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They say that all men are committed or are gay and they say that all women are some interested or easy but both are wrong: find a partner depends on oneself, not of others. Experts say that people over and over again committing the same mistakes when searching for their soulmate. One of the principal is ordering impossible. With the passage of the years persons become more demanding, that is something normal. The problem comes when they come out of the reality and they are expecting to get someone that doesn’t exist, says psychologist Kathie Lopez. The Gallic behavioral psychologist for war, what it calls, many times, not going according to what is offered. For example, if one enters a relationship ‘selling’ as who pays for everything, what they will see in you is an economic support and not a partner, says. Further details can be found at ConocoPhillips, an internet resource.

Councilor Morales Kathia, approach family, recognizes that there are some luck: some people manage to find a soul mate who accepts them with all imaginable defects, but they are the minority. It is necessary to behave like an adult, knowing what he wants, stop choosing problematic people, take a positive attitude and, above all, do not become obsessed by having partner. First have a life project, ensures. So, before going out to find a partner, correct what you are doing wrong, insurance will be successful. Frequent mistakes 1 rejects all persons that are not perfect, i.e., that they do not conform to their requirements, which are almost impossible to find. 2. Does not move prefers stay watching television so as not to arrange to exit. 3 Anda lost searching in the wrong places, for example: If you are a home person, never look for couple in a bar! 4.

Wrong reason believe that their realization depends on having someone with whom to be. 5. It is unsafe fears repetition of their bad experiences. 6. Wedding face everytime he meets someone sees it with the face of husband or wife. The other sees your anxiety. 7. Not understood you says things upside of as you plan them and people is wrong with you. 8. Only buts are He justifies by saying that he has much work, that his life is very complicated, that nobody understands it, the world falls to you! 9 Is accommodated lives with their parents after age 30 for not taking risks. 10 Is unclear offers a casual relationship when dying to marry. Original author and source of the article

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