Say you so passionate about educating children, want to help the future generation, you want to do your best for these children are the great men of tomorrow. Say it is both the desire to do that you become the most respected master of the medium, and not only that, you decide to write a book on Child Education because you want to share your knowledge and skills for others to apply. You put so much effort and creativity in this book, along with your reputation makes you sell many copies, in addition to hire you for a children's publishing, or better yet, create your own company. You're doing what you like, what you dream, you feel done, your creativity and imagination have no limits. Is it that in this state of consciousness is possible that lack of something? Note that you were never thinking about money, but to help children, so what you Life a reciprocated with success and abundance, best of all is that the a success attracts more success, you have endless ideas. The service life is a double edged sword because it sets in motion the Law of Giving and Receiving, to receive one must first give.

The laws of the universe are so precise as mathematics, nothing more than put to the test to see its effects. It is not something Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would like to discuss. This same example can apply to any profession, occupation or trade, everything is service, if you replace the concept of "work" with "Service" you will see how everything around you is changing. The laws of the universe are impersonal and do not discriminate against anyone. I'm sure you have an idea long and you have not run out of fear or because you think you will not have success a. What matters is that your desire to be free of selfishness. If your project or want to be free from selfishness and what you plan to do is going to bless another part of life, Adelante! Asin fear! The Universe pounce on you to fulfill your purpose.

He had mentioned that when we come to the world we come with a purpose to fulfill, well, maybe this project or idea you have in mind for a long, then part of that purpose, and you should rest assured that what need to carry it out, you will reach your hands just to show your sincere intention. , adopts! When your desire to serve life free from egoism, then the most wonderful ideas will flood your mind and you're full of creativity and energy that is rare in the ordinary man, your fear of failure will be in ashes. Remember when you were a kid, I thought of failure, in that state of innocence there are no limitations. Consider a classic example of the Bible: King Solomon asked God Sabidurnia incessantly, and in exchange for this, God gave him all kinds of riches, of course also endowed him with wisdom. Now you see how to ask unselfish unselfishly and without anything else "comes in addition." Give and you shall receive, measure, overflowing. "With the same yardstick you measure will be measured." Jhon Edison Martinez Bueno SecretosdeProsperidad. net /

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