Chromium Form

To modify the mechanical properties; . To increase the usinabilidade; . To increase the temperabilidade; . To confer hardness the hot one; . To increase the cut capacity; . To confer resistance to the consuming; . To confer resistance the corrosion; . To confer resistance the oxidation. heat; . To modify the electric and magnetic characteristics. Heading of league elements and its functions Elements of league Influence in the structure Influence in the properties Applications Products Nickel Refine the grain. The traction diminishes the speed of transformation in the structure of the steel Increase of the resistance. High ductility. Steel for construction mechanics. Stainless steel. Resistant steel the high temperatures. You sin for automobiles. Domestic utensils. Boxes for thermal treatment. Manganese Stabilizes the carbonetos. It helps to create hard microstructure by means of tempers. It diminishes the cooling speed. Increase of the resistance mechanics and temperabilidade of sins. Resistance to the shock. Steel for construction mechanics You sin for automobiles and you sin for general use in engineering mechanics carbonetos Chromium Form. It speeds up the growth of grains. Increase of the resistance the corrosion and the oxidation and high temperatures Steel for construction mechanics. Steel tool. Stainless steel. Products for the chemical industry: places setting, valves and you sin for ovens. Molybdenum Influences in the stabilization of carboneto Increase of resistance the traction Steel tool. Steel chromium-nickel. Tools of cut Silicon Assist in the deoxidation and fluidity. Increase of the resistance the oxidation in high temperatures. Steel with high carbon text. You sin casting.

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