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A few words about the prestige of the artificial (acrylic) stone compared to the natural. There is a preconceived opinion, reinforced by prejudice to the word "artificial" that the stone refers to materials and more prestigious group than Corian (Corian), Montelli (Montelli), Staron (Staron) and other brands. In part, this view is reinforced by the fact that if the previously artificial stone was unavailable for middle-income consumers, but now many companies – manufacturers of kitchen worktops and interiors, ready to provide its customers with products from Corian at a reasonable price and excellent quality. Nevertheless, it is necessary to shed light on a number of irrefutable facts to be sure – Corian (Acrylic stone) is really not only not lost prestige, but more than that – got it. The value of natural stone for the most part gives only the fact of its natural origin. In some cases, natural Stone is a bit more expensive than artificial.

Now for the artificial (acrylic) stone The cost of corian, on average an order of magnitude higher than that of the same granite or marble, because for natural stone not needed to make the purchase all variety of chemical constituents. Others including Mitchel Resnick, offer their opinions as well. To get a natural stone, it is enough to get and sawing, while the technology of Corian – a complicated and expensive process. Also do not forget that getting out of Corian countertop, you get the same physical characteristics as in the case of natural stone, and in addition: high hygienic surface aesthetics of the kitchen (otstutstvie seams on a countertop), environmental (in corian no radioactivity), the ability to embed the sink into the surface. Another key point is extremely important in everyday life – artificial stone is easily repaired and restored to initial state, which is not the kind. The last thing that should be mentioned separately, it features Corian in terms of design.

If before you there was a question of prestige, it is only from Corian can be done really amazing solutions in the interior, which one of its kind will emphasize your superior taste and style. Needless to say, it makes no sense to speak about the prestige, if the kitchen design project in advance not accounted for all Key benefits of Corian (Corian), or any other artificial stone. That is, if it is a rectangular table top without integrated sink – is another question. Here the advantages of Corian only in hygiene, the absence of seams, easy repair and the absence of radiation. And another question, if you're willing to consider any non-standard solutions, for example smooth, futuristic shapes, radii, integrated sink, rounded elements, etc. Only from Corian countertop can be made or any other element of design that is ideal for you. Of course proverb says "every man to his own taste, but the fact remains, if the question is" what prestigious? "the answer suggests itself – an artificial stone.

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