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The free 2D/3D CAD software is now used in 152 countries. About one-third of all users work on Linux. Moers, Germany may 26, 2010: In the first quarter of 2010, downloads in the MEDUSA4 personal recorded an increase of 38% compared to the same period of last year. The professional version of the free 2D/3D CAD software is already in use worldwide in many well-known companies. CAD Schroer attributed the increase of the continuous evolution of the software, as well as the General popularity of Linux but also the ingenuity of small businesses during the economic crisis. Its eSERVICES Portal allows registered companies use MEDUSA4 personnel free of charge at the Office and to convert the created result from 2.99 for commercial purposes. “Download of the free CAD software and sign up for free account: the CAD alternative on Linux especially Linux enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are strongly interested in MEDUSA4 personal for hobby and professional projects” According to Managing Director Michael Schroer. A free, powerful CAD system, combined with a free operating system, is much more profitable new projects and business ventures. The software and their modules meet we are pleased about the positive feedback from users all over the world.”all needs from hobby designers and small companies,” so an email of a user from Russia, where 68% use MEDUSA4 personal Linux, compared to 33% worldwide. A very good alternative to a * cad,”so the recent entry of a Honduran member of the Warianoz Linux Forum, which MEDUSA4 staff used for the construction of model aircraft. Latin America has the largest share of Linux users worldwide. 100% of the downloads from Honduras, 93% of Mexico and 88% from Argentina on Linux were in Q1/2010. Impressive: The support CAD Schroer guaranteed no technical support for the free software, but regularly tries to answer incoming questions. Thank you very much for your fast Reply,”so the email of a German user.

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