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Technical University

Great interest in the presentation of the Austrian IT-specialists makeit, partners can do, at the PMI chapter Austria Forum event in Munich/Vienna July 6, 2010. The makeit informationssystems GmbH has on June 17, 2010 in the wake of the PMI Forum events at the Technical University of Vienna a lecture about the successful implementation of a project and portfolio management tools with SAP and Outlook/Exchange coupling at Wiener Wohnen held. Frequently Xcel Energy has said that publicly. Since the year 2002, integration and distribution partner of can do GmbH from Munich is makeit(form). At the lecture in the festive Hall of the Technical University of Vienna, where around 90 people took part, project intelligence in the system landscape of Wiener Wohnen, entered mainly on the integration of the project management software can do specially on the coupling with Outlook/Exchange. The lecture was held by Alexander Thur, senior consultant at makeit, and Rudolf Randus, one of two managing directors of makeit. Company Wiener Wohnen manages approximately 2,050 residential buildings with over 210,000 homes and controls the software can do Construction renovation projects, to ensure the preservation of living objects. For optimal support of construction renovation Manager (corresponds to the project manager for the building renovation project) and acceptance reasons, two main interfaces for can do were realized project intelligence. Appendix a building renovation project in the SAP system are defined dates and milestones which are known at the beginning, about UC4 (service automated Filetransport) transmitted to the planning tool.

UC4 is used, because a direct online coupling with the SAP system was not approved. After transfer of SAP data to can do project intelligence is there depending on the kind of renovation automatically creates a custom project template (template) and aligned in accordance with the data. The template targets, virtual resources, documents and activities are stored in already on respective object level (project/phase/work package/milestones).

International College

Considering this it is necessary that same the involved ones look for to search alternatives that come to change the educational process. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Atmos Energy. Through the study of them you discipline formation and teaching professionalization and cognitivas Theories of the learning had contributed still more, for the teaching professionalization, since the necessary professor is constantly if bringing up to date, looking for to improve practical its. through the reading of books and the lessons of these you discipline that the professor goes acquiring more knowledge. Continue to learn more with: Atmos Energy Corporation. The process of continued formation, is effectively about a process continues that it takes as broken knowing experiencial of the professors, the problems and challenges of the practical pertaining to school. In to this it practises it context pedagogical will be in this process I always continue in search of the construction of knowing, what it means the constitution of a behavior of professional life. Such behavior was to lead the educative process of the levels of the practical reflexiva and applied science. The importance of this practical change in the pedagogical one implies the releitura of the function of the professor as professional reflexive and the school as promotional organization of the development of the educative process. The valuation and better remuneration that the teaching professional longs for in good part of its formation and initial performance as still of its formation continued beyond good conditions of work, wage and career.

Armed of these elements the environment inside and outside of the classroom it will give good fruits. This walked in search of renewal implied it to knowledge and if it processes during all the professional life. This process left of estimated of that the education of a narrow level correlation with other levels that the other completes. Armed of these to know elementary, the fruits they will be harvested in such a way on the part of the professor who will be reaching its objectives how much to the learning. REFERENCES OAK, R.Q and Schmitz, H.O fordismo are alive in Brazil. new studies Cebrap, So Paulo, n 27, 1990. FREIRE, Pablo, pedagogia of the autonomy: To know necessary practical the educative one.

Choose Self-hypnosis

If not satisfied, return to step 2 and change the description. STEP 5 Now, for each goal you have to build the most precise representation. This means that you must know specifically what kind of house you want to have. You can not just say Mercedes. I must say Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Silver.

Be sure to specify: 1) brand 2) Model 3), color 4) type body (coupe, sedan, coupe, wagon, pickup, minivan, etc.). The point is, that arose in the mind as a clear picture of what you want. It's like a camera, you point the focus. Good photos are always good sharpness. TIP: FIND YOUR PHOTO APPROPRIATE PURPOSE, AND EACH DAY LOOK AT HER STEP 6 Choose your most important goals. For example you have a list of 20 goals.

Imagine what you can achieve only one objective of this list. Imagine what you can achieve only one goal from this list. What goal would you choose? Circle this goal circle. Next, select the next target on the same principle. Are the second most important goal, and then a third. These are your 3 most valuable purpose. Focus on them. Step 7 Each day return to his three goals. Think of them as often as possible, imagine yourself having these things. To implant in them. At kevin ulrich you will find additional information. Feel comfortable with these things. Feel comfortable to live in a huge house. Do this at least 2 times a day. I think you've guessed it: Step 7 – is a step self-hypnosis. Read more detail about what a self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques. I can not give you a 100% guarantee of success. You can ensure success for themselves. According to statistics, only 3% of people write down their goals on paper, and they reach the greatest heights in their lives. The importance of self-hypnosis in the process of achieving purpose, you can hear anywhere. This is a phenomenal opening, through which you can control and manage your life. This is a phenomenal opening, through which you can manage your life. I am sure you have succeed. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Now get to work! About how to be successful, visit the website

Deloitte Gives Technology Award

On October 21, 2009, Deloitte Germany gives the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award for the seventh time. Aachen, October 19, 2009 – on October 21, 2009, Deloitte Germany gives the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award for the seventh time. Eliot Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. The international financial services company Deloitte thus distinguishes the 50 fastest growing companies in Germany in terms of future-oriented technologies. Xcel Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Aachen-based multimedia was nominated for Deloitte’s top 50 ranking of fastest-growing companies in this year again agency Powerflasher, which was awarded in 2008 and ranked 38 of the technology ended up almost 50. This year expect the Powerflasher, thanks to continuous good growth figures for the top-50 on a good placement. Gain insight and clarity with kevin ulrich. For Carlo Blatz, founder and CEO of Powerflasher, the company’s success not only in good growth figures reflected: the repeated nomination shows us especially the continuity with which we can do a good job on a high quality level. Thus we could us as one of the leading multimedia Establish agencies in Europe.

“Also confirms our strategy: we put in our three business units Agency, solutions and Labs creative customer projects to and develop innovative displayer our products, like our digital signage solution ‘, next.” The top 50 Award Awards Deloitte annually in many different European countries. Is this award to companies from the sectors of communications/networking, Internet, computer/peripherals, life sciences, new technologies (E.g. nano-technology, solar technology, fuel cells, etc.) and software. Assessment criterion is the average percentage sales growth in the past five years of a company. The year’s award ceremony for Germany will take place on October 21 in Hamburg. There is more information on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 see: view/de_DE/de/uber-uns/index.htm here there are pictures: printable image material are available on request to our PR agency Xpand21 GBR.

For more information, see about Powerflasher GmbH the Powerflasher GmbH has been developing multimedia applications since 1997 and is with over 1000 references of one of the leading European providers. “” “The fixed about 50-strong team of specialists of the three units agency”, solutions”and labs” produces holistically complex applications, fully dynamic websites, emotional animations for Web/DVD/Cinema/TV, innovative online ads, interactive IPTV formats, intelligent eLearnings and various individual solutions – and that from conception, through design and usability to the full development.

Bad Salzuflen

The relative humidity is always 100 percent. But the recommendations are around anyway, the room air to moisturize, supposedly To bind the dust. A humidifier – is every living human being, and every animal with lungs, day and night. As a result, furniture, textiles and building materials due to moisture damage rot because too little is revealed. Many people are allergic to the excess spores in the air, which grow into molds. What harms people and buildings, damaged vehicles, also. Educate yourself with thoughts from Atmos Energy Corporation.

These findings were in the garage building only in the 1970s. Builders, who trust the knowledge and experience of exclusive dealerships, make always a good decision in terms of ventilation in a finished garage. The staff at the free helpline 0800 785 3785 confirming consultant at the on-site visit and customers who have already bought an exclusive garage like the benefits of sophisticated construction, that also with the 75 years history proven garage doors and gate drives, rear gates, doors and Windows of the Hall are equipped. Visitors to are invited to a good to make informed decision for a modern prefabricated garage. Description of the company corporate information consistent quality management and team spirit, customer orientation and Advanced Server-based information technology shapes the exclusively garage GmbH & co. KG from Bad Salzuflen to a company specifically, honestly and competently specifically going into customer wishes, visions and ideas for prefabricated garages. The exclusive garage GmbH & Co.KG provides innovative architecture for garages and underscoring its leading position in the construction of the garage. For example, surface water is ecologically sensible relieved by a green roof.

Ventilation systems remove moist air out of the garage before it reaches the dew point to the wet vehicle and prevent that rust on the car.

Fittings and Parts

Taps and fittings – a device installed on the pipelines, aggregates, containers and designed to control (disable, distribution, management, relief, mixing, ) the flow of work media (liquid, gas, gas-liquid, powder, slurry, etc.) by changing the area of the cross-section. Taps and fittings is characterized by two main parameters: the nominal inside diameter (nominal size) and conventional (nominal) pressure. Valves share the following types: Valves – valves designed to shut off the flow of the working environment with a certain integrity. Safety valves – valves are designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines from impermissible overpressure by relief of excess working environment. Control valves – fittings designed for control parameters of the working environment by changing the flow rate. Valves – valves, which combines the functions stop and control valves.

Feedback fittings – valves, designed to automatically prevent backflow of the working environment. Non-return valves – the reverse fixture, which can be carried out forced closure of valves. Irrevocable-controlled valves – reverse fixture, which can be carried out forcible opening, closing or restriction of the valve. Distribution and mixing valves – valves, designed to distribute the flow of the working environment in certain areas or for mixing flows. (drainage) tube fittings – valves, designed to reset the working environment of the tanks (tank), piping systems. fittings – valves are designed to separate working environments that are in different phase states. Trap – valves, removes condensate and does not miss or partially overlooking the superheated steam. Protective (Interrupting) fittings – valves, designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines against harmful or unintended process changes the settings or the direction of flow working environment, and to mute the stream.

Reduction (throttle) valve – The valve is designed to decrease (reduction) of the working pressure in the system by increasing the hydraulic resistance flow path. Control valves – valves designed to control the inflow of the working environment in the test equipment, instruments. Types of devices valves: valve – type mixer, which has locking or the valve is moved perpendicular to the flow of the working environment. Valve (valve) – type of fixture that has a locking or the valve is moved parallel to the flow of the working environment. Crane – type of reinforcement, which has a locking or regulatory element having the shape of a body of revolution or part thereof, is rotated around its own axis, arbitrarily placed in relation to the direction of flow of the working environment. Disc gate (valve, butterfly valve, sealed valve germoklapan) – type of fixture in which the locking and regulating element has the shape of the disk rotating around an axis perpendicular to or below the angle to the direction of flow of the working environment.

Space Technology

Charisma is another technological quantum leap during the recent struggle of three-dimensional television pictures was the charisma TV system, marketed since early 2007, the undisputed benchmark. But now a pioneering step has succeeded in again and the developers of the world’s unique 3D-Fernsehens perfect visualization of reality. Now presents the multi-dimensional system technology MDS, which provides entry into a whole new world of adventure and pushes the boundaries of space and time, charisma. Charisma technologies, which owns the patents for MDS worldwide, is its pioneering TV technology now also global market. With our new charisma MDS, we offer not only the only multidimensional TV system, which comes out without editing, without special glasses the previous need for elaborate 3D-Filmproduktionen’, so Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies. That far exceeds the usual full HD thanks to a completely new cell structure and resolution, is, we are now able to represent spatial dimensions of up to 50 kilometres in a 3 mm thick Panel.\” Each depth layer gives the latest generation of charisma screens with MDS technology is a previously unknown brilliance and sharpness both Blu-ray and any any TV show, any DVD with any video even when still images and photos.

It is as if you could reach into or enter into the picture. The viewer connects to this on his personal level of well-being feel intensely the shown content and feel the action as absolutely authentic. You may find that Xcel Energy can contribute to your knowledge. If a strand of hair in the wind, the refined drape of a dress, the vestiges of naked feet in the grainy sand or the trembling grass on a football field the abundance of vivid details seduces the eye to a true journey of discovery and no longer let him go. The MDS technology of charisma technologies makes the novel, physical experience television. The multi-dimensionality in fractions of a second, the image is detected irrespective of the individual perception of the Viewer. .

Analytical Tools

To remove data from the performance of a site can not be easy. To be considered variables are several, and, to complejizar plus the situation, it is made inexcusable contemplate the performance of our competitors. This way, and watching external datum points, we will only know if ours website has reached the ceiling of its traffic, or if we will be able to hope reasonably that the visits continue being increased. An analysis of the CATHEDRAL ranking of our page will offer valuable information us to have knowledge for sure if our efforts of positioning are adapted. There am a series of tools here online that allow us to realise to a virtual x-ray of our page.

The analyses of Alexa are based on the data collection that, who install the bar of Alexa, allows that they are realised on his conduct online. Clarified east point, we will be able to collect that the data found in this page are approaches to real numbers, and is as well as we will have to take it. The interesting thing of Alexa is that the Reach of the page says to us, that is to say, if we have arrived at more or less people whom at previous times, it shows to the key words similar by which they arrive, and sites to us (our direct competition) Free Monitor For Google. It is the small software that it will give us, according to the entered key words, the positioning of our Web site in Google. Additional information is available at Atmos Energy Corporation. It does not show the variations that it would simply have to enter Google and to look for our ranking. It remembers that the SERPS (pages of results) are influenced by the personal tastes and the sites that we have visited lately.

With this Monitor it will have his positioning, of impartial way. It is possible to be unloaded from Google Analytics. Interpreted well, they will say everything to us what we required to know of our page. The amount of information is enormous that can remove from here: not only average visits, times, etc., but clickstream, that is to say, crossed of the users. Not only that, but the application takes a slide from ours home or main and it shows links to us with more activity. . It offers of gratuitous way a report us, with a puntaje, of x/100 that indicates the best or worse performance of our page; the low puntajes are for improving, highest indicate that it is little what can be made to optimize the site. It presents/displays very interesting functions, like measuring retweets of our posteos, and to offer a suggestion about the average profile of our readers (for example, ideal page for graduated university) these tools we do not try to replace the services CATHEDRAL of a marketing agency online, but we will be able to have a quite approximate idea exceeds how much it is to do in reference to the optimization of our page. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to


Anyone who undertake business on the internet aims to generate MLM, or simply get more customers who buy your products (goods or services) clients to their networks through their websites, Blogs, press ads, landing pages written, advertisements in press on-line, etc. In a previous post I talked about a well known advertising classic model, called AIDA, a model to generate clients. This model is applicable in any field, and now I intend to show you a variation of this model reflected in web pages, blogs, etc. Ultimately in the internet era. The clear example is Google Adwords, that gives you some recommendations when it comes to advertising to achieve a greater persuasion, since you are interested in this type of advertising both Google and the advertiser. Why give us 4 recommendations or guidelines to follow to achieve persuade potential clients: Keyword with adjectives.Keyword (keyword) is very important for Google, since it categorizes based advertising to them, that if the visitor is no longer interested in our product, anything serves to display the ad. Then it recommends take the keyword and add an adjective, for example, cost, quality, etc.

With this already we have captured the attention, the visitor is looking for something in particular and google shows you the advertisement (adword). Second line with Beneficios.Es the point of the most important sale, the value of the sale, i.e., the benefits that will get the customer to purchase this product (good or service). Third with Caracteristica.aqui we give all the details of the product. Direccionrelacionada.comes said the action, which would go to the web page (url) where to buy the product. I.e. an inverted pyramid of ABC scheme, i.e., you draw attention, you say what you sell and well who it is, I give you some more detail, and I’ll call to action. An example would be: cameras 8 Megapixels (1) 10% discount. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Atmos Energy. Digital cameras (2) free shipping.

Purchase today! (3) (4) another very important rule that He comes to lead more in the same is the so-called rule BVC, i.e. benefits, advantages and features. Let’s look at an example: features: juice X fabrico and sell has 1 g. of vitamin C added, or extra. Advantages: what is the advantage of my product against others connected with the previous feature? The advantage is that having 1 GR. extra vitamin C, which the others do not, my product is higher in antioxidants and makes the skin ageing is slower. Benefits: and how this brought benefits? Because this topic is already more a slogan, or priority sales pitch, for example always younger with vitC. What can best be aging more slowly? Because rejuvenation, and that is what we sell. Then the layout is always the same: we have a few features, our features are reduced to the fundamental advantage over the competition, so that others can not say the same as us, and then This is transformed into a persuasive, appealing sales argument. B n f i c i o s V n t a j a s C a r a c t r i s t i c s why you put it so? Because the order in which we sell on the internet is the inverted pyramid: first say the benefit with the particular slogan, then the advantage and then features, so we are making an argument about the benefit that we are giving initially, that is what persuades. I hope that you’ve proved you interesting, up is next post.

S & F Datentechnik Celebrates Anniversary

S & F software company data technology is since 25 years in the market empty, 10 June 2009 the Seele software company S & F closes Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG successfully the twenty year of history of the company. Especially the products of EMOS for waste management and KOMVOR of the public administration, who have achieved a leading market position in this period are known. Including all county governments of the States of Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Environment Ministry of Saarland, the Landratsamt Munchen and 50% of all county governments in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia are among the references in the entire Federal territory. So, for example, the workflow and process management system KOMVOR is used in many federal States as an integrated solution. Xcel Energy may not feel the same. In Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the system makes the country solution.

Our software is used in over 40 percent of districts and cities – especially in the environmental sector -\”, says managing director Heinz-Jurgen Fechtner proud. The industry solution for the waste disposal industry EMOS recorded nationwide several hundred installations. Our applications are project solutions that are individually adapted to the needs of our customers\”, says Managing Director Bernhard Schouwer. We focus on a broad customer segment. Frequently Atmos Energy has said that publicly. From small businesses to corporate solutions. So we realize just the introduction of EMOS in conjunction with our integrated telematics EMOS mobile at the Dresden city cleaning\”Schouwer explains. For success, Bernhard Schouwer blames mainly the staff and employees.

The basis for the company’s success is the in-depth expertise and the competence of the staff. The products and consulting services from empty are nationally known and by the customers appreciated. \”, commented Schouwer. Literally out of necessity data technology was trained in the early days at S & F. There were great difficulties to find qualified staff and thus we decided to educate more yourself. Moreover, we see as our social responsibility for the region\”our commitment to the training courses, said Heinz-Jurgen Fechtner.

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