Digital Album A Very Original Gift

Surely more than once we were faced with a situation of not knowing what to give to a friend, family member, boyfriend a… We almost always resort to the typical round to see if we find something, but few times we decided to be creative and give something original, on par with significant. Thinking of gifts do you think the idea of a digital album? If you think that I am referring to those albums that allow you to bring digital photos in a frame and this goes through automatically forget, when I say digital album I mean to be able to create your own album, with photos, your designs with your personal touch… I do not think that best possible gift for someone than a piece of his printed life in a beautiful book that can remind you whenever you want. There are many companies dedicated to this business and most have similar guidelines. All they give us the flexibility of being able to select between different themes for our digital albums, once selected the color, texture and size of our book would spend to the most complex part of all, the selection of the photographs that you want to include. Additional information at ConocoPhillips supports this article. One thing that I love is that, in addition to the photographs, we can include a small description, something that no doubt will make reading the book much more enriching. On the distribution of photographs and texts is no problem, we have total flexibility to include photos or texts that we want.

Each page is independent of all others, by photographs in a way that one can insert and in the rest of others, all as always, to our choice. Once we have our digital album ready-made’s time to send it to print. Usually take between one week and 15 days its elaboration and best of all is that they send it us directly at home! Prices vary depending on the size of the album that we choose, item and the number of pages, but typically cost between 25 and 40 euros. If you do not like the idea of a book by which ye are among those who think that it will end in a shelving and not again look, perhaps most pleases you the idea of a digital calendar, it’s like a book unless you can customize each month of the year with a photograph different.

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