Ball Mill Using Methods

We network Star produces network card machine which is named China famous brand. The ball mill is widely used in concentrator, refractory plant, cement, glass, etc. High efficiency energy saving ball mill uses rolling bearing, and its overflow discharging energy saves 30% more than ordinary grinding machine. What s more, it is low noise, high output, the overall frame, convenient in installation and transportation. The machine is suitable for all kinds of ores and other materials grinding, is widely used in dressing, building materials and chemical industries. It can be divided into dry and wet two grinding way, the wet ball mill is Hui water material on to wet grinding, and the dry ball mill is not allowed to ooze water.

According to the different row ore way, it can be divided into ore grate type and the overflow type. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ball mill manufacturer with decades producing experience and advanced technology. Now our engineer will give a brief introduction about the three main parts of ball mill. The three parts are as follows, feeding part, discharge part and transmission part. 1 Feeding part: This part consists of end cap with hollow shaft neck, united feeder, lining plate and axis neck inner housing sector.

The hollow shaft neck can protect the inner surface from wearing by feeding neck axis. The inner surface of the inner housing is equipped with screw which contributes to feeding. The feeder is fixed at the end of the inner housing by bolt. Generally, the united feeder is the first choice, followed by the drum feeder and the snail feeder. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, like cement mill mining, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and crushing station: 2. Discharge part: This part consists of end cap of hollow shaft, grid lining plate, wedge, centre lining plate, and axis neck inner housing. There are eight actinoid fillets, acting as the isolation board. There is grid lining plate between the fillets which is fixed by wedge. The wedge is fixed onto the end cap by screw passing through the fillet on the wall. The front edge of the lining plate holds up all grid lining plates in the central part. The inner housing of the hollow shaft neck is made into the broadening formation blade on one end of the discharge grid to lead the pulp washed by isolation board to flow out with the blades. All the discharge part and the feed part are fastened on the cylinder flange. 3 Transmission part: This part consists of gearwheel, a pinion, drive shaft, and elastic coupling. The grinding mill cylinder is driven by gear assembly, electric motor and coupling. The gear assembly consists of gear ring on the discharge end of the cylinder and drive gear. The drive gear is equipped on the drive shaft which rest on the two double-row self-aligning ball bearing in the bearing block. The gears are covered by the dust cap totally. I expect that in 2020 the cement supply and demand only to the point of balance. to industry estimates, China s plans to build 10 million units of affordable housing, according to each set of the average area of 0 square meters, the amount of cement will be 150 million tons.The country s cement production last year was 1.87 billion tons.Slag mill use will increase more.

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