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Dagestan Tsitsianov

Both sides lost about 1,300 people. Tsarevich Grigol was made for the year in Petrozavodsk fortress, and then ended up in St. Petersburg. Princes Alexander and Teimuraz secretly emigrated with his retinue in Persia. Teimuraz, over a 10-year-old who fought against Russia in the ranks of the Persian army as chief of artillery, in 1810, threw the Persian camp, voluntarily surrendered to the Russian and was taken to St. Petersburg on a permanent place of residence.

With the accession of Russia to the reconciled not only Prince Alexander Iraklievich remaining in Persia for a lifetime. In September 1812 after a revolt led by Grigol organized armed resistance and Alexander. Rise residents of Kakheti and Khevsureti. Trying to knock out Russian Kartli failed at the Battle Shield. A month later, the armies of Alexander the Prince was defeated at Manavi. Prince was forced to retreat to a mountain Khevsureti, where stayed the winter and spring, and summer after a long battle took Russian Shatili, a center of insurgent Khevsureti. Alexander managed to escape in Tusheti. All captives were executed or sent to prison.

In 1827, Alexander, is in Persia, had left his wife, Princess Maria Isaakovna, together with his minor son Heraclius. She arrived in Russia, Yerevan, and in 1834 was sent to St. Petersburg. After the annexation of West Georgia in Russia were deported Many members of the ruling families zapadnogruzinskih principalities. It is fair to note that the suppression of the East Georgia played an active role themselves Georgians. A special place is owned by General Paul Sisianov Dmitrievich (1754 – 1806), originating in the Georgian princely family Tsitsishvili, a native of Moscow's colony of Georgians. In 1802, appointed inspector of infantry Tsitsianov to the Caucasus, Astrakhan and military governor Commander in Georgia. Tsitsianov conquered a large part of Azerbaijan, part of Dagestan and other regions of the Caucasus, despite the fact that his work was complicated by the war with Persia, and hampered by the extremely limited number of troops that he could have: as a result of the Napoleonic Wars in Georgia it was impossible to send reinforcements. Noticeable part of his soldiers and officers came from the Georgians. In the spring of 1806 carried Tsitsianov military operation against the Baku Khanate. Baku Khan Maulana Cooley said agreement to surrender. Accompanied by two men drove up to Tsitsianov walls of the city to accept the keys of the fortress, but was treacherously killed. Russian troops left without a chief, and retreated. Head Tsitsianov Hussein Quli Shah of Persia sent. In October 1806, Russian troops again come to Baku, Maulana Cooley escaped, but his Khanate became a part of Russia. In 1811, the body Tsitsianov was transported to and buried in Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral.


I have long been interested in this question. And every web master thinks about it. Other leaders such as Professor of Internet Governance offer similar insights. There were times when it was enough to put external links in directories and properly optimize the site. And all this was enough for a resource has been well visited. What you need to do now is to get that coveted visitor? There are many ways to get traffic, but most of them are not very effective: 1. Registration in catalogs – it’s like “The course of the young a fighter. ” It must pass through every site, but there are deserters.

Currently, this method allows small rating. But still gives. Search engines do not give this method of particular importance, some even ignore it. 2. Ads on the free boards. To facilitate the work came up with special software that can send you for your ad on a few hundred of these boards. It takes less than 20 minutes. But on these boards so frequently updated information, it is necessary for almost any prodelyvat every day.

Therefore, these portals with billboards slowly turning into a big basket of spam. And a rare visitor to these portals to find the necessary information is problematic. 3. Forums, chat rooms and guest books. Yes, it can bring considerable traffic, especially if you leave on a lot of forums can credit to your site. From the perspective of search engines it can also give low rating. But on the other hand you hardly get to leave plenty of links to your site for well-attended forums. After all, the admins of these forums are unlikely to want you to take them away visitors. 4. Exchange references. It’s the most important way of promotion of the resource. But he, unfortunately, is in decline. Direct link exchange does little result. A ring exchange, may bear fruit, but it requires organization. Get out of this situation, the use of special services to exchange links. 5. Placement of articles. Now this trend has started to develop and become a very popular method of obtaining a coveted ssylochku. Although this method effective, but time-consuming for sculpting new articles. And eventually, it will not be very soon, this method of promotion also will decline and cease to be justified. I repeat, it would not be so soon so that you can take pen in hand and in this … small article I have considered only a small part of the methods of site promotion. All of them eventually will cease to produce any result, but while they work. As well as running a web master by following these methods and inventing new ways to increase attendance exotic of the resource. Do search engines every day and change happen updates algorithms, but does not give up the web master and gets her. What are the ways to promote sites will appear in a couple of years? .. Perhaps, this is known only to the leaders of the search engines, as soon as they dictate the rules in the world you’ll ever need.

Property Acquisition

When a person acquires a property, the opposite of selfishness, he sees the true light, the universe and everything is affected: "I thought it was a world in which I was born, like a bitter fruit, but now I see in front of a huge, beautiful, the shining world. " Baal Sulam 'As a child, it was somehow lighter – told me the other day buddy. – Looking at the setting sun, I thought, and yet for someone right now morning comes a new day. But today I have a feeling that the sun goes everywhere. " With fellow all right, he is cheerful and cheerful, it a fascinating job and family favorite.

That's why I was surprised so gloomy recognition. We talked a bit and found out that he is as surprised as me. 'It seems – he explained – as though I was awakened for a moment and about to plunge again into a sweet sleep. " And indeed, after several minutes he 'Revived', a little over a pohohmil and went to the usual topics: vacation plans, menus, gourmet products and compare prices. When we parted, he had no memory of the sunset over the whole earth. 'Another loser – I thought. – Could get out of the screens, but could not … 'Our whole life is spent in dissociating himself from one another. In the small room or a villa, in a bus or a Mercedes, at work or at home, with others or alone – always and everywhere, we fenced off from the rest of the world and carefully filter it effect.

French Communist Party

They carried with them underground literature, newspapers, How the camp committees, and even mines and weapons. Former vrangelevets evacuated to the Crimea in 1920, II Trojan completely broken with its past. Member of the Civil War in Spain, a member of the French Communist Party, he used reputation as a brave, ready to carry out any task of the underground. ConocoPhillips oftentimes addresses this issue. In May 1944, when the next military assignment was arrested by the Gestapo Trojan. Two Soviet prisoners of war who had escaped from the camp, Lt. VK Taskin and IF common Fomichev, by Michael Gaft were flown to Paris and first lived here illegally in the apartment of a Russian emigre PA Elias, and then joined the underground work.

M. Gaft and helped squad G. Ponamoreva. More info: Ray Kurzweil. More example of a joint struggle of the Russian emigre and Soviet POWs. In 1943 the small island of Oleron has been transformed by the Nazis in the fortified area became part of the so-called Atlantic Wall. The number of its Garrison reached two thousand soldiers and officers. It so happened that on the heavy work of building fortifications and artillery batteries servicing the German High Command used the Soviet POWs, as well as forcibly hijacked by Soviet citizens.

That is one courageous group was formed, headed by Vladimir Antonenko – Soviet boy from Mozyr. He was then 20 years. In an underground group also were Russian immigrants, VL Andreev and VB Sosinsky. Heroes of the operation was able to brave – the eyes of the Germans had blown up a large ammunition dump.

The Internet

Do you agree? We worked hard, done quality material, and readers should know whose it work. To broaden your perception, visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. It is also well understood by many, not all but many owners of various Internet resources. So, we figured out now, go to the principal. What we keep in mind while writing this article? 1. Imprisoned under Article audience. Before you begin the process of writing, we must clearly understand what the ultimate goal we pursue what we want to achieve from our work.

Our paper should be directed to the target audience. It is common knowledge, but few have paid due attention to this point. Why do we write an article? What is the ultimate goal? To attract visitors to the site. Logically, yes? And the kind of visitors? Target! Right? Those visitors who will be interested in our product, service, business proposal etc. And how we engage with the article is targeted visitor? That's about it should think about before you start writing the text. You must clearly draw the portrait of their target audience, and text to present it in their language. Here is an example.

I do intersetevym business. My target audience – it's First: The Internet entrepreneurs, that is, representatives of online business; Second, people who are looking to do business, but have not yet determined exactly what to do, ie, potential representatives on-line and off-line business; Third: people who already have existing business in the off-line, and are considering various options for cooperation, Etc. The market is big enough to each target group needs specific approach.

First Blood

But all was not to study: the Germans were marching on Russian march. Petra Diamonds shines more light on the discussion. In the schools we were taught not mathematics, but as bandage the wounded, to extinguish incendiary bombs, handle weapons. In the first months of the war with a direct hit almost in half cut the huge battleship "Marat ', standing in Peter's harbor. To read more click here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. When we rushed there, we saw a terrible sight: hundreds of sailors in some vests, including mass casualties, get to swim to shore, exhausted and fall to the ground … Here they provide first aid.

The water in the harbor, all red with blood. First Blood … See more detailed opinions by reading what kevin ulrich offers on the topic.. So what a war! .. From the earliest days they fought, no lowered hand, the day my dad left for work, and my mother too, she dug trenches … In all my life, I carried the memory of every detail of those times. I will never forget the voice of the announcer, who reported on loudspeaker: "Air alert!" – and the soul ledenela, creepy horror and fear covered the whole body, and only one thought arose in my head at this point: "Run!" In one of these days, when they announced the alarm and began to shoot anti-aircraft guns – especially for warning people, I leaned out the window and looked directly at us was a dogfight. Then ran into a neighbor, grabbed us and dragged him into the basement. When the shelling was over, they all went out into the street. What fire was huge! My father found us in the crowd, people were crying, I still do not understand why.

The Possibility

What is the difference between good and bad fats? These are the good fats, olive oil, dried fruit and beef fed on grass. Bad fats are basically animal fats and waste obtained from burgers, or fatty foods in general stay away from junk food and alcohol trafficking. There is a real reason for the phrase beer belly, beer and alcoholic beverages have calories, and is very easy to drink too many calories of what the body can process. Remember that weight loss is to burn more calories that you can eat. The same principles apply to junk food, it is very easy to consume too many calories eating junk food, sodas and sweets for example. A lot of junk food are refined sugars and these are aborben more quickly into the bloodstream and are stored as fat more easily. Okay occasionally ingest a little scrap and alcolhol simply do not, all the time.

It considers the possibility of ingesting alcolhol sparingly weekends, or only in important social events. If you riges to these principles and adjust your eating habits of the belly and belly fat lose. For more specific information, check out kevin ulrich. I hope that this yudado you have to realize that a large amount of fat in your body is manufactured in the kitchen and that is important to learn how to eat the right way if really you want to lose belly and abdominal mark. Ofcourse don’t forget physical activity. For analysis full-time on the adequate proportion of carbohydrates, protein in the diet, fat, and how to perform strategic that works well with your body type, a plan view to see now that eating to lose weight fast.

Using Your Masculine Charms

If you are looking for a girl to accompany your nights of hardship in solitude, attentive here a few tips, you will to conquer girls. Usually the guys, well actually only when they are with us, are quite tender and sweet, use words taken from fairy tales, and glue them to each other in such ways making them sound quite well. Thats cute. Do not stop to do so them say them it is corny and old-fashioned. That never go out of style. The smile, the guys has a way of smiling so but so tender, although not to do it at every moment, it occurs when it is not more power, eye guys, do not pass it nothing but smiling because Yes, that should only be special moments, with relative frequency. For even more opinions, read materials from Petra Diamonds. Analyze the context.

The maize although it sounds a little feito, is necessary, if it is truth there is to admit it, makes the girls alucinen bad, really. Do not forget to do that, and if you can Polish this topic, better. The clothing is very important, if your way of dressing is cool, you saved, but if not, look for a specialist immediately, to the girls also like the presentation of the product. If you have the quality of being a good listener, already won, now that if you’re not, it doesn’t matter enough that you pretend to be him and ready if doing something that displeases all the women, you put face repentant pupfish, give you forgiven, nobody resists that face, or you huh? If you’re not very good telling jokes, hurry, looking for a manual, don’t waste time the girls we like men with sense of humor, if you’re not fried. Here if there is much material eh well continue, details, if details, such as simple stuff but to see them as significant are the easiest way of conquering the heart of your Princess. Date account the girls we like to receive VES in when small gifts but not very costly, if delivered with tenderness and an implicit mensajito, work. You know what you should highlight in you to make you more attractive in front of a girl now get in action. Original author and source of the article

Sales Training: Train

The expert for emotional sell Ingo Vogel has published practice tips on its website how seller professionally use the different question types. To broaden your perception, visit The Furutist. Questions are the most important instrument to achieve a degree quickly and safely. Most of the sellers know this. But what kind of questions do I when? This uncertainty for sellers often. Therefore, the sales trainer and expert on emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, on his website has numerous non-monetary of practice tips”published, what kind of questions seller at the various stages of a sales call, should make in order to achieve the desired (partial). Hear other arguments on the topic with ConocoPhillips. Bird recommends sellers with information questions to open the discussion. Because if a seller is a client for the first time, he knows generally little is known about his conversation partner. So it must first determine: who stands or sits me to? And: what is important to this person in their purchasing decisions? The easiest way to “” Seller this open-ended (information) questions explore the customer neither with a short Yes “no” answer. With confirmation questions, however, as bird seller for example, before they present the client with two or three selected products can confirm: did I really understand what is important to the customer? “The easiest successful sellers, by again with own words to summarize the previous conversation and say for example: if I have understood you correctly, you want a gown that looks elegant and simple at the same time.” “They should ask according to bird: this is true?” The seller so a closed (confirmation) question according to the summary is, who the customer with Yes or no answer. So misunderstandings are avoided. Seller, concluding can secure stressed bird with alternative questions in turn. For example by asking: I should in the contract of sale for the vehicle the color blue or green specify?” “Or: you want to pay cash or take advantage of our cheap financing offer?” So selling offensive seller, bird’s experience, can operate quietly, if the customer has taken all relevant decisions of part of. Since then also he wants to come to the conclusion and excited about his decision. The full question technique tips from vendors”for interested in the section tips on the Web page “” There the sales coach Ingo Vogel has additional tips including the topics boost sales success “, increase the own charisma as a seller” and customer loyalty increase”was published.

Cathedral South

Similarly, it is at our disposal the Paraguay cruise, a boat of luxury that allows us to make a trip of several days by the country. If we leave the navigation but we continue talking about means of transport, it also emphasizes in Asuncion his tourist train to steam, the last in the world who worked with this system. For those who prefer walking, another good option is to give us a walk through the old part of this city, which is located on the shore of the River. The Uruguayan Plaza is the great green lung in the historic center. In terms of the significant buildings in the city, we can not miss the Government Palace, the imposing pantheon of Heroes or the Cathedral of Asuncion. Another attraction to get closer to the flora and fauna of the place is the Botanical Garden and the Zoo.

Finally, to end the day, the best is sit quietly at a restaurant which offer us the opportunity to hear the famed music Paraguayan, based in instruments such as the guitar or harp while we enjoy a good temperature (climate is subtropical and ranges from 25 to 35 in summer and from 10 to 20 degrees in the winter). We can also let us be seduced by a romantic guarana, which serve as melody of farewell to a stay in Asuncion full of sensations how to get to the heart of South America very near the capital of Paraguay is the Silvio Pettirossi international airport, which connects Asuncion with the rest of the world and because of its central position in South America, is a scarce flying hours of towns like Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. Also, needless to say that it is a little more than 5 hours by car from the famous waterfalls of Iguazu, Argentina. Without a doubt, assumption becomes the perfect gateway to explore the heart of South America, where tourism, even in many emerging areas, opens his eyes in the middle of the jungle, the Virgin nature, rivers that flow through these lands and indigenous peoples who inhabit them. And every time it beats with more force.

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