced on the request of ” exception preliminar” presented/displayed by the Mexican State; the parts of the case have term until the 1 of June to make arrive in writing at the Court the final pleas of the case. Due to this one hopes that the failure is known in the second semester this year. Until then Jurez City it will continue being a city of anybody, where all world does what wants with an incompetent government.

Traffic Inspector

On the one hand, this program works as a tool for compressing the received data (similar to previous programs). On the other hand – works as a proxy and . This means that the program blocks annoying banners and advertisements, and caching of pages, images, and DNS-queries reduces not only the traffic but also time. In addition to these tasks, the program provides a record of money and traffic for a month and a day, keeps statistics on the days and months, the division provides access to different computers on the network. If an organization has access through an additional server is spam, you must focus on programs that help save traffic by other means. What tasks should deal with such programs? Reduce traffic by caching data, images, and files. Reduce incoming traffic when viewing Web pages by blocking banners, pop-ups.

Reduce traffic by banning downloading multimedia files, or files whose size exceeds a certain value. Eliot Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here. Reduce traffic by banning access to sites with the same theme. Reduce traffic by limiting the speed of access to time for users. Keep records and billing of traffic as a whole and for individual users. And beyond that – to protect from intruders, from viruses and spam from other malicious programs. Such requirements are met programs intended to organize a unified access to the Internet from the lan, and simultaneously address issues related to the distribution of access rights to resources and files, the speed limit, a ban on downloading advertising banners and pop-ups that provide caching downloaded information for re-use of local storage. Typically, this integrated solution, providing multi-level savings. Among these solutions is worth noting Traffic Inspector, except that the detailed accounting and ad-blocking sites has also individually controlled filtering and caching.

Private management is so efficiently, the savings can be up to 35% of the total traffic. Mail Gateway provides additional cost savings by blocking spam without downloading messages, and the program has a system of timely blocking users with increased network activity, because we all know how much traffic can pump up the virus. By the way, to program against viruses Traffic Inspector, you can connect additional modules from Kaspersky and Panda. How to save traffic, you decide, whether the data is confidential and whether or not to trust them forward through the server, or implement a comprehensive savings in itself, and can be used both ways. Conclusion still is one – saving is possible and necessary, because the Internet shrinking budgets and a previously available traffic in these circumstances may not be enough.

The Floor

It’s like when we feel a picket of any insect in the arm and instinctively tried to remove it from above. An inclination with great significance to achieve this necessary change we can begin with the least, to give more love. A way to transmit this love of the land is adopting positions that we see in some religions, like lean with the palms of the hands and the head toward the floor. This, although it is interpreted as veneration to a God, really more than that. The root of that position is adopted to start the day is the greet and give love to mother earth, is to give affection and thanks for being there. Doing this inclination that succeed is that channels so important that we have on the floor of his hands and forehead, come into contact with the planet, not with what there is on the surface, as their coats, but with the energy of the Earth, with his heart. Simply by doing this, we will open our channels to receive the energy that the Earth sends us, it is the kind of love that only a mother can give to a child. Us to receive it we will have the security that everything we do that day will be imbued with that beautiful feeling.

If we pray or meditate after having greeted the Earth, we do so at a higher level and with a conjugation closest to this planet, which will also help you. In addition, we will immediately notice its effect even our dreams will be clearer and we will remember the meetings we have with our Angels and masters. With this greeting re-enable our energy, which is necessary so that returning the astral level to the physical, we have what is necessary to bind the two feelings. If only our physical body is nourished by food, won’t have the precise energy to find out what makes the astral body.

Corn Flakes

Blond, to which you are invited an intellectual Professor of philology and anthropology? He is fluent in five foreign languages? And the best gift for her – a book? Then choose the volume of poems or sayings, memoir or encyclopedia, maybe the book in its original language? All this will help break another stereotype: the "Library to them. Lenin. In the reading room of silence, Ph.D., professor of writing the dissertation. Eliot Horowitz gathered all the information. Here in the hall comes to a cute blonde, goes to the librarian and says: – Give me some hamburger, fries and cola! Librarian (in shock) in a low voice: – Girl! This is also the library! A girl in a whisper: – Oh, sorry, hamburger, fries and cola "You can, of course, be accompanied by a book and a bottle of Coke, saying that the burgers over There is one stereotype that you can destroy it. Thus, the stereotype of number 5: "- What does a blonde, sitting down at my computer? – Cries, because he sees a mouse! "Giving can all – from tricked out computer accessories to him.

For example, there premilenkie rosy keyboard on the box which reads "for blondes, mouse pink with rhinestones, pink headphones decorated with thousands of crystals. And what you are looking for a gift for Blondes – pink laptop? Many manufacturers have long produced their laptops all the possible shades of pink. But now a barrel of tar (jokes about blondes), and find one drop of honey. "Two blondes were sitting, discussing nuclear physics, suddenly one another said: – Silence! Let's talk about my gear, guys go "You now know for sure that jokes about blondes solid fudge? And they just cleverly disguised? Then u will be able to figure out how to break the stereotype of the blonde this story and that it give: "The blonde call a friend: – Listen, come and help me. I have a monster of a puzzle, and I can not figure out how to get started. – And what you must get a result? – Interests of others. – Well, judging by picture on the box – it's a tiger – is responsible blonde.

A friend decides to come and help her. She admits it and carries to the table where everything is already laid out the pieces of the puzzle. He studies the pieces for a few seconds, then looks at the box then turns to her and said: – First, no matter what we do, but we can not collect from these pieces of anything resembling a tiger. Secondly, I advise you to relax – let's have coffee and then we remove all these Corn Flakes back in the box. " Go ahead, let your imagination tells you. And yet, choosing a gift, remember that not all blondes – Blondes really are. Some – just blond hair!

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