Death Penalty

The death penalty to only catch the rateros legalizing the death penalty is not the solution to any problems. Firstly because violence begets more violence. If output to legalized murder, the United States would be the country most quiet of the world, and yet it is not. There is also the serious risk of executing innocent, thing, incidentally, love the very human people do. See as an example what became him to Christ, Socrates, the Apostles, and so many others. Finally, we all know that the death penalty only works against those who commit crimes against the petty thieves, minor.

It has always been so, even when there was no electric chair or lethal injections. In this world they put prisoner who steals a loaf of bread, and steals that able to homeland who choose for any charges. Just as reasoning, if all those who wish to will implant the death penalty could prove that the real thieves, those who saved billions of dollars in Swiss banks and in the Bahamas, which ruin the hopes of the people, if those were the first punished with the penalty, perhaps I myself lifted my voice in his favor. I think that I have thus expressed the absurdity of all of this. In reality, the resulting is a consequence of the great thief. In addition, many people in the world already dies of hunger.

Is there punishment worse than that? We have to implement already, as I propose it for years, the sentence of life. It does lack. Abort and sterilized, thing that makes galore out there, does nothing. Poverty and hunger remain fierce, mounted on the black horse of the third seal of revelation. He who has eyes to see, see; He that has ears to hear, hear. Original author and source of the article

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