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This IP does not have as to be modified by the user that is for you and everything oque you not only makes in the identified Internet and for its ISP but for other people as the administrator of a social net, administrator of room of beats papo at last therefore if you to commit some crime you easily will be identified by means of this IP. But also to another question with regard to privacy and the question of the exposition of its image in the Internet and this is practically marked for the remaining portion of its same life that you the Internet does not have more access. Then at the same time that if she can say that any person can publish oque to desire in the Internet we have that the person starts to be displayed and everything oque it publishes league to this person. This creates a virtual show window that can in such a way be used positively as negative everything depends on what we publish. But and when other authorized people or for in do not publish something to them on in this and correct or and legal? The Internet this subjects the same norms and laws that any another media this independe of territory that is exactly that you enter in a social net that does not have headquarters in Brazil here this will have to follow the Brazilian laws and if you will be in foreign site you will accept to follow the laws of those parents.

How much the ethical question if and or not to make this depends on what each person thinks and also of the intention of this person if the intention it was good can be ethical or if negative intention cannot be ethical or everything does not depend on what was published and which the concept of who published and of who was involved in this publication. We go to speak now of the question of respect the life Respect the life in contrast of the privacy does not involve questions of Laws therefore does not have as to kill a person for the computer even so if the computer can motivate a murder using as already it happened in some cases. Then we can say that and a more ethical question of what properly said legal when we say of respect the life we are speaking to respect the point of view of a human being and important that if it says that one human being has as great differential of schemes the capacity to feel and to act of individual form and by means of commands does not think about this. When we speak to act of feelings to many concepts on owe perhaps and feeling and on the individuality of the human being never let us have a definition of human feelings But even so let us not can define human feelings we can yes feel as human and think about the limits of each human being and that in the same way that we do not want that somebody arrives and invades our limits cannot invade the limits of the other sen goes to be giving dire of the same making the same thing reflects on this..

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