Assertive Communication

All human beings have gone through difficult times where there are feelings of frustration, failure or defeat and these moments are presented as an opportunity for personal growth, are already favourable circumstances to learn and really know how are your emotions and your feelings. On the other hand, I wish to emphasize that in difficult times, having an assertive communication is more complex, since the cloud which rests on you, not allows you to act in a manner optimal, is more low motivation decreases the connection with people and not feel empathy, since you don’t have the mood to understand the feelings of your partner. When you or a close person has happened or is happening, by the strong fire of despair is the right moment to give a significant change to make your communication effective, positive and assertive. Now, the difficulties and crises can be obstacles or they can assume as an opportunity to take a turn and take the failures as opportunities to start and learn. Your are the owner of your life and can say if filled your head of fear, doubt and distrust, and that way you communicate and get this people with which you relationships, on the other hand if you have thoughts and conversations from the love, peace, respect, empathy and faith, this will be what you will receive and I am 100% sure that this will be what you give. I invite you to sit in a place where no one will interrupt and thinks about a crisis that you found a difficulty caused your communication, now thinks that you learned from the situation and consider that you need to improve have an assertive communication and effective communication. Remember that when you want to have an assertive communication and empathetic, doesn’t mean that you’re a perfect person, they simply increasing your awareness of your life, your words and your actions, also in this way you will fall and you equivocaras, importantly, correct, improve, and move forward. Hugs Carolina Cadavid original Autor and source of the article.

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