The proportions of bentonite slurry for different types of soils are extremely important, because to a large extent influence the success of the work on laying pipe. Working platform should be provided with water, ie, either on-site in the area is available at the fire hydrant, or provides mobile water delivery. Another essential tool for work – welder. Welding and subsequent broaching hdpe pipes should be a quality welding equipment. Installing drives off the trawl its course and set in place with the help of rear stabilizers and a system anchoring. Construction of underground communications technology horizontal directional drilling (HDD) construction of underground utilities on the technology of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is performed in three phases: drilling a pilot hole, a progressive increase of wells drawing pipeline.

Drilling of pilot hole drilling a pilot hole by using the drill bit. In front of the rig head with a slant installed cutting tool. Inside the drill head is a probe of the location. At the expense of the bevel and the probe is managed by drilling. Control over the location of the drill head carried out by means of locations consisting of a receiving device (locator), which receives and processes signals built into the body of the drill head of the transmitter (probe), and monitor the operator at the facility, backup radar readings. Operator with a locator should be on the surface of the drill head with the probe in the ground. On the radar screen displays information about the situation on the clock slope and depth of the probe.

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