Community Manager

The Community Manager is the Manager of communication par excellence and that is what should be; It is a central enterprise figure because your Chair is precisely located in the middle of the interests of the same and users; and that these interests are not contradictory is also a task of the C.M. could say that the Community Manager is the link between company or brand and its users and clients on the internet. The Community Manager thrives on the action of other departments in a company to be able to fulfil their role effectively; You must be responsible for fluidize all communication that enters or leaves the company, and at this point, it is a mistake to confuse him with the SMO action (SMO is a set of strategies in networks social generally on – site and, while it is true that the C.M. should handle them like a fish in water, must not be reduced only to actions on social networks the development of their activity.) The Community Manager in an enterprise must: be, before all, attentive to the interests of the firm, not be you must escape anything that is useful to the company. You must establish which channels of communication to be used (choose those most effective to reach effectively to the community). You must maintain a smooth communication with other areas of the company (information technology, production, Marketing, commercial, development, etc.). You must be aware of everything that is said about the company and brand on the internet and its significance to the traditional media. You must also be aware of everything that is said of the competition and what the competition does. You must use tracking and monitoring tools, analyze the information obtained and propose new actions and strategies. You must have discretion to, among all published comments, highlight those positives, negatives or notable that for some reason that merit any special strategy (strategy which will be suggested and probably designed by another Department: for example, if it suggests a failure of the product, will be production department indicated of a contingency plan; and indicated marketing department to develop lines of communication to be used).

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