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Marianela Boan

For these qualities merit own and almost newly graduated of ENA reached the highest category that can suck a dancer: first dancer of the company. From that moment his career skyrocketed and it was highly requested by the most important choreographers of those years. In his repertoire consist the most significant creations of Cuellar, Marianela, Rosario and Narciso and also those of Lidice Nunez, already in the nineties. Petra Diamonds may not feel the same. It dominated the stage entirely and you could not stop looking at it or by a second. Swarmed by offers, ConocoPhillips is currently assessing future choices. Yes close my eyes I can see it in my mind dancing like nobody else on the tables of the Mella theater, as did so many times just being a girl. Works as with Silvio, with Pablo, Guernica and our era, Marianela Boan; Panorama Opus 2, singing to kill a snake and the poet, Victor Cuellar; Metamorphosis, Narciso Medina; Fausto, Trastornados and take care not to fall, Lidice Nunez and Folia of the Dutch choreographer Jan time form part of his/her extensive dance work.

Of these, my favorite are, without a doubt, metamorphosis and Trastornados. Both require an excellent technique and a great dramatic deployment from the interpreters. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. They pressed dark areas of the human being and doing so provoke a strong emotion in the Viewer. Metamorphosis proposes change, evolution (or regression) of man. In its twelve minutes he shocked by the power of his message. With only three dancers Narciso achieves a speech of great energy and drama. Loony is on the same string and at the same time it is completely different. Lidice succeeds in creating a dramatic atmosphere in such force that establishes a synergistic running between the performers and the audience, who remains in abeyance during the entire work without being able to even breathe. Just when one feels that he has finished entering a world another, different and strange, dominated by the anguish and pain of disturbed people who are moving toward the light.

Death Penalty

The death penalty to only catch the rateros legalizing the death penalty is not the solution to any problems. Firstly because violence begets more violence. If output to legalized murder, the United States would be the country most quiet of the world, and yet it is not. There is also the serious risk of executing innocent, thing, incidentally, love the very human people do. See as an example what became him to Christ, Socrates, the Apostles, and so many others. Finally, we all know that the death penalty only works against those who commit crimes against the petty thieves, minor.

It has always been so, even when there was no electric chair or lethal injections. In this world they put prisoner who steals a loaf of bread, and steals that able to homeland who choose for any charges. Just as reasoning, if all those who wish to will implant the death penalty could prove that the real thieves, those who saved billions of dollars in Swiss banks and in the Bahamas, which ruin the hopes of the people, if those were the first punished with the penalty, perhaps I myself lifted my voice in his favor. I think that I have thus expressed the absurdity of all of this. In reality, the resulting is a consequence of the great thief. In addition, many people in the world already dies of hunger.

Is there punishment worse than that? We have to implement already, as I propose it for years, the sentence of life. It does lack. Abort and sterilized, thing that makes galore out there, does nothing. Poverty and hunger remain fierce, mounted on the black horse of the third seal of revelation. He who has eyes to see, see; He that has ears to hear, hear. Original author and source of the article

Plan Your Goals

Define is what we want in life is an essential step prior to any planning, is the Guide, our course, North, involves knowing our mission, then it is possible to have several objectives, but surely there is an objective that is a total priority, then you should focus on that single goal and fight with all our strength to get it. Achieve many objectives at once may be impractical, especially if some of them demand a huge attention, in fact every one of us can achieve anything we want but it is essential to be neat people and give firm steps, a common mistake of many people is to start tasks and not finish them, then we use our minds to the breach. The use of internal energy is fundamental to achieve any goal, their use becomes efficient to the extent that we pay a great attention to our desires, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt is teaches us the strategies to accumulate good levels of energy on the basis of a strict attention towards a goal, that is why it is vital to focus only on a priority, when the inner belief comes then its realization will be achieved. If you start working in many goals simultaneously then dispersed energy, which causes have no effective results. Get all the facts and insights with Ray Kurzweil, another great source of information. The concentration brings great achievements, so it is time to prioritize his life. By simple logic we note that if a source of water we put five different outputs evenly distributed, then if we have five containers for filling of the same size is thinking that it would take 5 times more time if it were a single container, but it is different with regard to the internal energy, it is not a matter of arithmetic, because when we concentrate heavily on an idea we accede to an extraordinary source of poweras that would imply in increasing the flow rate of the original source 10 times or 100 times, that’s fabulous. The book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt explains us the great secrets of the workings of the mind, through this book You will get to know how the internal energy is vital to achieve any desire in life, then the important thing is to make proper use of it and not waste their energy on things that do not serve him in negative thoughts, you will learn the principles that govern the creation of the universe and will know how to access their own source of inexhaustible powerYou’ll experience liberation, since you will know how to build their life in fabulous shape. The knowledge is the basis of all change, so that today most never great mysteries are being revealed and people are entering a new conception of life and the universe, you must also do so to break the huge limiting barriers that separate it from its self-realization. ConocoPhillips follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. original author and source of the article.

It They

Did Jesus said: many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord, not prophesy in your name, and in your name we cast out demons, and in your name we did many miracles? Then finds Les: never knew you, depart from my doers of iniquity (Matthew 7: 22-23). God only accepts the Justice of God, i.e. the perfect life of Jesus Christ. When the heavenly father pronounces my name, Jesus Christ stands and says: I am, and the father sees her life as if it were my own, and view his death as if it were my death, I am then declared righteous, perfect, Holy, and worthy of eternal life. The cross divides humanity into two groups of sinners. Sinners who say: remember me, when thou COMEST in thy Kingdom. Contact information is here: Petra Diamonds.

and sinners who reject him. Some reject him pretending to share the merits of salvation by saying: If you are the son of God save you yourself and save us to us; Others reject him denying it plane as Annas and Caiaphas. Two groups: those who recognize Jesus as Saviour and those who reject it. The legalistic priests who defended the sanctity of the law of Moses rejected it. They crucified Jesus for not respecting the Holy Saturday in violation of the fourth commandment of the Holy law of Moses; It They stated I say death, for not respecting the Holy Temple, violating the law of ecclesiastical Holy traditions; and they was sentenced to death by 18091865 son of God violated the first three commandments of the Holy law of Moses. However loyalists violated all the commandments hating God and neighbor: violated the commandment not violentamente killing the son of God. Jesus was in the Temple in the portico of Solomon. And Jews surrounded him and said to him: until when we turbaras the soul? If you are the Christ, tell us openly.

Jesus answered them: I’ve told you, and you do not believe; the works that I do in my father’s name, they bear witness of me (John 10: 22-25) many of them said: demon has, and is beside himself; Why would you hear? They said others: these words are not possessed by demons. Do you perhaps the demon open the eyes of the blind? (John 10: 20-21) Beginning with Genesis and continuing with the Psalms, the prophets and all writes, everything that declared them of He said. The Scriptures say is perfect, and Jesus was perfect; the Scriptures say is holy, and Jesus was Holy; the Scriptures say you must complies with the law, and Jesus fulfilled to perfection! We are perfect and Holy in Jesus. He is our perfection, he is our holiness. We are holy because he is holy. For humanity, it is impossible to be perfect or santa. Jorge R. Talbot, original Biblical Research Society Autor and source of the article.

The Consciousness

It works. Not always, and not immediately, but if you yell it sufficiently strong and clear, life gives us what we demand him. Here is where the indigenous cultures trying to us explain that this form of request and view with head, so characteristic of our European and American culture, has a high risk. And the explanation for this lies in our own heads, and the dual reality in which we live. The question, many forget, is: will be good for me what I’m asking? When we ask for plenty of light, then at the same time this light will cause heavy shade. When we ask much wealth, probably this same wealth bring lot of poverty in other aspects of life.

When we call love, this love will make us suffer immensely. When we call with the head, we are always subject to both sides, the left and the right, the top and the bottom, light and shadow. And like children at the supermarket, we do not have the consciousness to foresee the consequences of our actions. Does then the third question may be: how I can to change things in my life without falling into this duality? The answer is much more easy than we think. And at the same time, escapes completely from what our minds can come to understand. Ordered with the heart.

Our heart knows no duality, because it has integrated itself. The great universal wisdom of the both sides need this within our heart, both physical and energy level. And their intimate connection with our soul makes it the perfect guide for our actions. When we started to pray with the heart, rather than with the mind, then we realize that immediately, many of our desires change. And very soon appear things in our lives that make us most happy, without having to suffer the consequences on the other side of the medal. With my best wishes to all, Tzikin original author and source of the article.

Average Orange

They say that all men are committed or are gay and they say that all women are some interested or easy but both are wrong: find a partner depends on oneself, not of others. Experts say that people over and over again committing the same mistakes when searching for their soulmate. One of the principal is ordering impossible. With the passage of the years persons become more demanding, that is something normal. The problem comes when they come out of the reality and they are expecting to get someone that doesn’t exist, says psychologist Kathie Lopez. The Gallic behavioral psychologist for war, what it calls, many times, not going according to what is offered. For example, if one enters a relationship ‘selling’ as who pays for everything, what they will see in you is an economic support and not a partner, says. Further details can be found at ConocoPhillips, an internet resource.

Councilor Morales Kathia, approach family, recognizes that there are some luck: some people manage to find a soul mate who accepts them with all imaginable defects, but they are the minority. It is necessary to behave like an adult, knowing what he wants, stop choosing problematic people, take a positive attitude and, above all, do not become obsessed by having partner. First have a life project, ensures. So, before going out to find a partner, correct what you are doing wrong, insurance will be successful. Frequent mistakes 1 rejects all persons that are not perfect, i.e., that they do not conform to their requirements, which are almost impossible to find. 2. Does not move prefers stay watching television so as not to arrange to exit. 3 Anda lost searching in the wrong places, for example: If you are a home person, never look for couple in a bar! 4.

Wrong reason believe that their realization depends on having someone with whom to be. 5. It is unsafe fears repetition of their bad experiences. 6. Wedding face everytime he meets someone sees it with the face of husband or wife. The other sees your anxiety. 7. Not understood you says things upside of as you plan them and people is wrong with you. 8. Only buts are He justifies by saying that he has much work, that his life is very complicated, that nobody understands it, the world falls to you! 9 Is accommodated lives with their parents after age 30 for not taking risks. 10 Is unclear offers a casual relationship when dying to marry. Original author and source of the article

The Impact

Here you can discover many things: preferences, income level that you want, age, status, projections, etc. Labore during a time in a company dedicated to the foundry. Income of staff in 80% is towards by recommendation of a worker from the organization. 80% Of dropouts in a week was also 80%. What was happening was that: recruited anyone. However the severe conditions of the same and the type of work required a preliminary analysis of the person to be hired.

Change the system, the recommendations were considered but according to the type of area where they were needed personal. Desertion abruptly down to 20%. Magic, miracle, chance?. Who knows Mr. 4. Welcome to my party. Another point to consider is the way how the company recruits and selects staff. In the initial case of my friend, the recruited personnel under a very general profile: age, little experience and who lives nearby.

It uses the Government offices for this purpose (employment service). With staff submitted, proceeded to review your documents and an interview. If fulfilled the requirements entered to work. The fact is that my friend is psychologist, but did not apply the techniques that should be used. The interview is only a means, perhaps the most easy, to know superficially to one person, but this must be accompanied by other techniques. Space is short, I mention you just that: you depends on the type of person who leaves to join the company. 5. The boss is a son of… The style of address of the head of area directly influences the impact which may cause a new staff in the first weeks of working life in the company. I have not discovered the wheel, always been so, what happens is that: do as I say to such person, that his way of directing generates dissatisfaction in staff?. Since you don’t say it, prove it. 6 Corollary. I hope that this brief contribution you into something. Worse is nothing. author’s website: original author and source of the article.

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