Computer Clone

When we want to buy a computer there are points that we must bear in mind, there are several options such as: Laptop, netbook, desktop, but in this case talk computer brand or known clones (armed). What offers us each one? Did assemble a computer if they are already assembled? Important points to keep in mind when we want to buy a computer and make the right decision with regard to a brand or a clone. These teams have different functions, in some brands if you buy the computer directly with the manufacturer can be assembled with the features that specific user for proper performance, on the other hand the so-called clones give ease of fit in a more personalized way, marks manufacturers generally handle a standard parts and are not always adapted to the performance that the user needs. What is a computer’s brand? or brand: these teams comes from factory assemblies by the parent company. What is a clone computer? or clone: these teams are armed with parts acquired by separately, they tend to be more economical and offer a lower guarantee. Let’s look at a comparison between brand computers and so-called clones.

Brand computer clone computer (armed) are more expensive because its parts are certified by the manufacturer. They can be assembled according to the needs of the user without certification of the parties and therefore have lower price. It is known that features and components have, offering a guarantee in this respect. The characteristics of its components is not known and is no warranty on them. It has assured that its components are compatible with each other and offer a higher quality of service.

Security as to the compatibility of the components is no or in its quality. A specialist is required to make changes and components must be from the manufacturer of the computer. With a little practice and experience components, which can be purchased at computer stores or wholesalers can be changed. they have few faults that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Failures are more frequent, especially in the hard disk and therefore it is highly recommended to have backup of data. they have warranty, support and appropriate service. You can get a warranty on components only and not the system as a whole. With the additional problem that if not the technician armo clone may lose parts or even entire computer. A person who wants to buy a computer so that you have an excellent performance in games, can use cooling liquids, RAM memories, video cards or high-performance processors. On the other hand there is the confusion of buying a laptop or one desktop, in this case the person must be clear what their needs are and make an analysis to generate a decision to purchase, the most important thing when choosing a computer is to be clear that you want in the future either near or far with this computer, you may want to modify itupdate it from time to time for its optimal performance or on the contrary a team with advanced features of a brand is what you need because future think about buying a new computer and cannot change it only by parties. So no matter what computer you want to move closer to Compu Greiff which with taste we will advise and we will give you the tools to which always this satisfied, we are your best ally in technology.

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