prince intention, only in search of adventure and money. Of prince alone it possesss the nickname. Also it does not have princess to be freed of the dungeon, changing on the contrary of this one has rescued of appeals universal and ecological. The meeting of the two personages occurs in accidental way, when the prince looks its donkey during a sand storm. It finishes literally trombando in the Elika princess, who runs away from its father (a deturpado king) and its villains. In this escape, the two if dirigem to a species of temple, where diverse events provoked for the father of Elika unchain in the propagation of the darknesses in the world, destroying and corrupting the nature. Quickly the dumb scene, becoming shady, and the mission of the couple is now to cover the immense map of the game in order to restore the places reached for the corruption. For this, they will have that to sail for the platforms, to decide several puzzles and to face enemies.

Graphs 3D with the excellency in the use of the Cel ShadingGuardando the had ratios of the time, as in the original game, this heading brings graphs impressive. The animation is flowed, diversified and natural the point of the clothes of the personages to move I pack to it of the wind and to answer of real form its movements. The scenes are detailed and conceived with great artistic creativity, and the use of Cel Shading (technique applied in graphs 3D so that if it has a trace that it remembers livened up drawing) is one of the best ones already seen in a vdeogame. The luminous effect and particles also full the eyes. The map of the game can be explored in the way that if it desires, and is formed by a gamma of places varied, colored and with intelligent architecture, showing that design of the game was very well made.

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