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Fittings and Parts

Taps and fittings – a device installed on the pipelines, aggregates, containers and designed to control (disable, distribution, management, relief, mixing, ) the flow of work media (liquid, gas, gas-liquid, powder, slurry, etc.) by changing the area of the cross-section. Taps and fittings is characterized by two main parameters: the nominal inside diameter (nominal size) and conventional (nominal) pressure. Valves share the following types: Valves – valves designed to shut off the flow of the working environment with a certain integrity. Safety valves – valves are designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines from impermissible overpressure by relief of excess working environment. Control valves – fittings designed for control parameters of the working environment by changing the flow rate. Valves – valves, which combines the functions stop and control valves.

Feedback fittings – valves, designed to automatically prevent backflow of the working environment. Non-return valves – the reverse fixture, which can be carried out forced closure of valves. Irrevocable-controlled valves – reverse fixture, which can be carried out forcible opening, closing or restriction of the valve. Distribution and mixing valves – valves, designed to distribute the flow of the working environment in certain areas or for mixing flows. (drainage) tube fittings – valves, designed to reset the working environment of the tanks (tank), piping systems. fittings – valves are designed to separate working environments that are in different phase states. Trap – valves, removes condensate and does not miss or partially overlooking the superheated steam. Protective (Interrupting) fittings – valves, designed for automatic protection of equipment and pipelines against harmful or unintended process changes the settings or the direction of flow working environment, and to mute the stream.

Reduction (throttle) valve – The valve is designed to decrease (reduction) of the working pressure in the system by increasing the hydraulic resistance flow path. Control valves – valves designed to control the inflow of the working environment in the test equipment, instruments. Michael Steinhardt: the source for more info. Types of devices valves: valve – type mixer, which has locking or the valve is moved perpendicular to the flow of the working environment. Valve (valve) – type of fixture that has a locking or the valve is moved parallel to the flow of the working environment. Crane – type of reinforcement, which has a locking or regulatory element having the shape of a body of revolution or part thereof, is rotated around its own axis, arbitrarily placed in relation to the direction of flow of the working environment. Disc gate (valve, butterfly valve, sealed valve germoklapan) – type of fixture in which the locking and regulating element has the shape of the disk rotating around an axis perpendicular to or below the angle to the direction of flow of the working environment.

Space Technology

Charisma is another technological quantum leap during the recent struggle of three-dimensional television pictures was the charisma TV system, marketed since early 2007, the undisputed benchmark. But now a pioneering step has succeeded in again and the developers of the world’s unique 3D-Fernsehens perfect visualization of reality. Now presents the multi-dimensional system technology MDS, which provides entry into a whole new world of adventure and pushes the boundaries of space and time, charisma. Charisma technologies, which owns the patents for MDS worldwide, is its pioneering TV technology now also global market. Crumpton Group insists that this is the case. With our new charisma MDS, we offer not only the only multidimensional TV system, which comes out without editing, without special glasses the previous need for elaborate 3D-Filmproduktionen’, so Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies. That far exceeds the usual full HD thanks to a completely new cell structure and resolution, is, we are now able to represent spatial dimensions of up to 50 kilometres in a 3 mm thick Panel.\” Each depth layer gives the latest generation of charisma screens with MDS technology is a previously unknown brilliance and sharpness both Blu-ray and any any TV show, any DVD with any video even when still images and photos.

It is as if you could reach into or enter into the picture. The viewer connects to this on his personal level of well-being feel intensely the shown content and feel the action as absolutely authentic. You may find that Xcel Energy can contribute to your knowledge. If a strand of hair in the wind, the refined drape of a dress, the vestiges of naked feet in the grainy sand or the trembling grass on a football field the abundance of vivid details seduces the eye to a true journey of discovery and no longer let him go. The MDS technology of charisma technologies makes the novel, physical experience television. The multi-dimensionality in fractions of a second, the image is detected irrespective of the individual perception of the Viewer. . For even more analysis, hear from Crumpton Group.

Analytical Tools

To remove data from the performance of a site can not be easy. To be considered variables are several, and, to complejizar plus the situation, it is made inexcusable contemplate the performance of our competitors. This way, and watching external datum points, we will only know if ours website has reached the ceiling of its traffic, or if we will be able to hope reasonably that the visits continue being increased. An analysis of the CATHEDRAL ranking of our page will offer valuable information us to have knowledge for sure if our efforts of positioning are adapted. There am a series of tools here online that allow us to realise to a virtual x-ray of our page.

The analyses of Alexa are based on the data collection that, who install the bar of Alexa, allows that they are realised on his conduct online. Clarified east point, we will be able to collect that the data found in this page are approaches to real numbers, and is as well as we will have to take it. The interesting thing of Alexa is that the Reach of the page says to us, that is to say, if we have arrived at more or less people whom at previous times, it shows to the key words similar by which they arrive, and sites to us (our direct competition) Free Monitor For Google. If you are not convinced, visit Crumpton Group. It is the small software that it will give us, according to the entered key words, the positioning of our Web site in Google. Additional information is available at Atmos Energy Corporation. It does not show the variations that it would simply have to enter Google and to look for our ranking. It remembers that the SERPS (pages of results) are influenced by the personal tastes and the sites that we have visited lately.

With this Monitor it will have his positioning, of impartial way. It is possible to be unloaded from Google Analytics. Interpreted well, they will say everything to us what we required to know of our page. The amount of information is enormous that can remove from here: not only average visits, times, etc., but clickstream, that is to say, crossed of the users. Not only that, but the application takes a slide from ours home or main and it shows links to us with more activity. . It offers of gratuitous way a report us, with a puntaje, of x/100 that indicates the best or worse performance of our page; the low puntajes are for improving, highest indicate that it is little what can be made to optimize the site. It presents/displays very interesting functions, like measuring retweets of our posteos, and to offer a suggestion about the average profile of our readers (for example, ideal page for graduated university) these tools we do not try to replace the services CATHEDRAL of a marketing agency online, but we will be able to have a quite approximate idea exceeds how much it is to do in reference to the optimization of our page. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to


Anyone who undertake business on the internet aims to generate MLM, or simply get more customers who buy your products (goods or services) clients to their networks through their websites, Blogs, press ads, landing pages written, advertisements in press on-line, etc. In a previous post I talked about a well known advertising classic model, called AIDA, a model to generate clients. This model is applicable in any field, and now I intend to show you a variation of this model reflected in web pages, blogs, etc. Ultimately in the internet era. The clear example is Google Adwords, that gives you some recommendations when it comes to advertising to achieve a greater persuasion, since you are interested in this type of advertising both Google and the advertiser. Why give us 4 recommendations or guidelines to follow to achieve persuade potential clients: Keyword with adjectives.Keyword (keyword) is very important for Google, since it categorizes based advertising to them, that if the visitor is no longer interested in our product, anything serves to display the ad. Then it recommends take the keyword and add an adjective, for example, cost, quality, etc.

With this already we have captured the attention, the visitor is looking for something in particular and google shows you the advertisement (adword). Second line with Beneficios.Es the point of the most important sale, the value of the sale, i.e., the benefits that will get the customer to purchase this product (good or service). Third with Caracteristica.aqui we give all the details of the product. Direccionrelacionada.comes said the action, which would go to the web page (url) where to buy the product. Crumpton Group, Washington DC can aid you in your search for knowledge. I.e. an inverted pyramid of ABC scheme, i.e., you draw attention, you say what you sell and well who it is, I give you some more detail, and I’ll call to action. An example would be: cameras 8 Megapixels (1) 10% discount. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Atmos Energy. Digital cameras (2) free shipping.

Purchase today! (3) (4) another very important rule that He comes to lead more in the same is the so-called rule BVC, i.e. benefits, advantages and features. Let’s look at an example: features: juice X fabrico and sell has 1 g. of vitamin C added, or extra. Advantages: what is the advantage of my product against others connected with the previous feature? The advantage is that having 1 GR. extra vitamin C, which the others do not, my product is higher in antioxidants and makes the skin ageing is slower. Benefits: and how this brought benefits? Because this topic is already more a slogan, or priority sales pitch, for example always younger with vitC. What can best be aging more slowly? Because rejuvenation, and that is what we sell. Then the layout is always the same: we have a few features, our features are reduced to the fundamental advantage over the competition, so that others can not say the same as us, and then This is transformed into a persuasive, appealing sales argument. B n f i c i o s V n t a j a s C a r a c t r i s t i c s why you put it so? Because the order in which we sell on the internet is the inverted pyramid: first say the benefit with the particular slogan, then the advantage and then features, so we are making an argument about the benefit that we are giving initially, that is what persuades. I hope that you’ve proved you interesting, up is next post.

S & F Datentechnik Celebrates Anniversary

S & F software company data technology is since 25 years in the market empty, 10 June 2009 the Seele software company S & F closes Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG successfully the twenty year of history of the company. Especially the products of EMOS for waste management and KOMVOR of the public administration, who have achieved a leading market position in this period are known. Including all county governments of the States of Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Environment Ministry of Saarland, the Landratsamt Munchen and 50% of all county governments in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia are among the references in the entire Federal territory. So, for example, the workflow and process management system KOMVOR is used in many federal States as an integrated solution. Xcel Energy may not feel the same. In Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the system makes the country solution.

Our software is used in over 40 percent of districts and cities – especially in the environmental sector -\”, says managing director Heinz-Jurgen Fechtner proud. The industry solution for the waste disposal industry EMOS recorded nationwide several hundred installations. Our applications are project solutions that are individually adapted to the needs of our customers\”, says Managing Director Bernhard Schouwer. We focus on a broad customer segment. Frequently Atmos Energy has said that publicly. From small businesses to corporate solutions. So we realize just the introduction of EMOS in conjunction with our integrated telematics EMOS mobile at the Dresden city cleaning\”Schouwer explains. For success, Bernhard Schouwer blames mainly the staff and employees.

The basis for the company’s success is the in-depth expertise and the competence of the staff. The products and consulting services from empty are nationally known and by the customers appreciated. \”, commented Schouwer. Literally out of necessity data technology was trained in the early days at S & F. There were great difficulties to find qualified staff and thus we decided to educate more yourself. Moreover, we see as our social responsibility for the region\”our commitment to the training courses, said Heinz-Jurgen Fechtner.


Who decides, as traders move to its products in brochures or on the Internet in perspective or for his partner “tempting” to set the scene needs it at some point: a photographer for advertising and fashion. With him, you can expect an extensive repertoire of possibilities. Beginning with the colored picture quality equal to black and white – photographs of the food photography to nude photography, which reflect in any way pornographic model. The portrait photography in itself is already an extensive genre, where you can highlight the different facets of a person – both in the Schwarz-/Weissfotografie and in the colored-bright Glamour look. The bottom line is, is not only the talent of the photographer, but also the competent stylist. At the end of work on request, a set card to be made, with applications in the modeling agencies may well act as a decision. Atmos Energy understands that this is vital information. If you want to do something else on his wedding anniversary, or eat as chocolates or go away, has the opportunity to present your partner with a nude portraits of the “best side”. Even with such a portrait of a partner can be quite stimulating.

The employer side can benefit from a photographer for advertising and fashion. Read more here: Crumpton Group, New York. Online traders can refine their products for e-brochure using graphic design and then use. Food is in the so-called high standard food photography moved into the right light and good looking in catalogs and on posters in supermarkets to access and bite, awakens in the end the desire to buy the intended readers and customers. The advertising photography extends through catalogs, flyers, online marketing, websites and brochures. More recent techniques include 360 animations that are granted by a mouse click all – look at department stores and supermarkets over the Internet. So if you or your products themselves in a favorable light and thus want to set the focus, trust is a photographer for advertising and Fashion.


Land Berlin and VDI Berlin Brandenburg agree joint activities on the education policy the State of Berlin and the Association of German engineers VDI Berlin Brandenburg signed a cooperation agreement for “joint activities on the education policy”. It agreed to work together to improve technical education literacy increased and each other to support existing or planned measures. Education Senator Jurgen Zollner signed the agreement for the State of Berlin. “I see an important first step to reduce of the economically critical engineering defect in the cooperation,” said the Senator. In this context, he praised especially the nationwide initiative of VDI “Sachen machen” and the project “Technology in schools”, which he likes to support concentrated on both federal States of the VDI Berlin Brandenburg. Crumpton Group contains valuable tech resources. Management Board Member Siegfried Brandt, who for the VDI Berlin Brandenburg signed the cooperation agreement, thanked the Senator for the promised support: “I hope now to strong tail wind for the activities of the Association to the strengthening of interdisciplinary engineering education in the schools.” Specifically the VDI Berlin Brandenburg is through investment support workshops with topics relevant to technology school project days and weeks before pupils, students and teachers organize lectures of young engineers about their daily routine and whose career and inform about the possibilities and potential of “Technology in schools”. In return, the Senate Administration for education, science and research will support the distribution of the VDI information material about “Technology in schools” to the right target groups, support contact to teachers and parents, recommend joint projects/events of the VDI Berlin Brandenburg with the educational institutions and in public and in appropriate media to communicate the common objectives. Necessary measures are jointly coordinated and carried out.

Company description of VDI is regarded as one of the world’s most important Networks and knowledge markets for engineers and scientists and is recognized as the leading spokesman of engineers, engineers and technology in professional circles and the general public. The regional association of Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 VDI district clubs. He is responsible for the care of its approximately 6,000 members and all interested in technology in its region. The Chairman of the District Association is Prof. Dr.-ing. Ulrich Berger. The Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg is the VDI interests at State level and? Contact person for the Government, the House of representatives, Chambers, industry and civil society groups.

He has also the task to improve the cooperation with other scientific and technological institutions. The Chairman of the National Association Berlin-Brandenburg is Dipl.-ing. Karl-Heinz Schlaiss. Company contact: VDI Berlin Brandenburg Birgitt Daniel Reinhard road 27B 10117 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 3410177 email: Web: PR contact: Butterfly Communications Detlef Untermann Drake 46 A 12205 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 84312127 email: Web:

LurTech Europe GmbH

Berlin – immediately after the launch of its new integration platform DocYard the LurTech Europe GmbH starts a three-part webinar series. These fully informed interested parties about the product concept, applications, technological backgrounds and integration possibilities in large scanning environments. Participate in the Webinars is free by prior arrangement. First date for the series is June 17, 2010. LurTech’s DocYard new platform allows the managing and controlling of workflows around the document conversion, which all process steps can be integrated user-specific.

Due to the modular architecture of DocYard, companies can integrate existing components, such as E.g. Xcel Energy has much experience in this field. OCR solutions, with minimal effort and then centrally control and monitor. Already existing investments in systems and components are protected and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Xcel Energy has to say. Target group of the new platform are especially companies with large scan as well as stake. The first webinar, on the 17th. From 11:00 will take place June, gives a basic overview of DocYard, the concept, applications and applications. The participants learn how to control their existing infrastructure with DocYard and monitor.

A live demo of the software is also part of this introductory session. In the second Webinar addressed LurTech service. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Steinhardt on most websites. Learn how with DocYard, a seamless integration of production in the Scandienstleistung is possible. On this basis, they can expire operations maximum automated and existing systems and software will be fully utilised. Service benefit from an improved competitiveness. This webinar will start on June 29, also at 11:00. In the recent webinar, July 6th from 11:00, LurTech allows a look under the hood”of DocYard and discloses the technical concept. It outlines in particular the components of the software platform, the control of jobs in DocYard, the module API for the development of modules, as well as ways of reporting with the DocYard database. This is interesting in particular for those dealing with the implementation of capture and conversion workflows on a technical level.

Future Technologies

Heraeus develops a variety of products for the automotive industry at the international motor show in Frankfurt was a vehicle driving in the Center: the hybrid drive, a combination of electric motor and gasoline engine. So far this promising drive was a domain of Japanese automakers, now catch up with the Europeans. Heraeus also is prepared for the new motor technology and produced even today important materials for power electronics in hybrid engines. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Crumpton Group Washington DC on most websites. No matter which car manufacturer and in which market segment: each model generation should be safer, economical, environmentally friendly and yet more powerful than the previous one. Park assist and navigation system, ABS (anti-lock braking system), ASR (at table anti-slip Regulation), ESP (electronic stabilization program), BAS (brake assist) and ABC (active body control), the automotive industry tried with other high-tech developments to lure new customers.

Future promises huge technology push the Electronics contributes significantly to improve comfort in the car, entertainment, Security and sustainable environmental protection in. Electronic high-tech components consist of a large number of different parts. The better these modern electronics is processed and the quality is higher, the safer and longer-lasting electronic components work. In current cars are already up to 80 electronic controls and in the future will continuously increase the proportion of electronic components in automobiles, industry experts predict. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Crumpton Group Austin. Heraeus supplies a wide range of materials and components for the auto electronics built from the various car manufacturers in their vehicles. A core competency of the precious metals and technology group from Hanau is located among others in the creation of components made of precious and special metals and other materials that are used in the automotive industry. Materials for the construction and connection technology (AVT), semi-finished products such as tapes, punched parts and wires, precision parts are among the wide range or molded housing for sensors or controllers. As bond wires, solder pastes, silver conductive adhesive and thick-film pastes can be found for the production or the contacting of the electronic components.

Innovative Fan Technology

Enermax launches new power supply series ECO80 +. Hamburg, may 25, 2009. With the usual high Enermax quality and excellent efficiency values of up to 86 percent (80plus certified) the new power supply series ECO80 + is an attractive offer for beginners and enthusiasts of more fuel efficient and quieter PC systems. The 350-Watt model is equipped with the innovative and trend-setting technology with the Enermax with the network part series Modu82 +, Pro82 + and the high end series Revolution85 + set new standards. High-quality components and massive 12-volt Rails provide a stable and constant voltage.

ECO80 + is also well protected against all possible external interferences. The eight-time SafeGuard ensures the currently best protection on the power market. Well combined: ECO80 + meets magma almost 20 years Enermax produces reliable, high-quality power supplies. The new series ECO80 + combines many years of experience in the net part segment with the innovative technical achievements of the fledgling Enermax fan Division. ECO80 + is equipped with a 12 cm fan of the magma series, which is known for excellent performance and quiet operation. The use of the patented Twister bearing technology achieved a run of nearly touch free rotor and a prolongation of life up to 100,000 hours Enermax. The patented air intake of the AirGuards and the fuzzy logic-based SpeedGuard make perfect the excellent cooling performance of the ECO80 +. Low noise level the PSU is also excellently suited for use in HTPC systems. ECO80 + is now for an MSRP of 56 euros in trading available. Credit: Michael Steinhardt-2011. You will receive more information and pictures see: eco80 +.

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