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Short promotions are more efficient In the question promotion on-line, Celso Amereno, On-line Manager of the Goal, compare the result between two recent promotions. The first one of them was carried through in partnership with the Association of Assistance Criana Deficiente (AACD), in September of 2007. The company had as challenge to create a sales promotion that generated a contribution for a social cause. The promotion ‘ ‘ Goal and You are 10’ ‘ it offered to tickets in return R$ 10, value that was total reverted to the AACD. The goal was to vender 100 a thousand stretches until the end of the promotion, in day 31 of October. Advertising in airports and email marketing divulged the action, beyond the work of assessorship of the press of both the institutions.

To the end, with the extension of one month, the company more than invoiced the sales of 205 a thousand stretches and a check of R$ 2,2 million donated in the Teleton program to the beneficient institution. To another promotion it had as objective to foment the sales of the period of low season. The action was mounted in only five days, having offered the ticket in return for R$ 7. The spreading was restricted to the assessorship of the press and the goal was to vender, in a period of 15 days, 200 a thousand stretches, value that to the end was surpassed in 38 a thousand, arriving the 238 a thousand vendidas tickets. ‘ ‘ This disclosed to the company who promotions carried through in a shorter period bring one better return of sales. If we had carried through a preparation in a bigger time, probably the result would be still more surpreendente’ ‘ , on-Line Manager of the Goal counts. Currently, the strategies of web are developed in partnership with the Lumina1 agency, that conquered account of the aerial company has three years.

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