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What is better, realistic graphics, detailed environments and complex game systems, or simple graphs, colorful environments and intuitive gameplay? For years, players have wondered these questions and had discussions that cannot lead to a definitive answer. Of course, the three consoles have their strengths: Xbox 360 has the best online game system and for some years its price tag was lower than the PlayStation 3; PlayStation 3 plays movies in Blu-Ray format, for some time, it was possible to install on it the Linux OS; Wii started the trend of the motion sensing controllers. The greatest Xbox 360 advantage was Xbox Live, PlayStation 3 borrowed some ideas like the punctuation system based in trophies and others improved, like the creation of PlayStation Plus, a premium online service that offers free games. Wii doesn t handles gamer cards, but has a free online game service that is more than enough. Debate is still open, but if sales were an argument, the best will be the Wii console. No matter that Xbox 360 is gaining terrain in USA and that PlayStation 3 leads the sales in Japan, the Nintendo console maintains itself as the best one sold from the three. Although every console has its strengths, it seems like both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 copied the elements that made the Wii a success: Xbox 360 has its Avatars conveniently alike to Miis and Kinect, its motion sensor; PS3 has a weather forecast and its PlayStation Move, a controller that you resembles a lot to the Wii Remote, even its navigation controller resembles a bit too much to the Nunchuck. Now, Nintendo has to look a way differentiated from its competitors if they want to stay leading to sales. Interested In Knowing More About Free Online Games Newsreel Network .com Home Design and Home Improvement Ideas Disney Homes Vacation Nintendo Wii Remote Plus (blue) Battle4.NET Forsaken World Stone Protector World, guard, Forsaken, Stoneman, Stone, Kinah Zehx Blog Game News and Free Online Games Information Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Review

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