Computer Repair With Their Hands

Computer help with their own hands. Through computer repair, should be distinguished from the hardware malfunction of the so-called "soft-" problems: problems with drivers, viruses, badly-behaved programs, anti-virus, etc. For a start take a look at what happens when you turn on your computer. Max Schireson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. After pressing the Power button is loaded Bios, initialization and verification of hardware. If the basic units of the computer (power supply unit, operational memory, video card, processor) is defective, this indicates a special speaker on the motherboard emitting the characteristic "Morse code". Continue to learn more with: Petra Diamonds. For example, when a faulty video card you can hear one long beep and two short signal. When a faulty power supply – continuous signal.

If all devices are OK, Bios completes the process of verifying and polls storage devices for the presence of the boot code. It should be noted that video have their own BIOS chip is initialized and the first graphics card BIOS. Below is a list of signals error BIOS: (- long, short *) * All regularly ** minor errors do not affect the operation – – – Keyboard Controller * – Error RAM – ** problems with the video card Repeating short or continuous long – power Repeated long – problems with memory, "Siren" – the problem with the processor must also take into account the fact that, under certain varieties of faults, alarms and errors you can not hear. For example, when a faulty power supply computer may not start until the verification procedure BIOS, it can not reach. When a faulty motherboard very often observed the effect when the power is supplied to the PSU, fans work, but no signals BIOS, no image on the monitor – no.

It will not hurt as well and check the motherboard for the presence of swollen electrolytic capacitors. If any, should without delay to replace the power supply, and swollen electrolytes – resolder the new ones. In such cases, making the repair of computers, you must have in place, known good parts and components. Shpak YA For more information visit Computer Aid Kiev.

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