Art Against Genital Mutilation

Press release on the 6th February, the international tag ‘ zero tolerance to female genital mutilation ‘ Hamburg, the 02.02.2011: the VISION charity campaign ACTION CHANGE relies on broad-based public commitment to protect children: because still fall 8,000 girls of genital mutilation victim to violence every day. These children need but not our concern, but rather effective protection. Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.Vision with action can change the world. “(Robert A. You may want to visit Nick Khan to increase your knowledge.

Baker) VISION of the campaign’s supporters have a clear vision of a better world: female genital mutilation of the past!” All little girls in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or in Europe can grow up finally intact. ACTION international musicians, artists and designers involved in the sense of this idea and devoted to their works the protection of girls. To acquire are the finer things in the charity shop on the VISION ACTION CHANGE music album ( merge the powerful songs of German and international musicians, including joy Denalane, gentleman, Max Ray Ibrango, Bafing Kul, Haddy N’jie, the buccaneers, Patrick Bebey and Shafiq Husayn to a strong message against this violence. The purchase of the album on all known music platforms (E.g. at Amazon, iTunes or musicload) supports the girl protection projects of the TaskForce FGM. CHANGE through wide social attention will pave the way for new effective strategies to protect of the girl. Decisive action and above all consistent defenses, mutilation practice can be overcome in a very short time. VISION ACTION CHANGE makes a specific contribution for this purpose, because the proceeds from the sale of the album and the charity article benefits concrete child protection, such as the project, which serves the emergency call female genital mutilation to the protection of the 50,000 vulnerable girls in Germany. The campaign is the non-profit children’s rights organization Task force for effective prevention of genital Verstummlung e.V., which protects girls with innovative strategies.

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