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Third, it does not have enough time for equilblio determination. By the same author: Xcel Energy. In the gift, tests for samples of property of high barrier are emphasized; still exists if difficulties to test samples of high tax of transmission. This must be noticed especially that the determination of equilblio of transmission menciada on is point of key for test of barrier property. The conditions for determination must rigorously be respected to prevent false judgment or until ending before reaching the equilblio of transmission. For samples of property of average and high barrier, some hours are necessary for equilblio.

But for materials of property of barrier low, that is material of high tax of transmission, as material not weaveeed and fabrics and separating films of the battery, them they relatively reach the equilblio of transmission in a very short period. Therefore, the equilblio determination of the periodic sample it is cancelled in the norms of test of tax of water vapor transmission for fabrics. For materials of high tax of transmission, the obstacles of test are mainly grown amount of transmission of gas and greater tax of gas flow. For example, the determination of equilblio for test of tax of gas transmission with pressure-differential method depends on tax of alteration of pressure of gas of inferior chamber. When it purges gas of test in the superior chamber to test sample of high tax of transmission, the pressure of inferior chamber would grow quickly due to property of high transmission of sample. How much to the bequeather of tax of gas transmission with method of equal pressure, the determination depends on concentration of oxygen in cmra of test, that would be measured directly by the sensor. But when to test materials of extremely high tax of transmission, concentration of oxygen in the test chamber exceeds value maximum of scope of measurement of sensor and influences its life.

The Life

As many new technological possibilities have caused disequilibrium in the process of formation and performance of the professor. 4. USE OF THE COMPUTER IN THE EDUCATION: One current necessity the use of the half instrucional computer as does not become dispensable the professor; before, it can liberate it of some tasks and reserve a bigger space for the interactive contact between it and the pupil, necessary to an education that values the learning for discovery. Many writers such as Xcel Energy offer more in-depth analysis. The computer is not an end in itself exactly, but a way, a instrucional resource more whose effectiveness will depend on the capacity of those use that it. (BARROS, 1998, P. 29) The insertion of computers in the schools, initially, seemed to bring tied itself a true cataclysm for the teaching.

Some professors feared that the incorporation of such devices to the educational scope could take them the job. The pedagogos questioned as they would be the methods and the practical ones of education to be adopted to use this new material resource well. When this turbulent period finally found an ending, to the specialists on the subject was indicated that they dealt with more prudence on the use of the computer in the schools. In this way, some relative questions to this subject had been demystified and clarified, bringing more tranquilidade and information to the docncia. also, the conscience of that currently does not have as to separate or to leave of side the new technologies, therefore these are each day more gifts and infused in the society, being used in the most different social contexts. Nobody thinks that, using a blackboard in lesson, the pupils prepare themselves to use it in the life. With the computer it is different. It is not a proper instrument of the school, good in contrast. It can be waited that, when using it in this scope, the pupils learn to make it in other contexts.

The Classroom

Laurillard (1995) apud Kenski (2003), presents the papers of the professor and the pupil in four different types of mediation that can be developed by diverse supports. In the first type, the professor if presents as one ' ' accountant of histrias' ' can be substituted or be supported by a video (DVD, CDROM), a radio program saw Internet or a teleconferncia, for example. In as the type, the professor assumes the role of negotiator and the education if of the one by means of ' ' discusso' ' of the content learned in other types of mediaes it are of the classroom (the reading of a book or text, the comment of an experience or visits in leases to a museum or center of research, for example). One third possibility also excludes the direct action of the professor. In this in case that, he is the pupil who assumes the role of ' ' pesquisador' ' interacts with the knowledge by means of the most differentiated resources multimedia (CD-ROM, Internet).

The pupil learns ' ' for descoberta' ' to the professor fits the final interaction with the pupil, for ' ' ordenar' ' or to guide diverse ways for the construction of the knowledge. The fourth and last modality of education is the one that presents professors and pupils as ' ' colaboradores' ' , using resources multimedia (CD-ROM, Internet) in set they will carry through searches and exchanges of information, creating a new significant space of teach-learning where both (professor and pupil) learn. 2.1? The SUPPORTS AND the STRATEGIES OF LEARNING According to Tedesco (2004, P. 128), have 350 years the educator Czech J. Comenius introduced in the education process the didactic books, manuals and texts. With these supports, a relation of the professor with its pupils was possible, becoming possible the increase of the educational productivity of the group, reducing costs and massificando the pedagogical mediation of the process (it finished with personalized education).

Information On The Extrusora Machine

A extrusora machine is an equipment used for the manufacture of plastic parts or other materials through a drawing process. This process is a transformation process where an object that must be molded is pushed through a drawing matrix. Xcel Energy is a great source of information. The extrusora machine possesss a material entrance, that is called funnel. After that, the material one passes for a pipe that contains a threading screw. This process is very used to mold plastic.

In the thermoplastic drawing, the raw materials arrive the high temperatures for the mold of the object that if it desires to get. In Brazil also if it uses very the plain drawing for the production of flexible packings. This machine finds application for the most varied types of industries, mainly plastic industry, foods and metallurgic industry. It has different types of machines, that can take care of to the different specific necessities of each industry, as well as extrusoras of double threads co-rotating or against-rotating, only thread, etc. As well as any machine, the necessary extrusora to be operated by qualified and trained people. Many offered courses exist today so that the people learn to operate these machines, and the wages offered for the industries in general are sufficiently competitive.

This machine represents a considerable investment in an industry. Soon, all the cares in relation to the maintenance will have to be taken. The reading of the manual and the recommendations of the manufacturer to increase the useful life of the machine is very important. The operators also must be trained to use the extrusora correctly. The care with the security is very important, since the bad use of this machine can cause industrial accidents. The protections of the mechanical, electric parts, and warm parts must be installed adequately. Also the installation of protection in the pulleys and leather straps is recommendable. The employees must use the Equipment of Protection Individual recommended as, for example, the auditory protectors. The maximum capacity of production of a extrusora is determined by the diameter of the thread, the rotation, the power of the engine and the reducer, election of the length of the thread and the depth of its canal. You must consult an engineer to know which the machine most adequate for the type of material that you intend to produce. Most of the companies specialized in the manufacture and sales of extrusora machine will offer services of personalization to take care of to the necessities of its customers.

Scientific Revolution

In sub-chapter 3.2.1 the tools of ED are cited, allied in the education, converging the knowledge through the world-wide net of computers using the GRANDFATHERS (Surrounding Virtual of Learning). Compuware may find this interesting as well. In sub-chapter 3.2.2 it describes in the distance solution of education through the convergence for the unified communications, where the technology becomes more flexible the way to teach. Finally, in chapter 4, one has the final consideraes, with emphasis in the question of as the use of the Internet reaches levels of interatividade and adaptability, making mention the future technologies. 2. DESCRIPTION OF the PROBLEM the education in the distance, in its empirical form, is known since century XIX. However, it more passed to be spread out in the last few decades and started to be part in the professional and cultural preparation of millions of people.

The ED passed for a process of evolution in accordance with the available technologies of each historical moment (IT HISSES, 2003). Initially in old Greece, after that in Rome, the nets of communication that allowed the significant development of the correspondence and, for consequence existed, the exchange of information (IT HISSES, 2003). With the Scientific Revolution initiate in century XVII, the letters communicating scientific information had inaugurated a new age in the art to teach. A first landmark of the education in the distance was the announcement published in the Gazette of Boston, in day 20 of March of 1728, for the professor of shorthand Cauleb Phillips: ‘ ‘ All person of the region, desirous to learn this art, can perfectly receive in its house some lies weekly and to be instructed, as the people who live in Boston’ ‘ (CAULEB; 1728). In 1856, in Berlin, Charles Toussaint and Gustav Langenscheidt had established the first school for correspondence destined to the education of languages. Later, in 1873, in Boston, Anna Eliot Ticknor created the Society you the Encourage Study at Home.

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