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The Bonner Software House concrete logic GmbH and the Munich software company Baker Park GmbH agreed the partnership with a common SaS solution is offered to the clients on the 25.3.2010. Bonn, April 20, 2010 – creates the successful integration of the interface WITAmin concrete logic in the AgorGate order platform of bi taro a powerful SaS solution, a cheap way of shopping without their own investment in infrastructure allows the small and medium-sized carriers. The common order platform AgorGate is constantly evolving and with new products and solutions adapted to the customer needs and market requirements. Customers benefit by the presence at two locations in Munich and Bonn through shorter transportation routes, which allows better communication with the customer. WITAmin covers all functions of the WITA interface as a standard product and is easily expandable with little effort due to its flexibility.

It supports the current WITA specifications and in addition the Standard WBCI”for the exchange of porting requests and the so-called 3 process. AgorGate offers telecommunications services out of the box, re seller products and the automation of business processes. The WITA interface one of these telecommunications services to Deutsche Telekom. The cooperation aims to present the platform of AgorGate together with WITAmin WITA-SaS model. About bi taro: BI taro supports companies in the development work in all phases of software development and optimized business processes. Software engineering is one of your core competencies. BI Taro’s strength lies in the creation of sophisticated and innovative solutions. You achieve this by combining the systematic approach of engineers and the pragmatic application of concepts of software engineering.

BI taro combines the advantages of the classical methods of software development with the lean methods of light-weight processes. This allows you a wide range of applications internally within the company and externally as a consulting and development instance. The usage of BI taro make proven technologies and modern concepts with appropriate skills and experience to the reliable consultants and development partner with short induction and development times. About concrete logic: Concrete logic is a specialist for complex software projects, especially with modern Java technologies. To highlight is the integrated approach with a particular focus on methodically supported project and quality management in the implementation of individual solutions. Thematic focal points are commercial applications of the customer and inventory management to accounting systems and sales management (CRM). The service-oriented interface solutions for telecommunications providers deserve special attention here. Concrete logic with its partners covers the range from business process analysis to development, integrating solutions to quality assurance and commissioning. Marco Moers

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