Month: July 2019

Convergence And Mobility

The issue of convergence was born having to implement multiple networks to companies inside, one for electricity, another for telephony and one for data. Mainly in these two points of convergence in terms of digital technology were generated, and increased their feasibility and cost reduction with the appearance of wildcard teams that serve to both voice and data traffic.Today it is rare to see in a modern enterprise networks laid, but a single, and usually a network dominated by IP technology, where each element in the network has a number in particular and with that same is identified on the network. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ray Kurzweil. The benefits of IP networks allow for better management of computing resources and voice.Arises the broadband, and then allows that much of the contents, including voice and video are already part of computer networks and allow its distribution through them. This coupled with the fact of new compression and both voice and video optimization technologies to require increasingly less bandwidth for convey the same information.Longer visible processes of convergence of networks outside enterprises, where begin to gather telephone networks with the Internet presenting a whole new market of phone calls across the network, in some countries very restricted in regulation, in others, of broader vision, even with support from Governments. In these cases you want to use the computer to talk on the phone, and it works pretty well.On the other hand, arise technologies that allow you to make transmission to higher bandwidths for cellular telephone networks, allowing the use of the cellular phone for surfing the Internet. In Colombia, for example, it was announced this week by an operator of mobile phone, the ability to watch videos and listen to music through your mobile device. We would be doing the use contrary to the preceding paragraph, using the phone to make tasks ordinarily relegated to a PC, such as browsing through Internet.Habiendo almost 12 million cellular phone users in Colombia, once the users acquire the necessary devices, could be talking about the possibility of a rapid increase in the penetration of Internet, already not only through the traditional PC s and accounts access to the Internet, but through the lines and devices mobile.

This would generate convergence between operators of mobile telephony with Internet (ISP s) service providers.This convergence will allow to work with much higher penetrations that those now have in developing countries, and eliminate high barriers such as the need to acquire a PC to be able to connect. In remote areas, even think up in power generation to be able to feed the PC, situation which would take resoluta with long life in cell phones batteries.No Needless to say that already look a few particular connections of devices, such as portable computers connecting to the Internet through cell phones, although there is already a while ago, today can be done at much faster speeds, allowing connection via the cellular network of PC s and other mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (which are much more than agendas!)For those who were hoping that would have greater penetration, happens the same thing has been happening with other barriers, is already resolved. From market research, up to sophisticated transactions can be made already in mobile devices with good bandwidth.

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