Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant because it cures any ailment, both external as internally, and in variety of States: liquid, balm, lotion, etc. Always there is treatment with Aloe Vera. For a long time people found in this plant a remedy that cured their evils in the most natural way. However was not recognized until recently by those who do not gave the recognition he deserved. It is a green plant belonging to the family of the lily, which is considered and is called miraculous by the thousands of applications related to health that you are given. Looking above many of which has miraculous properties, we can find out what the reality of this green plant.

Inside the plant has a gel that has the so-called polysaccharides mucilaginous, necessary for our body. On the skin, these polysaccharides help to the rejuvenation of the cells. If taken orally, these sugars long chain help to cure many ailments of the stomach. Aloe gel is composed of vitamins and very important minerals for our organism, such as vitamin and calcium. The gel also acts as an antiviral on infections caused by fungi and used as a balm. If ingested, it can aid in digestion since it also contains enzymes.

Due to the amount of substances containing the plant, there are who even advised to take a piece of Aloe every day. This will help in the digestive functions. But there are those who point out that sufficient data there is not to recognize this work, although they support the beneficial value of the plant. What was formerly used for medicinal purposes such as gel, was the lifeblood of the inner lining of the leaves. What is most searched stores currently is aqueous gel from the plant. For stomach, such as for example constipation problems, used resin yellow latex, which cleaned intestines and helping them work better. However, many do not advise it for being its use associated with painful abdominal cramps. Although most people recognize the qualities that has Aloe Vera and countless medicinal uses, many still do not pay the importance it deserves in the field of healing and that is not a strong component that can replace modern medicine. However, contemplating their components, their properties, the amount of diseases that can be cured, it is difficult not to believe in his miracles.

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