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By That We Do Not Prepare For The Mas Alla

You could say that the soul is the same after death and however is a strange to itself, because as human beings do not actually know ourselves, we have not i.e. recognized us. But this is ultimately an issue of our time, because people simply live mostly in an inertia that passes the days without acknowledging us in them. We talked and talked, think and think, Act and Act and little wonder what is actually behind our words, after our thoughts and after the way we behave. Does not usually happen often that we tend to disguise and cover negative that there is in us with words and beautiful works to be resentful or jealous? However everything we cover we recorded in the soul and this recording is what brings our soul to the hereafter called afterlife. Yes this have not analyzed and questioned with sincerity during life, after death will be strangers to ourselves.

We’ll be outsiders of ourselves in the intermediate areas in which the soul wants to advance to return to its spiritual origin, the divine eternal home. And in this state it is not easy to find that path. What we actually get more there? What we’ve impregnated into our soul. And precisely that permeates us, thats the decisive factor for each of us. I.e., that everything that we really were as a human being, not in appearance but in reality our intentions and backgrounds, thats what really permeates the soul, because everything is energy, and so are our sensations, thoughts and real intentions.

In physics we know that no energy is lost, nor the content of our thoughts, feelings, words and works, i.e., our behavior is recorded energetically. On the one hand on our conscious, i.e. in our ability to consciously remember the events of the day, on the other hand, also in our subconscious, escaping direct access of the intellect and thirdly, and this is especially important, these energies are also recorded in the so-called soul particles, you can imagine them us as the cells of a honeycomb from a hive. If there is a real certainty in life, it is that each of us will die one day, therefore it is worth preparing to spend more than having taken advantage of life, because only real death, even in life, is that darkness of the soul that barely holds of God, of Christ, and above all of the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus de Nazareth, and if having done as much only talked of it, but has hardly put them into practice. Original author and source of the article.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant because it cures any ailment, both external as internally, and in variety of States: liquid, balm, lotion, etc. Always there is treatment with Aloe Vera. For a long time people found in this plant a remedy that cured their evils in the most natural way. However was not recognized until recently by those who do not gave the recognition he deserved. It is a green plant belonging to the family of the lily, which is considered and is called miraculous by the thousands of applications related to health that you are given. Looking above many of which has miraculous properties, we can find out what the reality of this green plant.

Inside the plant has a gel that has the so-called polysaccharides mucilaginous, necessary for our body. On the skin, these polysaccharides help to the rejuvenation of the cells. If taken orally, these sugars long chain help to cure many ailments of the stomach. Aloe gel is composed of vitamins and very important minerals for our organism, such as vitamin and calcium. The gel also acts as an antiviral on infections caused by fungi and used as a balm. If ingested, it can aid in digestion since it also contains enzymes.

Due to the amount of substances containing the plant, there are who even advised to take a piece of Aloe every day. This will help in the digestive functions. But there are those who point out that sufficient data there is not to recognize this work, although they support the beneficial value of the plant. What was formerly used for medicinal purposes such as gel, was the lifeblood of the inner lining of the leaves. What is most searched stores currently is aqueous gel from the plant. For stomach, such as for example constipation problems, used resin yellow latex, which cleaned intestines and helping them work better. However, many do not advise it for being its use associated with painful abdominal cramps. Although most people recognize the qualities that has Aloe Vera and countless medicinal uses, many still do not pay the importance it deserves in the field of healing and that is not a strong component that can replace modern medicine. However, contemplating their components, their properties, the amount of diseases that can be cured, it is difficult not to believe in his miracles.

Door Handles

Decorative appeal and functionality – it's the most important criteria when you choose the door handles. Presented at the Russian market the wide range of pens from different manufacturers can choose handles the necessary forms (ergonomically adapted to the forms and movements of hands), the desired colors and materials. Depending on the destination can distinguish the following handles: door handles for doors houses, door handles to doors of apartments, door handles for interior doors, door handles for the toilets, door handles special purpose (for emergency exits, fire doors, etc.). For entrance doors provided with special options, steel, protective pads that prevent knocking and breaking the cylinder. Door handles involves the installation of toilets on the outer side of the door decoration lining, often with red-white gap ('free – busy'), and on the inner side of the door – locking handle.

For interior doors are recommended handles with return spring, which is installed in their enclosure. In this case, a similar return mechanism in the lock is no longer needed. Door handles special-purpose combine the functions of knobs to push the headset and the stationary handles. For opening the door handles should be or pull over, or push, depending on the direction the door opens, and the latch is set in motion. Next door handles, thanks to the return spring, returning to its basic position. These doors pens can also be used for fire doors. In form and method of attaching handles can be divided into several major groups: the wooden doors; profile door, for solid metal doors, glass door.

For example, the profile door handles on the design and methods of mounting are substantially different from pens to wooden doors. This is due both to the density of the profile material (PVC, aluminum, steel), so with the structural features and geometry of the profiles. It should be noted especially that the handles for swinging and sliding doors also have their peculiarities. Depending on the type of lock, the door can be equipped with a headset with a lever handle and a stationary handle. Lever suite, called a product in which the lever handle sets in motion latch lock and allows those most open or close the door. Stationary handle is called a product fixed on the door leaf separately from the castle and serves for closing or opening the door. Falevoy locks with a latch must always equipped with screw-down suite, and the stationary handle is always placed at the door with a lock without falevoy latch. Door handles are made of a new type of the most modern European equipment from high-resistant material – brass alloy, zinc and copper. Non-ferrous metals, which make up the handles provides mechanical durability and reliability of the product during the entire period operation. Eight of the protective layers sequentially applied to the body of the handle, multi-layer coating technology ensures high resistance to external influences, and then handles have a flawless appearance view of the entire service life. All the above produce a collection of quality brands including leading producers of manufacturing industry handles and a confirmation of the determined maximum possible warranty period, during which the working door handles, without loss of quality.

Manicure Course

In a practical program 'courses pedicure and manicure' is characteristic of the workplace manicure and pedicure, manicure type, as well as technological methods execute the procedure, manicure and pedicure. Teaching methods courses manicure based on the active involvement of students in the learning process using quality teaching materials. Classes Course manicure pedicure place in a lively and friendly atmosphere of creative enthusiasm at your convenience for applicants time. The learning process is on course Manicure conducted by highly qualified teachers who have extensive practical experience. They show a sequence of massage and exercises for hands, introduce students with new techniques and advances in nail polish remover (the dry (no cut), manicure and nail).

In the future, it allows trainees to carry out procedures independently manicure manicure with a view recent advances in this field. Courses makeup makeup artist – a relatively new specialty in our country, gaining prestige and popularity. Makeup artist – a specialist to create an artistic image of the customer with using makeup. Fashion is constantly changing, so when applying make-up artist must consider not only the individual client, but also reflect the fashion trends, emphasizing its general style – style dress and behave in society. Work on creating the image requires careful preparation of relevant, so a specialist should know the basics of makeup, take into account the physiological mechanisms of massage and Be capable of correcting the image of the client. Qualified teachers approach allows for the duration of the course makeup gain the necessary knowledge of theory, types, and the psychology of color (colorimetry), recruitment hairstyles and types of makeup, using visual and technological means. All this and more students are studying our training center on the program of courses visage.

Teaching methods courses makeup based on the active involvement of students in the learning process using quality teaching materials. Courses Nail In practical program of integrated course of nails is characteristic of the workplace manicure, pedicure and nail, the types of manicure, pedicure, as well as technological methods of execution of the procedure of nail and manicure-pedicure. Listeners courses in nail extensions in time improve creativity, acquire and develop skills. The process of training courses nail conduct highly qualified teachers who have extensive practical experience. They show sequence of massage and exercises for hands, introduces listeners to new techniques and advances in nail polish remover (the dry (no cut), manicure and nail).

Natural Resource Base

Given the existing regional natural, economic, scientific and technical capacity, its historical and geographical characteristics, the strategic objective of long-term development of the area lies in the fact that on the basis of optimal use of natural, material, technical, human and intellectual resources to create an effective economic system of market type, which will provide material well-being of the population and economic security of the region. One of the strategic directions of development of the Carpathian region is a priority to the development of recreational potential. To confirm the validity of this choice can lead The main arguments. 1. The presence of the natural resource base. In the region there are more than 800 springs and wells of medicinal mineral water of all known types, many of them are unique. Their reserves are sufficient for the annual improvement of more than 7 million people.

Now the level of use does not exceed 15%. Explored as significant reserves of medicinal muds and ozokerite (Borislav and Skhidnytsia). These resources, combined with favorable climatic conditions are a natural basis for the development of stationary spa. Carpathians have a strong potential for development of various types of tourism. Picturesque landscapes, topography creates a nice background for a short rest. Carpathians in Ukraine there is no alternative for the development of skiing at the level of world standards. 2. Advantageous geographical polozhenie.Region located in the heart of Europe, pass through a variety of communication and good accessibility is a favorable factor in attracting tourists not only contingent from the eastern regions, but European countries.

Optical Image Stabilizer

These models offer extremely precise and delicate manual control zoom, focus, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. In addition, they are equipped with an electronic viewfinder (EVF) and microphone input, which allows video enthusiasts to enjoy a beautiful video. Size image sensor has increased from the previous 1 / 6 “to 1 / 4, 1. 3MOS system with three sensors, full-HD has the world’s highest * common resolution 9,150,000 pixels ** (3.05 million pixels.

X 3). These models record a beautiful image even in low light while preserving This high resolution. Now you can shoot at a minimum illumination 1.6 lux – which represents the best indicator of videopromyshlennost. Mode iA (Intelligent Auto), automatically selects the most appropriate composite mode according to shooting conditions, became even more perfect. His updated version offers a separate set of functions for recording video and still images, as well as feature-servo AF (AF Tracking) – improved version of the popular Face Detection, a member of the IA mode of previous models .. Once the user touches the desired object on the touch screen (located in the center and in the corner of the screen), the camera focuses on this object, and AF Tracking function keeps it in focus, even if it starts moving or turning sideways. Image recording is performed with the optimal settings AF / AE mode selected iA. Special photo mode is recording with a resolution of 10.6 megapixels and allows for simultaneous recording of video and still images with a resolution of 8.3 megapixels.

And in order to ensure flawless results of photography in camcorder offers separate functions iA and OIS for recording still images. IA function automatically selects the most appropriate mode of composition of the same five options offered in the digital camera LUMIX. OIS Optical Image Stabilizer has two modes (Mode 1/Rezhim 2). The first mode constantly adjusts the optical axis, while the second performs this operation only when the shutter in order to achieve more effective image stabilization when shooting. Be on the crest of a wave of new technologies!

Tech Toys

Countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Spain present themselves and their toy worlds in country pavilions. Also back is”the International Pavilion world of toys by Toy Fair EC, with which the EC Nurnberg toy fair and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council their 2008 sealed cooperation for the sixth time to celebrate this time bigger than ever: round 30 exhibitors from all over the world, including 5 from Germany, here on 400 square metres present their latest developments. “” New trends of games, new areas: “Smart-Tech Toys” and “Therapy Toys” In 2013 presented over 1,900 exhibitors (for details, see statistics) their toy innovations: beside i-products “or i-games”, so consoles, computer or Smartphone Games for children and adults who were seen in the 2013 newly established Kidult World, specific learning toys and electronic features the trend (see also overview of HKTDC News). “Moreover, high quality brand products corresponding to international standards played in the brand name Gallery” were presented, an important role. These trends remain up-to-date. Also at the coming fair will the Kidult World”hobby – and magic items, model railways, action heroes, toy guns or collecting dolls gamers of all ages address. This idea below have the organizers for the 2014 planned the new “Smart-Tech Toys” section: find high-tech games for children, teenagers and adults, which are controlled for example by smart phones or apps in the future.

The area of therapy toys is also new”for children and adults with games, the coordination and concentration increase or help reduce stress. As usual presents “Brand Name Gallery” high-quality toy brands such as B, Beleduc, B Kids, CMC, color rich, Daniel & co, Dragon, a-O-science, Enesco, Hape, Intex, Moulin Roty, plan toys, welly, Viking toys and VTech (other exhibition areas see floor plan). In addition to the mass spectrum events deal with the topic of toys of the future, ranging from product development and demonstrations to back to the Hong Kong Toys Industry Conference”, bringing together experts on current industry issues and market developments.

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