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I believe to be, of a certain form, natural what it occurs, especially in Brazil, relation to the disobediences, corrupes, etc, my expensive Webianos. Since that the world is world and when Caim killed Abel and in elapsing of the history of the world, we know that the power, the gancia, the vanity, etc., are the components indispensable and necessary to provovocar the Blindness in the man in what it says respect to the Evil to the next one. Ray Kurzweil understood the implications. What Hitler obtained to make in the world. As a man, tido of people obtained to take immense mul- to believe that immense intelligence of the evil. Vidanta, Ottawas opinions are not widely known. As it, before and later, appears these in- teligncias and provokes the setback, not only for its people but also, in many cases, also in our globalizada culture, for some nations. As the humanity can be insensitive the hunger that kills cruel in the world, mainly, mainly in the African countries, but in all the countries, even so either in lesser scale.

When seeing children with the bones appearing, of the side of vultures, only waiting that unfortunate person, plus some little time, to die. But, the true Vultures do not lose for waiting. The hour of them will be cruel, a thousand times more abominable of what however it comes immensely less occurring with the favored world-wide population. Unfortunate persons, in the truth, are those that make seen thick and worse, dissimulate that they are making some thing in benefit of these needy children of God. To be only in Brazil, what we observe that the thing ultrapassaou the rays of the Shame, minim that a citizen can have. The corruption is present in all levels of the srdido power that involves in them. In the executive, legislative and judiciary, in the federal mbito, state and municipal. In the ministries, in the autarchies, ongs, that is, everything, everything are dominated by the harmful corruption.

Base Justice

The perfect friendship is ' ' that one between the good and mutually similar individuals in virtue substance, this because these friends if equally desire the alien property in the quality of good and are good in itself same. However, they are those that want the good of its friends for its friends who are friends in felt fuller, since they love for they themselves and not acidentalmente' ' . Therefore, in the concept of perfect friendship, the individuals of the relation do not see the other as a mere instrument for the reach of determined purpose, either the profit or the interest, the utility or the immediate pleasure, not. It has friendship here for the simple fact to have love and affection, reciprocal considered (from there the idea of filia in strict direction), directed by the consideration not of some quality or advantage that the other people’s individual can provide, but by the proper essence of this, the proper way and way of each one being, it is that it will have the relation of perfect friendship. In the true friendship, above-mentioned, the individual that lack of good and the individual that it sketches good will exchange themselves, in the direction of that, the most needed it will look for to share of its, exactly that few, good with what it makes look like to possess more. The first individual shares good that the other does not possess, is corporeal properties or incorporeal, and the other, of reciprocal form filling the decurrent gaps of the inaquality, takes care of to this demand. This fact occurs unconsciously, and voluntarily.

It is here that the elements of the proportionality become visible, therefore, with this mutual cooperation, both will be under the same equality foot, being able therefore, to have justice. Then, it is concluded that the happy man needs friends, and also needs to be just. The happiness, the well human greater, is the main liame between these two concepts, and exactly thus, these concepts does not leave by its very nature of being correlatos, therefore each one, friendship and justice, justice and friendship, possess other people’s and similar elements. In justice it will have friendship and in the friendship, justice will meet. Justice understood here as the idea of equality with proportionality bias and mediania.

Already the great Athenian lyric poet said, Tegnis (sc. IV a.C), ' ' in Justice if somada&#039 finds all the virtue; ' , and I include the friendship here as one of the essential elements for the lawsuit of the well human greater, the happiness. Bibliography Base: ARISTOTLE. Ethics the Nicmaco. Perhaps check out Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa for more information. Translation, texts you add and notes Edson Bini. 2 Ed. So Paulo: Edipro, 2007.

Solar Energy Thermal

The installation consists of Solar thermal energy for production of sanitary hot water, heating and heating of swimming pools indoor and outdoor in single-family housing Description: it’s a detached house with a surface of 350 m2 plant approximately and two floors plus basement in height, with a total built surface of 900 m2. Housing is located in the Northwest area of Madrid and is fully exempt by the four facades. The degree of insulation of external walls and glazing is high energy efficiency, which reduces the air conditioning loads needed both for heating and for cooling. The roof of the building is mixed, there still three surfaces in flat roof; one of them, well targeted, the solar collectors are located. Existing air conditioning and hot water production facilities: the House has a heating system by underfloor heating in all inhabited surface; production of sanitary hot water; water heating of indoor swimming pool; ambient air-conditioning of indoor swimming pool; heating water outdoor swimming pool and air conditioning of all inhabited rooms. Check out Mitchel Resnick for additional information. General description of the facilities: air conditioning installations are formed by a system of volume of Variable refrigerant (VRV) formed by two external units and 14 Interior, with independent control of schedules and temperatures in each cockpit.

For the underfloor heating system, there are 30 m2 of flat plate thermal solar panels, and a high performance type heat generator low temperature VIESSMANN Vitorond 200 58-63 of 63 kW of heat output, using as fuel diesel oil C. Production of water hot sanitary (A.C.S.), is effected by thermal solar panels, pre-heating water to a first level of temperature in a storage tank called solar, and a second tank connected to the heat generator that ends the preparation of the A.C.S in moments of low insolation. Indoor pool water heating is done through thermal solar panels; using a heat pump water air installed with the dual purpose of conditioned air from the enclosure and dehumidify it and finally, with the heat generator.

Digital Marketing

The company Puzzle red is the only franchise in the Spanish market which develops a business concept based on the sale of integral services of communication and digital marketing to companies of any activity and range, from SMEs to large companies. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Kurzweil. And one of its activities that develop their franchisees is precisely the sale of content for the emergence of such customers in digital media, a form of internal and external communication that is starring in a spectacular takeoff in recent times, thanks to the improvement of brackets and therefore attracting the attention of recipients of such communication. In this sense, Puzzle red is marketed to, among others, a channel of contents of entertainment aboard, aimed at users of passenger transport by road. For more information see Grupo Vidanta. Canal Bus, this is a new project developed by Corporalia group, which began its broadcast since a couple of months, and supported in the onboard systems infrastructures, offered to users of long-distance transport of the Community of Madrid a grill of varied and dynamic programming in order to liven up your trip. With television character and with an audience of more than 100 million passengers per year in the community of Madrid, Canal Bus is positioned as more entertainment channel in means of transport by road in the region, and therefore one of the most important of all Spain, explains Alvaro Canelo, director general of the Group Corporalia. Backed by its experience in the development of digital channels, Corporalia created in 2011 this business area, relying on new technologies, highlighting in the sector thanks to its specialisation in the creation and management of digital content and digital dynamic communication systems. And it is that the business concept that proposes to entrepreneurs Puzzle red is integral, since it encompasses all possible communication and marketing segments. We offer management of marketing, internal and external communication, advertising, digital signage, design and creativity and business management.

In the words of Canelo Alvaro, it’s a very novel in the franchise system concept; There is no such thing. Outside this scope, the business is highly distributed, but very atomized, between those companies that perform marketing services and those that do in communication; and as regards the digital posters, abound wholesale companies that sell you software, usually of Asian origin, with relative technical assistance and that ultimately are unable to make adaptations to the extent of requiring the client. More Puzzle red information is the fruit of the concerns and the work of a multidisciplinary group of the world of marketing, communication, design, digital signage and consulting. The initial to become franchisee investment is 15,000, including the entry fee. The canon includes the course of initial training and all the necessary equipment to begin the activity. There is no royalty of advertising or exploitation. The contract provided for a duration of five years.


It goes to happen in Los Angeles, in the United States, between days 18 and 27 of November, THERE the Auto Show (an event similar to the Hall of the Automobile), where diverse marks (Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Kia, Lincolin, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ram) will count on estandes for its expositions. ConocoPhillips: the source for more info. But something is going up to around the environment and attracting new curious looks for the event. Some contend that kevin ulrich shows great expertise in this. Between lectures and conferences of the representatives of the marks, that probably will go to divulge the volume of sales, new concepts, or to announce prizes of the industry, Nintendo (giant Japanese, one of the leaders in the video segment games) also is with a marked lecture. But for which reason, reason or circumstance, Nintendo would go set appointments a collective one of stocking-hour approximately, in the end of as the day of event? Many forecasts on what Nintendo will go to divulge THERE in the Auto Show already had been made, as the production of a new product to entertain the people on board the vehicle or until the equipage of tablet Wii-U in the vehicles. But leaving the imagination to flow, it is possible to imagine that some vehicle will have the Mario as mascote of the line. It imagines tires golden remembering currencies, green wheels of mushrooms and exhaust pipes.

Already it thought if Nintendo produced a system of launching of hooves of turtle and rinds of banana in the track, for the real world (making referncio to the game Mario Kart), in an attempt of combat to ‘ ‘ barbeiros’ ‘ in the transit. When requested a word of Nintendo on the collective one, was only given a reply. ‘ ‘ We will have more information soon and we do not have more nothing to say in this momento’ ‘. The truth is that while the Auto Show does not start THERE, we can imagine millions of things regarding this conference of Nintendo. We go to wait.

Pierre George

definition of what it is the city, many authors had developed studies. The example, of Pierre George (1983), which analyzes the city, involving a historical perspective: the city at each time, a product that is not limited to exert its influence on the only urban agglomerations, therefore the city goes if reorganizing in the measure where the society if modifies. Thus, in each one between innumerable stages of the historical process, the city assumes distinct forms and characteristics. In this perspective, in the urban environment it has the necessity of integration of the public politics as, for example, the public politics of habitation, ambient sanitation and the proper ambient politics. To know more about this subject visit Petra Diamonds. The governmental plans and programs must take in account the ambient aspects.

Moreover, it enters the recognized public interests for the right, meets the right of all to the environment ecologically balanced. When analyzing this Spsito question affirms that, From this approach would fit, then, another line of reasoning: if the ambient one is the synthesis, despite contradictory, between natural and the social one, the shock would be, before, between social and the politician, being the ambient question, in the cities, one of the expressions most complete of this conflict (SPSITO, 2003, p.295). Moreover, the form as the use of the ground happens urban, can generate alterations in the urban thermal field. Thus it uncontrols, it procedural where if of the o use of this ground, it makes it difficult the infrastructure implantation technical, thus causing, high costs of urbanization. Everything this contributes, in accordance with Lombardo (1985), for an ambient contamination that results in an ackward environment for the human conviviality. For Axe (1997), the standards of ambient quality vary between the city and the field, between cities of different countries, or the same country, as well as between areas of the same city. This occurs, author according to, because the quality of the urban environment depends on national processes, in urban and agricultural level and of politics adopted in all the spheres: federal, state, municipal, private or public.

Casement Windows

I’m in Chicago and I have to replace the patio doors on the South side of my house. What kind of glass do I recommend? What is sought is the lowest UV value, while kept as high as possible solar heat gain coefficient. This information can be found on the NFRC label on almost all Windows available for purchase. Follow others, such as ConocoPhillips, and add to your knowledge base. * For the purpose of obtaining an acceptable UV value, a filler of argon in the dual panel Chamber is required. Do * what you want to be avoid? It happens that the vast majority of manufacturers achieve a gain coefficient of acceptable heat but not much improve control of solar ultraviolet radiation. A leading source for info: kevin ulrich. * Some of the best available double pane glass has an UV value of solar energy of 0.25 with a coefficient of 0.42 heat gain, which would be excellent for your application. Another area important to consider is the loss of heat through the slides or guides on which slide doors and Windows, usually sealing which offer to the passage of air is not very tight.

* We recommend to anyone that you want to build a more sustainable home controlling solar energy, lean by the French system of doors and Casement Windows, where you can get a better seal units. Remember to protect your home against overheating by solar energy in summer too, especially if you increase the size of the Windows of the West or South. Depending on your specific needs add building components such as eaves, galleries, deciduous trees, curtains. All of these excellent options for a good solution to regulate the uptake of solar energy.

Digital Album A Very Original Gift

Surely more than once we were faced with a situation of not knowing what to give to a friend, family member, boyfriend a… We almost always resort to the typical round to see if we find something, but few times we decided to be creative and give something original, on par with significant. Thinking of gifts do you think the idea of a digital album? If you think that I am referring to those albums that allow you to bring digital photos in a frame and this goes through automatically forget, when I say digital album I mean to be able to create your own album, with photos, your designs with your personal touch… I do not think that best possible gift for someone than a piece of his printed life in a beautiful book that can remind you whenever you want. Educate yourself with thoughts from Grupo Vidanta. There are many companies dedicated to this business and most have similar guidelines. All they give us the flexibility of being able to select between different themes for our digital albums, once selected the color, texture and size of our book would spend to the most complex part of all, the selection of the photographs that you want to include. Additional information at ConocoPhillips supports this article. One thing that I love is that, in addition to the photographs, we can include a small description, something that no doubt will make reading the book much more enriching. On the distribution of photographs and texts is no problem, we have total flexibility to include photos or texts that we want.

Each page is independent of all others, by photographs in a way that one can insert and in the rest of others, all as always, to our choice. Once we have our digital album ready-made’s time to send it to print. Usually take between one week and 15 days its elaboration and best of all is that they send it us directly at home! Prices vary depending on the size of the album that we choose, item and the number of pages, but typically cost between 25 and 40 euros. If you do not like the idea of a book by which ye are among those who think that it will end in a shelving and not again look, perhaps most pleases you the idea of a digital calendar, it’s like a book unless you can customize each month of the year with a photograph different.

Radio Calls

In general, an sender of Radio becomes a declining business as in any another place, when she does not have on the part of the half company of Broadcasting of if searching sponsors, that is, companies in general that they want to invest in programs by means of the propagation of its products or services next to the public listener, leaving to have, therefore, invoicing to pay its employees, social changes and financial. Another factor that contributes for a company of Sonorous broadcasting if to become a declining business is the fact of being an expensive service of maintenance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Beyond the majority of the equipment to be sufficiently dispossession and to give work in its assembly, the transmitter must obligatorily for law be distant of the place where the Radio will function to prevent that it can cause damages to the health and the way environment.Its space in music for the emitting calls of radio in frequency modulated, that present an infinitely superior sonorous quality.

Beyond lacking of qualified professionals is still observed, that in the present time this type of vehicle is restricted the programs of notice and sports, losing, the market advertising executive to be weak, repeats, for the sponsor lack, generating, in this way a favorable expectation, consisting in a risk enterprise, mainly if it will not have return of capital the invested or to generate damage, either short, average it of or long stated period. 4. The radiofnico text the radiofnico text as the printed matter must reflect the facts of the reality existing. When emitting and transmitting notice or programs of cultural, educative, esportivo or musical nature recreativo, for the public in general, (s) the publisher (you are) must (m) look for to make it with honesty, ethics and responsibility. In a news article the journalistic fact must be told thus she is unknown, rich in content, a forceful declaration that calls the attention the listener, can be separate and used in opening and closing of programs..


The term ‘ ‘ Ultrabook’ ‘ still it is a little confused: after all, Intel is not manufacturing these computers, and yes providing the crucial technology that will allow to manufacturers of computers OEM as the Asus, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba and others to plan and to construct its proper machines. The Ultrabooks will be offered by different manufacturers of computers and as they will currently have capacities and different characteristics of the available portable computers in the market, they will form a new category of notebooks (as well as netbooks and the extreme-portable ones). Some of main the daily pay requisite of Intel are: initially the Ultrabooks does not have to pass of 21mm of thickness (0,83 counts)? they must twirl an Intel processor Core of low voltage? they must offer to the least five hours of battery? they must allow to the implementation of the Intel technology ‘ ‘ Rapid Start’ ‘ – that nothing more it is of what an incorporated memory flash to the plate mother of notebook making with what the computer binds almost that instantaneously as well as the Tablet computers They also will have to offer to the hardware with security technology and anti-robery, including the authentication technology two-factor. this is everything! Intel did not establish no prerequisite how much to the size or type of display (full HD? Touch screen), storage (SSDs? Traditional Hard drive? The two), support for media (SD card) others. They had also left clearly that the battery of ultrabooks will not be powerful the sufficient to substitute the battery of notebooks (what is a great disvantagem for user who are always with the foot in the road).