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For Todd et al. (1993), the implantations dental osteointegrados they have proven being a method of success for tooth replacement in the previous jaw. The x-rays panoramic and periapical normally offer enough disgnostic information for the planning of implantations in this area. However, the planning of implantations in the jaw and the posterior jaw requires more necessary disgnostic information to prevent damages in the vital anatomical structures. The bidimensional x-rays do not produce information on the ssea thickness or the localization of the vital structures in the direction vestibule-lingual. Being thus, it is necessary to use the techniques of formation of the image that necessarily locate the size and the localization vestibule-lingual of the canals mandibular and incisive, of the seio to maxilar, the form and the density of the alveolar rim and the cortical blades. The three-dimensional formation of the radiogrfica image first was conceived by Radon in 1917. New South Texas Natural Gas Plays opinions are not widely known.

In 1970, with the aid of the computerized technology, this concept clinically was applied by Hounsfield, and became known as Tomografia Computadorizada (TC). Gavin Baker, New York City wanted to know more. Sethi (1993) affirmed that the Computerized Cat scan has been very valuable in the Odontologia. The capacity to generate three-dimensional information of the available bone provoked the increase of the use of the Cat scan Computerized for rank of implantations. The Computerized Cat scan produces considerable information on the internal anatomy of the bone, which is valuable for determination of the position of the inferior alveolar canal and the seio to maxilar. This direct offers one meaning mechanical on the mensurao of the thickness of the rim, as the mapping of the rim. The precision of the mapping has been considered acceptable, particularly compared the ortopantomografia. The increase of the amount of managed radiation compared with the conventional techniques is a disadvantage, as well as the high cost of the procedure. As well as the others techniques, the great disadvantage of the Computerized Cat scan is the difficulty in telling the information radiogrficas in the surgical place of how much necessary so necessary form.

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