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There are already a variety of other Download platforms, mainly for Android software and less for the Apple Group fixated heavily on their monopoly on applications for in-house equipment. Software is also available and can be downloaded directly. Manufacturer sites such as that of WhatsApp, Skype, MyPhoneExplorer, are often the first and best focal point here of course to name only a few. Monopoly position called on just the California IT giant in the distribution of software for the own devices of i-series (iPad, iPhone, iPod etc.) will be given again. This constellation of habituation need not each user can be naturally sweet especially since this means for the users of iOS that he more or less permanently messes the Apple handcuffs.

Also affects of course clear this the availability of free applications. According to a Wikipedia article on the subject are in Apple AppStore BBs with only 27% of free applications, significantly less than in the Google Android market with 57%, tendency rising. At the choice of the operating system and thus also of the Tablet PC, this of course plays a crucial role. Who wants to ally so permanently with Apple and also the purchase of other Apple devices is not afraid, is the iPad certainly properly served with the iOS, in other words. Who does not want to do this and would like to preserve its freedom to purchase a Tablet PC is guaranteed better served with Google BBs Android. Especially since virtually all of the major manufacturers, except Apple of course, already Android as a platform for their Tablet PC models have chosen. At the end of the first decision, which is to meet before the purchase is likely to be so easily. Marry with Apple or keep up with Google and its Android operating system the option open for the Tablet PC generations of other major manufacturers (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc.) as well as for low-cost Tablet PC devices from China.

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