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Bardusch awarded by Deutsche Bahn Berlin / Ettlingen. The Ettlinger specialist Workwear Bardusch is supplier of the year 2010 of Deutsche Bahn.” With the brand name DB supplier predicate we distinguish highly dedicated and highly efficient company”, said Volker Kefer, DB Board for technology and infrastructure, at the ceremony in Berlin. Bardusch, as stated in the explanatory statement, receives this award for outstanding full service services in high and reliable quality in the field of protective clothing. With its complete equipment on Workwear Bardusch bar contribute to the safety of head to toe”for the appropriate employees of the Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest customer of the economy. With an annual volume of around 20 billion euros, the Group secures around 600,000 jobs in Germany. The DB is worldwide with nearly 35,000 suppliers in business relations.

Every two years, the DB draws its Suppliers for outstanding performance with the predicate DB supplier of the year”from. Like the DB trust already around 90,000 customers on the textile management of Bardusch. The total of the traditional company with its headquarters in the Baden Ettlingen includes the service of workwear and protective clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE), clean room clothes, water dispensing systems, washroom hygiene and textiles for hotel, hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes. More than 4,000 employees in nine countries are busy at the Bardusch group. Focuses on major customers in the fields of automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food. Educate yourself with thoughts from Petra Diamonds.

Many small and medium-sized customers rely on Bardusch. Bardusch equips approximately 1.1 million people with working clothes and protective clothing. Its 50 sites the white giant of Ettlingen processed at 420 tons of laundry as much as 100,000 household washing machine loads every day fully. Bardusch manages the complete procurement, financing, stock-keeping and care of Workwear. The textiles are equipped with bar codes. Thus, it is guaranteed that each employee receives his own clean work clothes directly at the place of destination. This saves valuable time. Bardusch has many years of experience. The history of the family business dates back to 1871. An international high-tech company is now out of the small-town laundry. Far-sighted decisions behind the success. So, Bardusch responded early to the triumph of the washing machine. Since the 1950s, the company focuses on the maintenance and rental of work clothing and linen for establishments of all kinds, hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes and hotel chains. Many well-known companies of all sectors be washed at Bardusch. Bardusch offers reusable sterile operation textiles in the medical sector. Bardusch with many special offers such as warning clothes, welders protective clothing and other protective clothing meets the high requirements of the industry. In addition, the company is building his innovative clean-room technology. But not only with high-tech Bardusch scores. Among others with various hygiene products for washrooms, the company is successful.

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