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Organizational Integration Units

Employees address conflicts and criticisms openly. An open system approach to the degree to which the organization monitors and responds to changes in the external environment. Impact. It highlights that many organizations have many subcultures that influence the behavior of its members. The culture reinforces the commitment to the organization and increases the consistency of employee behavior.

The culture is valuable because it reduces ambiguity (indicated employees doing things and that is important). When the environment of the organization is subject to rapid change, culture entrenched organizational might not be appropriate, since it can be a burden for the organization and impede responses to environmental changes. Advantages. This system of shared meanings, when analyzed more closely, creates a series of key characteristics that the organization assesses recent research states that there are ten primary features in general, concentrate the essence of organizational culture and are considered advantages: Members Identity: The degree to which employees identify with the organization as a whole and not just with your job or field of expertise. Emphasis around groups and not to People: The degree to which work activities are organized around groups rather than individuals. Approach to the People: The degree to which management decisions take into account the impact that the results will have on members of the Organizational Integration Units: The degree to which it encourages organizational units are operating coordinated or interdependent. The Control: The extent to which use rules, regulations and direct supervision to monitor and control the conduct of you employees.

Risk tolerance: The degree to which employees are encouraged to be aggressive, innovative and risky. Criteria for Reward: The degree to which rewards are distributed as salary increases and promotions, according to employee performance rather than seniority, favoritism and other factors outside the performance. Conflict tolerance: The degree to which employees are encouraged to seek their conflicts and criticisms openly. The profile to the Purpose or Means: The extent to which the administration is focused toward the outcomes or goals and not to the techniques or processes used to achieve them. Approach to an Open System: The extent to which the organization monitors and responds to changes in the external environment.


toy give boy play? Bear or a typewriter? When are you going to do the lessons? Did you ever want to do the lessons? Before the trip or after? Help me get out! I need your help. Choose a bucket vynesesh or vacuum? This table you can continue yourself. The general idea: a man is always easier to sell in the activities of their own aspirations. Situation 1 (continued): Even with effective psychological techniques can not be rest on our laurels. How has my situation with a pot? I began to combine the already known you approach with other psychological and pedagogical techniques.

As you may recall, a choice of three options: a toilet, pot, tub. In the first case, his son enjoyed himself for a wash and I did not forget to mention the adults behavior. The second child confided himself to pour out of the pot. On the way to the bathroom, he could boast of their achievements and receive the gratitude of his independence and maturity from family members. In the case of the bathroom, I entered the game the moment – put his little son on the edge of Bath, saying: "Now check your accuracy! Let's see you hit you there at that hole "- pointing at the hole for water drainage. Comment: If we are talking on accustom the child to the potty is interesting to note one feature associated with it.

Scientific & Socioeconomic Development

The development of science, society in general and the natural sciences in particular, has always gone hand in hand with development of the productive forces of each socio-economic formation in history. The development of productive forces is the motor of history, this development generates friction between the various social groups and defends everyone has social, economic, moral, cultural, labor, etc. Marxism called class struggle explains and substantiates this because throughout history, the results of scientific advances, the fruit of scientific research and technology have been usufruct and manipulated for the benefit of social classes who held economic power and political.

This truth is still valid, but even in our time of the reign of the Highest Stage of Capitalism, in this era of neoliberalism, where there is a fierce battle for the money, where the only thing that counts is winning anyway, regardless of values without Regardless of the man himself, in this context is laughable to see and hear some medical and nonmedical characters discuss the results of certain scientific research outside the usufruct great damage to their interests. This means ignoring the seal and bias? class science and their findings have. On the subject of the morning-after pill, navigate the Internet is to see this truth, there are many research projects that seek to convince that this drug is not abortion, when these same Web are the guts of many more serious work to prove the abortifacient nature of it and the two bands are antagonistic to each other and do not believe this confusion can be resolved only with the understanding that the results of scientific work and have a particular interest in this drug case seeks to defend powerful economic interests, while that we in the other path only leads us interest values, respect for life from conception until the end.

North Koreans

In North Korea, mobile subscribers can now access the Internet. This happened a few months after the launch of a cellular network, the third generation, carried out in collaboration with the Egyptian telecommunications company, reported Kompyulenta. About that, see if this service in several cities across the country or just in Pyongyang, while not specified. Members of the new service can go online through their "Tubes" and visit the site Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). And only him. Those who looks at a site with a conventional computer can not only read the news, but also listen to online broadcasts of folk music receive information about books, art and investment in the North Korean economy.

But whether these opportunities are available to subscribers of cellular, not reported. A network of 3G has been deployed in North Korea in December, with the assistance of Orascom Telecom. First residents of the country enjoyed the cellular communication very short time – until 2004, when mobile phones were banned without explanation. By the end of March, there were 20 thousand cell subscribers, including foreigners. Koreans not allowed to contact the mobile phone to the outside world, while for foreigners, no such restriction – they use special telephone networks.

Decorating Textiles: Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery – a modern technique of decorating a variety of products from tissue. Although it appeared relatively recently (the active development of technology refers to the 70 th years of xx century), today it is a machine embroidery the most actively developing type decoration of clothing and household items. Originally embroidery machines have limited capacity. This was the case and the complexity of the figure, and color palette, and speed. But over time, technology improved, and now machine embroidery on the beauty of execution can quite compare with the manual.

The velocity of embroidery, some models of equipment exceeds 1000 stitches minute. An important advantage of machine embroidery before hand is the possibility of replication: the machine can perform any desired number of copies to be identical in quality. In addition, the same circuit embroidery can be used on multiple machines. The result is obvious – quick getting a large consignment of the same decorated items. However, machine embroidery is also suitable for creating a unique design, the main thing here is to choose machine of suitable capacity. Possibilities of machine embroidery are related, primarily, with the parameters of the embroidery machine: the number of simultaneous threads used, performance, size and shape of applied hoop. But equally important is creating a quality scheme for machine embroidery.

Engaged in this designer-programmer, amounting to a program under which the machine will cause the picture on the fabric. Roughly speaking, designer must specify the quantity, color, length and position of stitches, and the machine will perform the mortgaged job. However, such a scheme applying stitches to the fabric must be carefully considered and composed. Of course, now for this A variety of computer programs to translate common vector drawing the circuit for machine embroidery. However, the result is far from ideal, it must be corrected manually, perform a test sample and refine the identified gaps. The only way to get high-quality machine embroidery.

The Value of English

Learning English or other languages is much more to learn a few rules of grammar or memorizing a new vocabulary. There are many important aspects to learn a new language. Want to learn English? Learning English or other languages is much more to learn a few rules of grammar or memorizing a new vocabulary. There are many important aspects to learn a new language, but certainly learn English is like when you learn to drive. What do I mean by that? When you learn to drive or ride a bicycle for example, is learning a new skill which is composed of information, as well as active and passive experiences. Not only the information absorbed by your brain, you need to see, hear, feel and experience the language.

It is the part that separates experimental learning a new language compared to just memorize or retain information. Whether you’re listening, speaking, writing or reading, you are immersed in the physical experience of language. Learning a new language takes time and effort. You must give the dedication and work seriously. Using current technology, you can get the help you need to learn English. If you really want to learn English, first going to have to practice.

To help you succeed, here are some tips for you to learn that language. -Study every day, even if you study just a little each day. That is very important. If necessary, consider three or four days straight and then take a break. Remember, it’s okay if you study if only a little in these days, but it is necessary to do so consistently. -Experience physically language. While your mind absorbs all the information, interact with their mouth and hands. Study out loud! Speak the language they are learning and practice writing sentences first, and then paragraphs. “Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The fear of being wrong plays an important role in learning, especially in adults, and this may affect their learning. Speak with confidence! Now, why would you want learn English? You may already have the answer, but here are just some of the reasons for learning English: * Increase your personal knowledge * Expand your social circle * Get a better job * Get a better job in their current job * Visiting other countries without fear, and that English is the universal language * Etc, etc. .. Remember, you can learn English or other languages, if you put in time and dedication!


Recently encountered a problem buying a computer, I'm a busy person and I have very little free time. I read a couple of magazines before going to bed, hoping to find out what I still want to, and understood that there write only about updates, which are expensive at the moment. I also did not need the "last of the last" computer on a fabulous price. I need a computer to work there Word, Excel, 1C, so that I can access the Internet, receive mail, but my son could play in their "toy". Wondered what to do? Then I remembered that the road from the station to work is a computer shop and decided to go into it after working hours. Further engaged in the affairs and invisible flying day. Came out late last night, pausing of course to work, and walked towards the subway station, completely forgetting about their plans regarding the computer.

Approaching the station, the lights of shops tore me away from my thoughts about pressing matters and thinking of my little dream I went to the store. Despite the end of the day there were enough people pre, all vendors were busy. Looking at the price tags, I began to read characteristics. Frankly, something I could understand, but in most settings, I just did not understand anything. He waited for the manager, told him about his needs, and he recommended me to a ready-made system unit and monitor. Having in mind that this is – "Optimal configuration designed almost specifically for me.

Glass Technology

Nature has provided man a myriad of elements that have allowed development in the various activities he must perform. These have allowed that man can enjoy a better life and get very useful devices for either life the work activities or for simple enjoyment and pleasure and this is the case of glass, which in its various presentations, for man has become a very useful material in his life. The glass is mostly associated with the implementation of various kinds of beautiful ornaments on the basis of this material is also very commonly found in industrial production of glass in all its presentations, but in speaking of the glass should not use the definition of glass, this is more a social custom for its colloquial use, but referring to the crystal is talk of a very complex material, which has many other applications, which usually are mixed with glass colloquially.

Among the various applications that have the glass, you can highlight their use in most appliances screens latest technology, since the current trend is to use glass as a liquid, which allowed the use of liquid crystal in LCD screens that are called very practical as part of a large number of instruments for daily use people. The crystal is also in the realization of glass or porcelain enamel, which is obtained with the use of powdered glass in a merger that combines such elements with a substrate through heating, resulting in a smooth-looking coverage glaze that is very durable when applied to metal, or ceramic VIRIO, thereby providing a better appearance to the surface on which to apply this compound based on glass, as well as providing some protection. Another great use is made of glass, is the realization of many compounds with a very solid structure, which are used as means of protection.

This application is called crystal or shielded safety glass, which is made with a combination of strength and crystal hardness and elasticity of the polyvinyl butyral, which gives an excellent complement of protection that is used more in cars or in some buildings. For this kind of glass should be made based processes of heat and pressure simultaneously, with two layers of glass that may be of different thickness and these were added a layer of polyvinyl and whether to form a single plate and very solid impact resistant. The glass can be found in many other ways, but these are the best known and applied in the common people, and only on these evidences the great significance that the glass in the development of everyday life.

Buyer-Manager Relationships

Inconclusive criticism – for them no value. When meeting a new person, they think: what benefit I get from these relationships, these relationships can bring value to both me and him? And now, a solid and respectable manager is drawn, for example, on a train, where forced to spend considerable work time to a stranger: not hesitate and not being afraid to make a bad impression on others, extends user: "I think I can do for you " This mindset is extremely important in business! Such people, generating ideas to accomplish its goals, using all available opportunities for this, I call maximizer. The company should be more maximiser – then it will grow its revenue. As a rule, maximiser – mostly top executives. Precisely because they have such a mindset, and they reached the top. Now their work – in fact, that other employees also began to maximize.

One of the most important tasks of management is primarily to train their staff to become more powerful, competent and motivated. Only after that motivate them to action, pushing out "comfort zone" for the goals of the company. Be strong – so do not be afraid to work with difficult clients. The more client money, the more difficult it is the buyer. This pattern is known to all. And with difficult customers to work uncomfortable – they can be rude, poorly themselves novel.

The manager is not confident, can not stand it, and so try to avoid contact and communication with these customers, thereby losing income. Therefore, it should work on confidence, but a leader – in every way to help him in this. What is most contributes to the accumulation of confidence? Of course, the knowledge, the process of obtaining that should never stop. We must use every opportunity of training – attend seminars, lectures and trainings. This also applies to leaders – we all have something to learn, including each other. Thirst for knowledge should not dry out: once you decide that you all know – just automatically go to the "comfort zone". And one more advice: read the book. Not detectives, and book of business – sales motivation. Today, the most convenient option – listen to audio books. For example, instead of music in the car. Giving it only one hour per day, per year, we will absorb 365 hours of useful information – is more than 40 days! The whole training course and powerful incentive maximizer! Managers can facilitate this, handing over, for example, audio books to their managers in the days of birth. The organization also read the following presentations multiply knowledge of a manager for the entire team, have thoughts, as derived from the book of ideas you can use in your company.

Computer Repair Kemerovo

Repair of computers and laptops Kemerovo one of the major directions of our activity. Particular attention in this direction is given to the repair was carried out qualitatively, at any time convenient to you. Quality repair of computer equipment provided to each client. Ultimate guarantor of this is that we seek to develop ongoing relationship with our customers. This is especially true of entities that, in its working arsenal are not a computer and a dozen. Typically to repair laptop we leave the house. However, if there was a need, then taken to a computer service center, where he carried out all necessary work. Same carry antiviral treatment and removal of viruses of Kemerovo remove banners from a computer in Kemerovo not advise you to try to repair the laptop itself prosushivaya his hair dryer or something else because this is clearly not stop corrosion processes on-board devices.

It is best to contact us. We'll help you. We are modernizing the laptops in the main well-known brands of HP, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Acer, Rover Book, Sony, IBM, Compaq, iRU, etc. In general, the process of modernization is a skillful those improvements. parameters of the laptop by replacing parts of a computer with more modern counterparts. Our experienced staff will be able to achieve a substantial increase in computer performance, or laptop.

Today the market is ripe for computer repair a great many proposals. Among them are proposals large and small firms, as well as individuals. Yes there is a choice. But among this infinite set of choice falls on reliability and quality. A set such principles can only be based on the ongoing relationship. That's why we offer a subscription service computers. Contact our specialists you can be sure that connection will be restored soon. Qualified staff know the general principles of an Internet connection, and therefore can provide expert computer help in setting up the Internet.

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