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6. For professional or student requirements we already saw that the boss is always right. The Professor also. Therefore, if your work or studies do you use Linux – thing quite common, on the other hand – it would be a good idea also that you install on your home computer. 7.

Because you have pantallazoazulfobia you could not miss in this list the renowned blue screen. Typical case: the last time you used Windows were drafting a document of 30 pages when suddenly crashed, rebooted and finished with your patience, and your document, fulminant form. You’ve not recovered yet. The truth is that it is not so common in the latest versions of Windows, but do not include it here would be an aberration against the history of computing. 8 Because you have an iPod, an iPhone, an iMac, you use agreement iTunes, iTunes works perfectly in Windows, but, since you have the entire range of Apple, are you going to tarnish using Windows? If at least it had an i before the name, another Rooster sing, but if not in any way! 9 Because it isn’t cool almost all over the world, has it which degrades it automatically to the category of not-cool.

If you want to stand out and be the master of festivities (computer), it will be best that you get by some another minority system requiring people to ask you do and that what is? You can also opt for some system where the Windows do pirouettes with triple corkscrew in 3D while it fades into colorful particles. Then, that serve for something or not is unimportant, the important thing is that nobody can tell you that it is not cool. 10. For the sake of humanity who defends large companies like Microsoft have the desire to dominate the world. If you want to be a hero, you can join the resistance and use any other system. Maybe someday your children’s children appreciate what you, or not.

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